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+Gordon Laing +Trey Ratcliff what's the over / under on one of you purchasing this rare Nikon lens ;)
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holy cow lol - not obtrusive or anything. $160k wow decision decisions - house or a really wide lens.. don't make me have to decide heh
The price is irreconcilably expensive… but to take a stab at justifying it, amidst all the technological innovation in the past ~20 years there has been little to improve the glass and optical pipeline.

The transition to digital imaging has put the focus on what can be done from the imager, to the post-production software, to the sharing of JPEGs.

The light-gathering capability in front of the image sensor will always reign supreme. And whomever ends up purchasing this insanely expensive lens will arguably have an advantage over the mainstream crowd…
220° is very unlikely. What kind of a lens can reverse the direction of light as if it was reflecting it 70° from all directions? I disbelieve.
I remember renting one of these, when I was an advertising photographer in the late 80s. The hardest thing was positioning the tripod legs so that they didn't show up in the image...
You'd think for that price it would include a lens hood ;-)
I'd like to give it a go just to see for myself but then the use of it is totally out of my needs.
Can't wait to go to a party with that monster.
Also... kills aliens like a smartbomb in Defender! FLASH! *FOOF!*
I had a play with one of these at the Nikon training offices in Kingston UK one heck of a chunk of glass. I think I could even see my feet in the shot. Never knew it was worth that much.
Wait until you see the lens hood for this!
It would have to be a "backwards" lens hood.
Ah, I remember this lens with fondness. Not from my own collection of course, but from perusing - or rather, ogling - the Nikkor catalogue as a kid. Nikon had a number of really innovative show-off lenses in their range back then...
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