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Tora Mulligan
Eccentric -ex- Memphian, living in his own little world.
Eccentric -ex- Memphian, living in his own little world.
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For a soon to come video over on +The Dream Saga we tried expired and weird Ramune flavors...

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First Candy Tuesday video with +The Dream Saga is up!

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I actually have respect from him for this. He's right though.

We have too much to lose from having protest voters. Way more than when W became president in 2000.

I don't trust either third party candidate this election cycle. 

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Edit: SOLD

Selling my Nexus 6P on Swappa. In excellent condition and including accessories.
Also has over 1-year left of the Nexus Protect coverage, with no incidents ever filed.

Please share out of you know anyone interested!

#swappa #nexus #nexus6p 

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Anyone want to purchase my Nexus 6P?

Unlocked, 64GB aluminum model. Still has one 1 year left of Necus protect that I haven't used yet.

Asking $350 for it. 

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There are three companies in the country which run almost all of its private prisons: GEO, CCA, and MTC. This is a plot of the stock prices of the two public ones (GEO and CCA) today, after the Department of Justice announced that the Federal government was done with private prisons: the Deputy AG has directed the department to "substantially reduce" or decline to renew expiring contracts with all of them. [1]

It would be hard to find a set of companies that I would be happier to see fail. If you had to come up with an outrageous example of "perverse incentives," private prisons would top the list: these companies' contracts with states and localities specify minimum numbers of people that these governments must imprison, at which point they are handed over to these companies for use as "free" labor. [2]

One of the key motivating factors for this change was good journalism in action: an investigative reporter went undercover as a guard in a private prisons, and the resulting article is incredibly worth reading. If you haven't, check it out:


[2] Many people don't notice the loophole in the 13th Amendment: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." It took about seven years after the Civil War for people to realize the full economic value of this loophole, that you could arrest people on any charge and then use them as slave labor. Elaborate systems of kickbacks to judges and arrest quotas showed up almost immediately, and have been immensely profitable ever since)
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Google is a derp

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While bitching to my friend on the phone about not having a Jynx yet, one hatched from a 10k egg.

Also hatched a Tentacool, then immediately after ran into a wild Tentacruel. Also found enough Meowth to evolve a Persian. :3
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