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Train to Win!
Train to Win!


“Bulls eyes don’t shoot back!” 
Bad guys not only shoot back, they have probably shot first. And, 
under such “survival stress” conditions, the techniques you were 
taught in order to shoot perfect “x-rings” are known to fail! Even 
worse, most of those techniques can get you killed during a deadly 
force encounter. Mortal combat IS what the event IS; whether Cop, 
Marine, or armed citizen.
We do everything possible to bring the “street to the range” in both 
as dynamic and entertaining fashion as we can. For us, “to teach is 
to learn” and we are confident that you will find your experience a
rewarding one.

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"If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness." 
-- Theodore Roosevelt

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Pistolcraft-110 is a one-day course that introduces a variety of 
stress techniques necessary for the administrative and sustained 
operation of the pistol, as well as the concept of Tactical Firearm 
Safety, Sight Applications and Target Zoning at Close Quarters 
Battle distances. Integrated into this process are several 
tactical skills including Situational Awareness and 
Evasive Movement. While no formal pistol training 
is required for this course, even the most experienced 
shooter will benefit from this fresh approach to the 
defensive use of the handgun.

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Things have not changed.
The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can and as often as you can, and keep moving on." 
-- Ulysses S. Grant
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Women's in the waist carry just got better! The Well Armed Woman In The Waistband holster solves the problems women typically have with in-the-pants carry! We heard what you have been saying and now you can have the perfect blend of Function and Flair.
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SPECIAL DEAL: $ 160.00 normally: $ 275.00
Pistolcraft-130 is a two-day course that will expand your 
abilities even further by adding Ambidextrous Operation, Third 
Party Management, Team Drills, Moving C-Q-B, Less-Than-Ideal 
Shooting Positions, Moving Targets, Multi-Directional Dynamic 
Movement and Interior/Exterior Structural Applications. 

For more information call: 1-800-677-4407

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GUN OF THE DAY – Colt Frontier Six-Shooter

While we really like featuring Colt .45s here on our Facebook page, sometimes the GOTD just calls for a classic .44, in this case an engraved and ivory-stocked Colt Frontier Six-Shooter.

In the West, things were rugged enough on the frontier without having to acquire different cartridges for one’s rifle and revolver. Colt’s .44-40 single-action could accommodate the same cartridges employed in the like-chambered Winchester M1873 and M1892 rifles and carbines. Thus one box of .44 cartridges from the store could serve in either long gun or handgun. 

While we don’t know who “A.C” was, we do believe that individual had excellent taste in six-shooters! Visit the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA to see the GOTD and more!
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All of our courses use the Combat Triad as the foundation for their curriculum. The "Triad was originally developed by Col. Jeff Cooper. Since its inception it has gone through many revisions. The Triad we apply re-quires the participant to focus equal mental and physical skills development in three critical areas. Those being:
Visit for more information

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Where Is ‘Open Carry’ #Legal ?
Carrying a #firearm in a concealed manner is legal in all states, but open carry has more #restrictions especially for #handguns . Gun-rights #advocates see the practice as a way to normalize #gun   ownership and deter crime, while gun-control activists believe carrying guns in stores and restaurants is disruptive to the public and encourages violence.

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The Emotion of Shooting:
ANY & ALL acts of shooting will begin and end as an emotional event

Sport Shooting = Anxiety

Big Game Hunting = Fear

Self Defense = TERROR........
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