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Torched Kickboxing and Fitness Center
Kickboxing, Boxing, Boxing for Parkinson's ,Rock Steady, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, HIIT classes, Kids kickboxing, kids Boxing, Fitness for all!
Kickboxing, Boxing, Boxing for Parkinson's ,Rock Steady, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, HIIT classes, Kids kickboxing, kids Boxing, Fitness for all!

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Black Friday Kickboxing Special!!!!!! Class cards are on sale!

With over 50 KIckboxing and Boxing Classes on the Schedule, there are no more excuses!

We are located at 18 Church Street in North Attleboro Massachusetts. Towns close by include Attleboro, Plainville, Mansfield, Wrentham, Foxboro, Franklin, Cumberland, Mendon, Blackstone, and Smithfield Rhode Island. 

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Barre is back at Striking Beauties Fighting and Fitness University! It is taught by our Professional Boxer and Barre Instructor Jennifer Salinas! We are very fortunate to be aligned with amazing fitness professionals. Only at Striking Beauties Fighting and Fitness Unversiy. Home of Torched Kickboxing , Striking Beauties and Manfredo's Boxing .

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Rock Steady Boxing Beauties and Beasts.....whether you were recently diagnosed with PD or have been inflicted for years, BOXING through the ROCK STEADY certified program WILL diminish symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Email or call us to learn more. We are a certified gym right here in downtown North Attleboro!
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Fun kickboxing in North Attleboro!

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Coming Soon! Rock Steady Boxing coming to North Attleboro, Massachusetts !

What is Rock Steady Boxing about?

Parkinson’s Classes coming to North Attleboro by 10/01/16

We are learning everyday that there are ways in which people with Parkinson’s disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed! By exercising with coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better.

Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout. These classes have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier/happier life.

Rock Steady classes are divided into different levels based upon each person’s unique Parkinson’s symptoms and overall level of fitness. We require all potential boxers to complete an assessment with one of our Coaches to determine the class placement that would be of greatest benefit to them.

Email us today for more information!
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WANT A FUN, NEW, EXCITING WAY TO GET IN SHAPE? Do you want to burn fat, reduce tension, and eliminate stress? At Torched Kickboxing and Fitness Center you will learn the basics of kickboxing, including hook, uppercuts, and jabs that activate your triceps and leave your arms sculpted and toned. With our high-intensity workouts and kicking your legs will look toned, tight, and jiggle-free. OUR KICKBOXING FITNESS CLASSES WILL HAVE YOU KICKING YOURSELF INTO SHAPE WITH A BLEND OF CARDIO AND KICKBOXING THAT WILL LEAVE YOU FEELING GREAT AND LOOKING EVEN BETTER!Not only with this class help you burn calories and give you an excellent foundation for getting into the best shape of our life, but you will be learning how to responsibly use kickboxing techniques for self-defense from our highly-skilled instructors. JOIN TODAY AND IMPROVE YOURSELF: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL
More Massachusetts and Rhode Island men and women are falling in love with this awesome new kickboxing program that lets you lose weight and melt fat faster than you ever thought possible! We incorporate our revolutionary extreme body weight training that helps you tone lean muscle while having a blast! Classes near North Attleboro, Seekonk, Mansfield, Providence, Cranston, Attleboro, Plainville, Cumberland, Franklin, Foxboro! We love kickboxing! We offer a variety of martial arts classes and athletic training programs including; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi Submission Wrestling, Kickboxing Muay Thai Kickboxing and Wreck bag . You may even learn some self defense while having fun!
Rock Steady Boxing is a boxing program for people with Parkinson's disease. It will be coming to North Attleboro soon! 
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Try kickboxing at Torched Kickboxing in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our Kickboxers are from the surrounding towns of Norton, Plainville, Attleboro, Mansfield, Norton, Wrentham, also Rhode Island towns of Cumberland, Providence, Mendon. We have kickboxing classes, Soon to have boxing fitness classes as well as Rock Steady Boxing which is a boxing program for patients with Parkinson's Disease. Wreck Bag classes are also on our menu and soon to have OCR classes as well!

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The Most Common Push-Up Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Exciting things coming to Torched kickboxing ! #FightingandFitnessUniversity

We are just a smart and caring bunch of business people with a passion for fitness, professional/amateur boxing and helping people!

We are working together instead of against to bring the best Fighting and Fitness Gym in the area.

We are currently working with some of the best fitness businesses in the area to bring us all under one roof!

Stay tuned as we will keep you all posted!

Things we will offer.
1. 35 Kickboxing classes, with addition of M & W 7:30am with Nate Andrews�, to be firmed up ;-) Tiffany Chapdelaine Wetherbee, Kelsey Mortimore
2. 15+ Fitness Boxing classes taught by Peter Manfredo and Dena Raimondo Paolino
3. We will offer professional & amateur boxing privates with Peter Manfredo
4. 24 Hour Access will be available for a nominal fee.
5. 2 Showers, better than none! ;-)
6. Kids Kickboxing with Robbie Andreozzi
7. Kids boxing classes with Peter Manfredo
8. Amateur kids boxing with Robert Hersey� with Beast Elite.
9. We currently have a Rock Steady Boxing� Affiliation which is a Boxing program with people with Parkinson's.

10. We will maintain our Dedeco Jiu-Jitsu - NEU Team heaeded up by Rich Cummins we love our BJJ guys, and gals!
11. We are also affiliated with USA Boxing NE and are home to professional Boxers and Kickboxers, MMA... all of it ;-)
12. We have treadmills and a row for your anytime use.
13. We will add to our Wreck bag schedule, starting soon.
14. Hoping to add some walls outside for some basic OCR fun. We know we have 2 of the best OCR guys already here Robb McCoy and Rob Andreozzi. I am sure they will love to warm you up with some wall climbs and tire flips.

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