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Gimsøya, Lofoten

After enjoying the sunset at Gimsøya I stopped at this driveway. Thinking of how nice it must to live here.

#Lofoten #Gimsøya #Roadtrip #Norway #Sunset

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This Photographer Builds Each of His Sets by Hand

Fine art photographer Nicky Hamilton just completed an impressive photo series titled “The Lonely Man.” Each photo in the project took him an average of 3 months to sketch, build, light, and shoot.

Hamilton, a self-taught photographer and the former Head of Art at the ad agency M&C Saatchi, says that the photos in the series came out of the emotions of his own childhood.

“In the early years my Dad started out as a builder,” Hamilton says. “Things were simple, holidays where plenty and so was the laughter.”

“In the mid 80s my Dad lost his business in a freak incident and had to declare himself bankrupt, post a recent purchase of a dream home he could no longer afford,” he continues. “He turned to crime and crime turned him into a drug addict who would one day call his son and ask me to prevent him from commuting suicide.”

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Leaving Leka island

In 2015 I went on a road trip through the Norwegian coast line, also called Kystriksveien (coastal highway).

After a night there I took the ferry back to the mainland to keep on driving.
I've posted a few more images from Leka island in this collection.
Check out for more info about this route :)

Also, this image is 69 mega pixels, so you can zoom in a bit :)

#Kystriksveien #Norway #ferry

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The October Aurora
Muen mountain, Venabygdsfjellet - Norway

I almost never go out to specifically photograph the Aurora. so when it appears, it's so fun and exciting! :)

#mountain #aurora #northernlights 

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Hmf. Not sure if I want to upload images to google plus anymore since they let others download your work. Maybe thumbnail sized Image. But that doesn't look good for me or Google. And yes, I have voiced my concern about it to Google plus for years. No one is listening... 

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Døråldalen sept 2013

Looking back at my first images from this place. Sure brings back memories.
It was my first real photography expedition. I say expedition since we tented for 3 days, although we just drove there and set up camp just a few meters from the car :)

It was some amazing 3 days. Every morning we had this great light.
And every trip since then I've always had great light!

I've actually blogged a lot about my trips here. I think at least 1/3 of my blog posts is about Døråldalen :) Døråldalen is the neighbour to Rondane National Park. It is situated north of the park. What is nice here is that there is no houses and hotels around except for one little "motel", which is only open in the summer.

So if you want to see more images from Døråldalen and Rondane, take a look at my blog at
Or just google it. Lots of sites related to this.

#Rondane #Døråldalen #Norway #landscape #morning #mountain 

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My first ski trip

Trying out my new old skis and my new backpack from Peak design.

See previous post for story:

#Venabygdsfjellet #moonrise #Norway #winter

So Google+ have removed albums now?

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Happy new year

I tend to go into "hibernation" in the winter. So I haven't been out photographing as much as I'd like.

I found a pair of skis in the garage. One pair among many which belonged to my dad, aunt, grandma and grandpa.

My dad and aunt don't live here anymore. Haven't lived here for a long time. But the skis are still in the garage. The pair I chose is even older than me.
I figure they belonged to my grandpa (rip). I spoke with the professionals at the local sports store,and they dated the skis to the early 70's. The skis are made of wood with a plastic sole that confirmed the age.

And what's cool with these skis are that the bindings are the type that you can use regular shoes in.
The sun had set and the sky was clear. I wanted to try the skis. First time I've ever had skis on me since primary school.

After a short drive up to the mountains I put the skis on and went down the prepared ski tracks.

The moon had yet to rise. The stars were clear. The wind was calm.
When I looked up to the stars, the milky way appeared.
Behind me I could see the moon rise between the tree tops, spilling its reflected sunlight down to earth.

The light reached the mountain in front of me. Soon the milky way would be washed away by the moisture in the atmosphere. I had to act quick.

#MilkyWay #Ringebu #Norway #Nightphotography #stars #Venabygdsfjellet
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