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All-in-One SEO and PPC Tools for Better Marketing
All-in-One SEO and PPC Tools for Better Marketing


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💰Topvisor Pricing plans. Getting 40% off the tools.

Do you want to save up to 40% in Topvisor? It's easy with our pricing plans. ⬇️

1) We offer 4 different plans + one pay-as-you-go (no subscription) plan. We'll give you from 10% to 40% discount based on your plan.
2) We don't put limits on our tools and features. All of them are always available for all plans.
3) The pricing plan fee is added as a deposit to your account. You can use it to pay for the tools. You lose nothing 👌
4) If you spend your deposit, you can simply top up your balance. The discount is valid during a month.
5) You can purchase your plan with the credit/debit cards (we take Visa, Master Card, and American Express), PayPal or simply pay by your Topvisor balance. As easy as that 😉

Learn more here:
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⚙ Search engines and locations. On/Off

Now you can turn on and off both: Search engines and Locations.
How can you use it?

There are several options. You can add several locations to check search volume but exclude them from rank tracking. In other words, turned off locations can be used for search volume checks only.

The other option is turning off locations you don’t use anymore for rank tracking. If you decide to turn on the locations later, the overall ranking history will be uploaded automatically.
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⚙ Add and switch between multiple Topvisor logins

Topvisor multi-login feature allows to add multiple accounts and switch between them without having to log out and then log back in. You can add up to ten Topvisor accounts.

To remove an account, press the X button (hover over to see) at the right near the account name (nickname or
associated email).

It comes in handy when you use several Topvisor accounts at once.
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⚙ Keywords (Tools and Features)

A Keywords page is where you store and manage your keywords. Use the toolbar on the Keywords page to access keyword research, search volume, keyword grouping and other keyword tools. A keyword, in SEO, is a preselected word or phrase, that describes the contents of a Web-page.

Research keywords, pull extra keyword data (search volume, CPC), group and segment your keywords for deeper analysis.

Table Keywords mode has been redesigned. And there’s a good news: we’ve optimized large group (over 10 000 keywords) processing speed. Now you can add as many keywords as you need and manage them at the highest speed. No limits anymore!

🙌🏼 Meet Keywords 3.0

• Create and manage a multi-level website keyword structure.
• Enjoy the unlimited number of groups and keywords.
• Apply filters and check Search Volume (1, 2 - any keyword count).
• Apply filters and add Color tags.
• Apply filters and add Target links.
• Copy to clipboard (cmd-c/ctrl-c)
• Manage columns (list and templates).
• New filters with operators (< > =) support.
• New Trash bin.
• And much more.

👁 We’ll describe every feature mentioned in one of the upcoming posts. Stay tuned and don’t miss anything. We’re currently updating our Help Center and creating use-cases and guides for the new features. All basic keyword tools (keyword research, search suggestions tool, search volume tool, grouping by relevance, clustering) are available in both keywords mode.

👍🏻 Take a look at the interface guide we prepared for you (Keywords 3.0 tab) »
Enjoy your time testing.

P.S. We store your data for FREE (❗). Add as many keywords as you need to analyze and manage. Use our manual 😉 sorting features ( or try a free automated 🤖 keyword grouping tool (
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⚙ Visibility score. Search Volume. Alerts.

Did you know that you should check Search Volume to get the accurate Visibility score? We've added two alert icons (a red and a yellow on the right near the Visibility score) to inform you when your keywords are missing Search Volume, and help answer two frequent questions:

1️⃣️ Why my project’s or group’s Visibility is zero when most my keywords rank high in the TOP (plus, I’ve got traffic, visits, etc.)?

🤖: Keyword search volume has not been checked (for the whole project, a group, or a single keyword).

2️⃣ I’ve found the Visibility formula in the Help Center and checked the Visibility manually. There’s a huge difference between your results and mine. Why?

🤖: There are keywords in your project (one, two or many) that miss checked Search Volume data. You’ve never checked their Search Volume. The Visibility score is still available for you on the Summary panel, but it was calculated based on the keywords with the checked Search Volume data only. In other words, the score you see won’t be accurate.

🖇 Helpful links

👁 Summary (updated) »
👁 Search Volume tracker »
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⚙ Snapshots. Competitors. Dynamics Index.

Dynamics index added (number 10 on the pic)! Now and on you can view and track competitor websites’ dynamics. Positive, negative numbers (keyword rank changes) and 0 (no rank changes detected).

Competitors’ dynamics is displayed for the applied period (the dates picked in the Calendar). Pick another period to pull dynamics for the new dates. The tool compares the first and the last date of the applied period.

The summary table supports all toolbar filters: Search Engine / Location / Keyword Group.

✅ Find the updated instruction »
👍 Have a nice time testing!
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⚙ Tutorial #4 — Keyword Research Tool

👍🏼 Great news!

Welcome Tutorial No. 4. This time you’ll learn everything about Keyword Research Tool. To get started, follow the link ➡ (registration required), pick the Keyword research tutorial and press Learn (on the right).

Follow the hints to learn how to create a project and get powerful keyword ideas from all available sources. Each hint is a target. Hit all the targets to master Keyword research tool. The tutorial won't take longer than 5 minutes!

✅ ⌚ Master Topvisor Keyword Research Tool in just 5 minutes!
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🔴 YouTube

▫ We’ve fixed a bug with Youtube video URLs. Now all Youtube URLs are case-sensitive. Please note that these are two different URLs: and

▫ Snapshots tool for Youtube projects is live. To get started with the tool, create a project with a Youtube video URL, add keywords, and pick the best option in the project settings: collect TOP-20, TOP-30...TOP-100 snapshots.

Youtube snapshots tool pic is attached to the post. At the moment, Youtube snapshots are available in a keyword dynamics mode. A competitor mode is coming soon to allow you view and sort competitor videos by Visibility, Avg.Pos., search results segments.

▫ We’ve designed a Youtube rank tracker for you. Create a project with a Youtube link in the format to get access to the tool.

🤖 Youtube rank tracker supports videos and channels. Create a project with a channel URL whenever you need to track channel rankings.

❗Technical restriction: a channel should have a custom URL. For example, and System links like /channel/UC8D6xNb... work only when a custom URL isn’t specified.

▫ Search suggestions tool supports Youtube as well. Youtube is a No.7 keyword ideas source and the latest one we added (after Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Mail, and Sputnik).

Youtube search suggestions are frequent relevant searches of real Youtube users. This is a powerful source of valuable keywords to boost the outreach.
The tool supports 3 different nesting levels. First, it grabs all suggestions for an original keyword; then it scrapes suggestions for the results it received in Step 1.

🖇 Helpful links
👁 Search results snapshots tool »
👁 Search suggestions tool »
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⚙ Keyword research

Every online business should have a pool of keywords they focus on when targeting their website to get conversions. A keyword is a single word, several words or a phrase that is relevant to the website contents and affect a website's ranking. Each webpage can match a keyword or a keyword group related to your target audience.

Keyword ideas can come from all available keyword research sources: Google (Keyword Planner, Search Console, Analytics), Bing (Webmaster), Yandex (Wordstat, Metrica, Webmaster), (Webmaster) tools and search suggestions ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yandex,, and Sputnik).

Keyword research tools provide a working keyword structure segmented into groups and all set to spread across the webpages. Pull powerful keyword ideas from all available sources, use handy tools and features to get valuable insights, manage and analyze keywords, apply automated clustering and grouping tools to build a complete keyword structure within a couple of minutes.

🛠 Tools

▫ Keyword research tool -
▫ Search suggestions tool -
▫ Magnet tool -
▫ Search Volume tool -
▫ Keyword clustering tool -
▫ Keyword grouping tool -

🤖 Promo

▫ Keyword research tool -
▫ Search suggestions tool -
▫ Keyword clustering tool -
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📷 Snapshots

🆕 Great news!

‘Snapshots’ are now live and available for all Topvisor users.
Search results snapshot is a replica of search results displayed by a search engine in response to a keyword query. Collect search results snapshots to store and research your TOP competition over an applied period of time.
You can grab snapshots from all supported search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mail, Yandex, and Sputnik. Research depth is adjustable (TOP20/TOP30/TOP50/TOP100) and can be set in the project settings.
The tool supports two display modes: 1️⃣ Search results snapshots and 2️⃣ Competition research by Average Position, Visibility, and Keyword distribution across TOP segments (TOP 1-3/TOP 1-10/TOP 11-30/TOP 31-50/TOP 51-100, and TOP 100).

📍 The Essentials

✅ Snapshots are a TOP search results replica.
✅ Snapshots are aTOP search results history.
✅ Snapshots are a TOP competition in the applied search engine and location.
✅ Snapshots are a competition research of the selected keyword group.

👍 Many thanks to our users for another brilliant idea!

🙂 ID: 928, 69479, 36344, 34140, 24857, 40156, 1918, 42475, 37235, 20909, 20097, 1160, 47886, 28323, 16262, 33676, 40156, 84009, 67241, 82517, 21537, 31038, 57834, 34140, 47886, 47457, 14439, 15989, 27343, 96263, 26464, 54902, 100797, 103664, 3346, 100341

⚙The tool is ready to use, enjoy!

🛠Updated instructions:
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