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I smell IO announcement here... Wish there were some after market options available, but looks like OEM only at launch...
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Pricing is bad. It does what it says it does but lacks polish according to a coworker who bought the pioneer unit.
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Quick test to make sure you're PC isn't infected with "SuperFish"

If it is, go here -->
Check below. If you see an image with "YES" written on it, you have a problem. Do the test with all browsers installed. (If the browser asks you to confirm/trust/accept with a pop-up it's good: you're not affected. But for the future consider that answering yes to those pop-ups is dangerous: you ...
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Didn't see this coming... 
Uncovered, Artwork of George Washington's Take on Second Amendment 
Artwork depicting our founding father, Gen. George Washington demonstrating his support on the [then] recently ratified 2nd amendment - "the right to bear arms"
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Fast Company: 5 Email Myths You Should Stop Believing.
Expert analysis of 500,000 emails reveals what really works and what doesn't when sending messages.
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Via lifehacker
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deck of course!.. a wooden deck lol
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#womensrights ?
Happy 4th from Pacific beach.
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New list of local hikes to try... Another great, crowd free hike we've been enjoying recently is the San Diego wildlife refuge on the east side of San Miguel mountain (marked location is parking)
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Podcast: Lecture 1: CS183B Sam Altman and Dustin Moskovitz present "Why To Start A Startup" in the How to Start A Startup course at Stanford University
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Lifehacker: The Retailers with the Best Black Friday Deals.
You're better off shopping online on Thanksgiving or any other day next week, but there are deals to be had on Black Friday. WalletHub's survey of 2014 Black Friday ads from 21 of the biggest retailers reveals which stores will offer the biggest discounts and how much you should aim to save.
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A friend of mine made this... Great example of the difference between a broker and a private wealth advisor. Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video! Pacific Capital is an exclusive and independent wealth management firm in Southern California. We help clients ENJOY LIFE by removing their stress about money. Most of the public has NO IDEA about the difference between the “fiduciary standard” ...
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As we watch TPP crawl its way towards getting finalized, signed, and eventually taint our laws with its one-sided corporate agenda, we need to continue to remember this fact: laws made in secret, with no public oversight or input, are illegitimate.
EFF is in Ottawa this week for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, to influence the course of discussions over regressive digital policy provisions in this trade agreement that could lead to an increasingly restrictive Internet. But this round is different from the others—the secrecy around the talks is wholly unprecedented.
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allie wants a hampster instead of another dog. 
Hamster Stuffs Five Baby Carrots Into His Mouth
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Days 8-10 – Winds of Change « My Mountain is Waiting

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Reasonably priced and prompt delivery. can't ask for much more than that.
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Wiz Wit. Even though the crowd can be a bit saucy late at night, Olde City still get's my vote for best in SD. Love it.
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Great food... it seems a bit sketchy if you go in, because no one ever eats in the restaurant, but they make great Thai food at reasonable prices.
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I am consistently impressed everything about Eastlake Family Medical. Their doctors and staff are professional and seem to genuinely care about their patients well being. Their office is also very nicely decorated and brimming with state of the art technology! - Topher
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