Interview of a Street Photographer - Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Each week we feature one of our members from the Street Photographers Community, ask 10 questions, share their images and their insights.

This week we have the great pleasure to interview +Spyros Papaspyropoulos from Rethymno, Greece.
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interview by Birka Wiedmaier

1. Please tell us a little about yourself... How did you get interested in street photography and how long have you been shooting this genre?

Firstly I would like to thank you very much for this opportunity. I feel honoured to be chosen for an interview. Gratitude! My name is Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I am originally from Athens, Greece. I am a city boy. Drop me in the middle of a busy street and I am in my element! I now live in Rethymno, which is in Crete. Crete is a large island of the Mediterranean. A totally different terrain and shooting environment to that of Athens, Rethymno offers many opportunities to the street photographer that decides to look for surreal moments. I got interested in street photography without knowing it really. It just happened. One day I wasn’t shooting street and the next day it was the only thing I wanted to shoot. I remember that I started sometime around 2012 if I remember well, or was it 2011. I can’t remember. So I would say that I have been shooting street photography around 5-6 years ever since I first started. As to what makes street photography interesting to me, that would definitely be the unpredictability of the genre. Not knowing what will happen next excites me in photography and in life in general!

2. Do you have a camera or lens of choice?

I do actually! My favourite all time camera is my trusty Fujifilm X-Pro1 with the XF18mm. Most of my recent work has been shot with that camera. I love the ergonomics and the colours of the X-Pro1. It is a camera with character, it is built like a tank and mine has the marks to prove it and it’s handling is just perfect for me.

3. How often do you shoot at Street?

I will not lie. I shoot whenever I can. So I might manage to shoot every day for weeks and then I might not take a single photo for a month. It all depends on how busy I am. I might have to write posts for or record a Street Talk episode for our YouTube channel, or work for my Web Agency or I might want to spend some time playing with my daughters, so I really don’t have a standard frequency in which I shoot street.

4. Do you shoot any other genres?

I do actually. I like shooting provocative portraiture and B&W landscape photography. I have shared photos online from my B&W landscapes in the past, but not in this community.

5. Are there any photographers who have inspired you?

Many photographers inspire me all the time! I can’t really list them all because they are too many and I can’t prioritise them in any way, they are all fantastic artists as far as I am concerned and I respect them all the same. However, I think that if you look at my work you can discern my strongest influences.

6. When you process your images, do you have a preferred editing system?

Yes, I use Adobe LR. I have made 2 presets for my photos. One works good with properly exposed photos and the other with over exposed photos. I tend to overexpose some of my shots when using a flash all the time. So, I have those 2 presets and I just apply them and export as JPGs. My processing per photo lasts at the most 30”.

7. Is there any advice you would give to beginner Street Photographers?

This is a question I get a lot! Yes, I do have some advice for all beginner street photographers and I want you to listen to me carefully. Practice as much as you can, photograph for yourself and no one else and be your own person! Remember you are a unique, creative being, so go create and forget about the rules, the musts and mustn’ts and whatever other people have to say. Be free with your camera. It is YOUR creative outlet, nobody else’s.

8. Are you formally trained or self-taught?

Self taught

9. Why do you shoot Street?

Because I have to. If I don’t I am lost.

10. Three words that best describes your style....

Impulsive, instinctive, innate

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