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We have a new preview of ADT (Android Development Tools) 21 out: Preview 10. No new features this time (though there were several tweaks to the multi configuration editing feature).

We've getting very close to done with ADT 21, so please take it for a spin as soon as possible and let us know if you see anything wrong. Besides all the new features, ADT 21 contains a large number of bug fixes relative to ADT 20 (such as the XML editing fix, but many more!), so even those of you who prefer to stay on stable releases should find this a better experience! #androiddev
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I also want API Level 17!
It's looking great! I'm still wrapping my head around how the mulitconfiguration editor is supposed to work, but am excited about using it more. 
Hopefully the UI tweaks to the configuration editing feature will make it a bit easier (and of course the many bug fixes might help with that as well!)
Yeah! My favourite is the XML formater bug fix! Thanks
Not sure if I have this right, but I'm not seeing full paths when using "--fullpath" in all cases.

e.g. In "samples/android-16/ApiDemos" I get different outputs with:
  lint --xml /tmp/api-demos-lint-21.xml --fullpath .
  lint --xml /tmp/api-demos-lint-21.xml --fullpath `pwd`

The first has <location file="./res/layout/alert_dialog.xml" ... /> while the second has <location file="/home/.../samples/android-16/ApiDemos/res/layout/alert_dialog.xml" ... />.

The second output is what I would expect in both cases. Or did I miss something? :)
Actually, r20 has the same behaviour. But now I seem to vaguely recall that this was a known issue anyway..?
Just tried out the Preview 10 on Win7-x64 and ran into difficulties with the layout editor. 1st problem is that I get "No XML content. Please add a root view or layout to your document." in every layout file I open in any project (even newly built SDK Sample projects) and no amount of cleaning or closing/reopening will make the editor resolve this on its own. From trial and error I've found that just typing some characters into the corresponding XML, then switching back suddenly makes layout editor for that specific layout render. 2nd problem is that clicking the Device drop down in the editor is non-functional (only displays "Device"/doesn't respond to clicks), and the configure dropdown to the left of it contains nothing other than "default". Rolling back to the stable versions resolves everything immediately, so seems to be isolated the preview.

Just so you know its possible I've missed some recommended step in installation since this is the first preview I've tried (via SDK Manager after enabling the Preview Tools).
+David Lawerteh I got the same error when I installed rc10. I've actually seen the error in the last three rcs. I would really like to know if anyone has found a fix. 
Uh oh. I would love to know more; we haven't seen those errors in testing. +Marco Rodriguez-Suarez are you also on Win7/x64?  And just to make sure, you both installed the preview tools (using the SDK manager) and the new Eclipse plugin using the preview update center correct? 

Second, do you have any errors in your error log? (Window > Show View > Error Log). Probably too large to paste here, can you either e-mail me ( or file a bug ( as a "Tools Bug")  ? Any other clues (output in the console or elsewhere). Which rendering target are you using?
Also, which version of Eclipse were you testing with, and which version of the JDK?
Hi +Tor Norbye  I think the problem may have been that I didn't install the new Eclipse plugin using the preview update center. I will test again and report promptly if the error is gone. I am currently on mac os 10.7 using eclipse 3.7 with 1.6 jdk I believe. 
I'm waiting for next update of the gradle build system. :)
"and the new Eclipse plugin using the preview update center" 

That was it, all fixed now. Sorry for the false alarm! 
I'm glad you guys ran into this; we actually have a mechanism to record this forward dependency such that if people update to Tools 21 without also getting ADT 21 we can put up a warning. Sounds like we need to update it!
Great stuff!
Has the way how library projects are handled changed? I imported an existing project into the current ADT21 preview and I observed that the way the .R files are handled seems to differ.
In detail: The lib project uses the same package as the main project (probably not the best design choice). Now at a first look it seems to me that the .R file of the lib project kind of overwrites the .R file of the main project (maybe because of the same package). This leads to compile errors as the main project can't find it's resources anymore.
Is that an intended behavior?
+Tor Norbye Great work, keep it up! You should maybe show a link to the PREVIEW channel of the ADT update center if an upgrade is required. I've always gotten the message "No Updates found" since it was only querying the standard /eclipse not /eclipse-preview.
+Dominik Helleberg yes we changed how this works but I thought we supported libraries that use the same package as the main app. Let me double check.
Okay, I recognized something which should be really important to be fixed in ADT 21.
Today, the App Engine (and outage lead to the odd behaviour that Eclipse hanged every time it tried to load data for an Android version - e.g. when opening a project. When not connected to the Internet the projects opened fine (and fast).

I mean - it can't be that hundreds of thousands of Android developers have to wait for the servers to come back, right?
I noticed the same thing myself earlier today and filed this:

What's happening is that there's some code which attempts to automatically add a javadoc URL for you, in case you don't have documentation installed locally. It does this by doing a connection test first. Turns out that with no network or with good network this is very fast, but there are scenarios where it takes forever. Hopefully the above patch will help, but I think we may also want to think harder about the whole scheme.
+Alan Jeon Sorry, I didn't see your ping yesterday. That CL is pretty deeply tied to the build system so +Xavier Ducrohet really needs to be the one to approve it.
+Xavier Ducrohet +Tor Norbye The issue I had with lib projects using the same package name as the main app is gone. I did a clean install of eclipse4 / adt21rc1 today re-imported everything and it works. Nothing to worry about anymore, have fun during Devoxx, too bad I can't make it there...
I've updated the various pages on Sorry about the delay; we're away at a conference this week.
Hai Tor Norbye I'm new in ADT. I have downloaded the ADT but when I run the eclipse, itsaid "No java virtual machine was found after searching the following location : d:\ADT\..\eclipse\jre\bin\bin\javaw.exe . javaw.exe in your current path"

what I missed ?
You have to install Java first.
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