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We've just released preview 5 of ADT 21. Along with lots of bug fixes there are improvements to the build system, lint and the editors.

Some of the bug fixes are really useful, such as the one which finally makes resource validation happen when editing XML values again.

Please give it a try and report anything you find!
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Can't tell you how excited I am about being able to open variations of layout files in different editors side by side!

Thanks Tor and team!
+Mathew Hanley What are you referring to? What is ADT? (There are more details on the link listing all the new stuff; this is for the development tools for Android apps.)

+Jon F Hancock Glad to hear it! Just to be clear, this isn't the new multi-configuration feature, but implementing that (still in progress) required a bunch of cleanup in the configuration code which made it easy to support the separate editors behavior :-)
Ha! All I wanted was to have two xml views side by side.
Oh right I thought it might have been a security app or something because there's a company that makes alarms called ADT
Ah yes. ADT=Android Development Tools, but since I'm not limited to 140 characters here I'll try to remember to spell it out more. Too many TLA's :-)
Manifest merging fixes are much appreciated!
Pre-dexing ! Excellent ! My build is now 10 seconds shorter :-) 
Amazing how much the ADT has improved over the last year or so. Keep up the good work!
Some contradictions: the preview page says "preview 5, of ADT 21, SDK Tools, r21 and SDK Platform Tools, r21".  The installation instructions at the bottom say that new ADT does not depend on new Platform tools.  However, my SDK Manager sees the new ADT & Tools, but insists that platform tools are a dependency of Tools and has platform tools listed as r15p5, not r21p5.  I'm scared to proceed.
I'll update the instructions. You do need platform-tools now, because in preview 5 we've updated aapt.
Note however that if you're using library projects, you may want to hold off on platform-tools; thanks to the preview we've discovered that the new aapt has a bug related to emitting R.txt for library projects, so we're fixing that right now. If you grab it now, you'll want to update again in a couple of hours :-)
I'd gone ahead and have now been hit by the aapt bug.  I get an error " Error executing aapt. Please check aapt is present at C:\SDKs\android\sdk\platform-tools\aapt.exe".  I'll watch here for the update.  Thanks.
+Tom Malcolmson Could you tell me whether you actually have aapt.exe in that directory (just look with the Explorer) and can you run it from the command-line (it should display its help output by default)?
+Raphaël Moll Yes I do, and it runs normally from the command line.  One odd thing is that SDK Manager said it was installing r15p5 of platform tools, but the docs on preview page said r21p5.  Running "aapt v" gives me 0.2.
+Raphaël Moll Rebooted & rebuilt everything and problem gone.  Sorry, am using library project and saw 'aapt' msg and jumped to conclusion it was related to problem Tor mentioned.
+Tom Malcolmson Thanks for the follow up, glad you got it working (well with the caveat of the known issue of aapt, which we're working on.)
If you've downloaded this, please update the platform-tools package (to 15 rc6) as we just fixed an issue related to building library projects.
thanks for the library project content-assist fix!
With r15p6 we're getting "Dex Loader] Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/actionbarsherlock/R$attr;"

I think it's caused by 3 of our library projects depending on actionbarsherlock.
Is this error when you compile your app or one of your libraries? How do you compile abs?
In eclipse: Shows no error till I attempt to run, then it shows that in the console.
did you recompile all your libraries? including abs?
I did a clean on all the related projects.
21 rc5, 15 rc6, and 21.0.0.v201209250133-475543
I got it to run by chaining the dependencies:

free  > main lib > easy tracker > android-feather > holoeverywherelib > actionbarsherlock

and after that, just to be through, I went back to the original dependency setup:

free > main lib > (easy tracker, android-feather , holoeverywherelib) > actionbarsherlock

and got the same error again.

Sorry if my notation is not pretty. Hope it makes sense, and I hope this post helps.
+Richard Stews yes, sorry your previous message was enough actually. The fix is in, waiting for build to release a new preview build.
Hope it'll arrive soon :-)
Turns out that the "Error executing aapt: Please check aapt is present at <X>" error is related after all; we emit that one whenever any exception is raised related to resource processing. With CL 43671 things should be better. In any case this means you were very likely also affected by the broken R.txt parser yesterday, there isn't some other lurking issue.
It's like little birthday in my birthday! Thanks guys!
If you've downloaded rc5 and are having issues with building projects with libraries, please update (current one is rc7)
Isn't it updated automatically by eclipse now? I mean since preview 3? There's info in attached url about it
You can enable it to check for updates each start :)
Wow great work - last time I used this was the very first SDK release, things have moved on a long way!
Very much related to +Richard Stews woes, we're having problems obtaining the R class of a library project (com.actionbarsherlock.R) with 21rc7 (21.0.0.v201210032026-487541). Oddly, some of our projects is working while one is not. I've played a bit with reordering the Android libraries, but no dice.

With the recent changes to the way the ids for R classes are generated, what now determines its visibility?
Everything appears resolved after I manually removed all binaries and generated files. Odd that cleaning the project didn't resolve it.

It appears that all of the library projects that I've migrated from ADT 20 to 21 need to be cleared in this fashion, or I'll get either a NoClassDefFoundError on a reference to its R, or an InflateException when referencing a custom widget from that library.
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