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Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane During a Stressful Move

Whether making a corporate move or a residential one – moving can be stressful, which is why Top Move wants to share these ‘Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane During a Stressful Move’!
Be Mindful of Your Body
Stress can add up in ways you may not always be conscious of, which can include a tight neck and shoulders, a clenched jaw, headaches, and other such physical discomfort. So ensure you are being mindful of your body, breathe, stretch, don’t miss out on regular gym or yoga activities to de-stress, and/or even splurge for a spa day leading up to the move or immediately following it as a reward for your efforts.
Stay Organized
By keeping a to-do list you can help alleviate stress and minimize the things you need to remember before and during your move, so even if you’re not the “list” type, take it upon yourself to stay organized this way …it can truly help a lot.
Make a Music Playlist
Music can be an excellent motivator, and having he right music playlist on hand can change packing and moving from drudgery, into a great workout – or at the very least, a less conscious effort.
Get a Babysitter
Enlisting the help of your children to pack your home can sometimes mean adding work to an already hefty workload. Whether choosing to get a sitter during packing days, or simply taking advantage of a sitter during the day of your actual move, having someone safely watch your children can alleviate added work and stress.
Hire Help
TOP Move Inc. Is a full service moving company who proudly provides our customers with experienced Burnaby movers, and will take care of your belongings and ensure same state delivery.
Whether you need us to package your larger belongings and big-ticket valuables, or you want to enjoy the convenience of our movers packing up your entire home or office, no moving task is out of question – so please ask!
Give us a call at 1-877-867-6683, or feel free to use our online booking form. We are happy to provide you with a free comprehensive quote for your next move, delivering on our easy-to-use moving services right from the start!
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Moving Your Vancouver Office this Summer? TOP Move Can Help!

Relocating an entire office takes a lot of time, patience and preparation, which TOP Move Inc is no stranger to, but if not planned well – it can also cost you a lot more time and money than anticipated.
Proper planning and strong coordination are important when hiring a mover for your office move in Burnaby and throughout the Lower Mainland, and we’re here to inform you on reasons why choosing the right office movers in Vancouver is important!
Minimize Downtime to Maximize Savings
When moving an entire office, there is already enough cost associated with it, and any stalls in your move will only cost you more. Which is why our main goal for your office move is to minimize downtime and get you up and running at your new location with the least amount of disruptions as possible, providing clear scheduling, a moving crew that can work evenings and weekend, and a project supervisor to keep the process moving smoothly.
The Importance of a Project Supervisor for Your Office Move
Having a project supervisor as your point of contact at all times, allows you to stay in the know each step of the way, keeping you informed of everything transpiring during your move.

In addition to time management, the project supervisor will ensure appropriate labels are used, initiate a numbering systems, create moving time-lines, as well as guarantee proper packing materials and office items are delivered when, where and how we promised them.

Rallying Staff to Help With the Move
A lot of companies will rally their staff to help with the packing end of moving their business, which is a sound decision in order for each office space and desk area to be packed properly and in order. In addition, it gives staff the opportunity to be a part of the process in a meaningful way, and doesn’t make them feel as though they are being displaced out of their current office – which can come to feel like home, into a new space without having had a chance to clear, sort and organize in a way they may prefer to do.

There is a reason TOP Move Inc is backed by the Better Business Bureau, because although other commercial moving companies may say they offer the best commercial moving service in Burnaby and the surround communities, TOP Move guarantees it!
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How To Safely Move Your Household Items During an ‘April Showers’ Move
As the saying goes ‘April showers bring May flowers’, but when it comes to moving, rain is not the ideal condition in which to keep your household items dry. So we want to help you with these tips on ‘How To Safely Move Your Household Items During an ‘April Showers’ Move’!
Check the Forecast
Moving is already a hefty chore, especially if you are choosing to pack and move all your belongings yourself. So taking the extra step to wrap your items in plastic might be added effort that wasn’t required if it is going to be a sunny day. So save yourself the time and effort by checking the forecast before wrapping all your items in plastic.
Wrap It Up
That being said, if there is rain in the forecast, then yes – wrap it up! You can purchase large industrial rolls of saran wrap, which is easy to use and will help keep your items dry while keeping your boxes from falling apart under wet conditions.
Mark Your Items Accordingly
Granted, there are things that wouldn’t get hurt if they did end up getting wet, but for items such as dry kitchen food goods – these should definitely be marked accordingly in order to safeguard against wet ruined food. Or, as an added precaution, any food items that shouldn’t come into contact with moisture should be put into a sealed cooler.
Slippery When Wet
Keep your floors dry and your safety in check by putting towels down on any slippery surfaces. This will keep you from having to clean up a wet mess, and also help protect anyone from accidently slipping.
Consider Hiring Residential Movers
We recognize that a residential move comes with it’s own set of challenges, but we lift that burden with trustworthy service and affordable pricing, ensuring your home is transferred with the attention to detail it deserves – no matter the weather!

The Added Precaution of Full Service Movers
TOP Move Inc. is also a full service moving company. We provide our customers with experienced Burnaby movers who will take care of your belongings and ensure “same state delivery”, meaning your items are delivered in the very same condition as when we picked them up. Whether you need us to package your larger belongings and big-ticket valuables, or you want to enjoy the convenience of packing up your entire home or office, no moving task is out of question.

If you’re looking for residential or commercial moving service this April, please give us a call at 1-877-867-6683, or use our online booking form. We are happy to provide you with a free comprehensive quote for your next move, delivering on our easy-to-use moving services right from the start!

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Tips for Moving During Spring in Metro Vancouver
If you are planning on moving within Metro Vancouver this spring, it is an excellent time to do so. Not only is the weather more cooperative, but there is always an added energy in the air to get sorting, cleaning and purging during spring – which all plays an important role in our ‘Tips for Moving During Spring in Metro Vancouver’!
Arm Yourself with the Right Cleaning Supplies
Nothing can kill your cleaning vibe more than not having the right supplies. So ensure you have all that you need to accomplish your set out your cleaning tasks before you get started, which include:
- Glass cleaner
- Disinfectant wipes
- Throw-away cleaning cloths
- Vacuum bags
- Swiffer floor + dusting wipes
- Stove cleaner
- Toilet cleaner + brush
- Tile & Tub cleaner
Get Set to Sort and Purge
Spring is also an excellent time for sorting and purging. Whether you are moving from Langley to Surrey, or require a more extensive corporate move in Burnaby – sorting through clothes, papers and junk drawers in order to purge what is no longer needed, will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment and have you ready to move into your next home or office without a clutter trailing in behind you.
Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space
Spring is also an excellent time to get out in the garage and organize all those tools, sort through that summer gear, and tune up those boy toys. It is an opportunity to really clean shop and ensure you are only moving the essentials, as well as the items that get used regularly – or at the very least, seasonally.
Garden equipment and fix-it projects you’ve been hoping to get to also deserve a hard look, deciding if you’re truly every going to repair these hopeful items, or if it’s time to let go of some things and lighten your moving load.
At TOP Move, we are proud to be a full service moving company that can provide our customers with experienced Burnaby movers who will take care of your belongings and ensure “same state delivery” - meaning your items are delivered in the very same condition as when we picked them up.
Whether you need us to package your larger belongings and big-ticket valuables, or you want to enjoy the convenience of us packing up your entire home or office, no moving task is out of question. We are here to help with all your Metro Vancouver moving needs this spring, and look forward to doing so!
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Why Hiring Movers You’ll Love Matters
Finding a moving company in Metro Vancouver who are reputable, affordable and who offer above-average services can be a difficult task, which is why we at TOP Move Inc wanted to help you understand ‘Why Hiring Movers You’ll Love Matters’.
Transitions Can Be Tough
Moving from one neighbourhood to another can be difficult; no matter if you are single or have a family, it is a big transition for everyone involved. Which is why it is important that the transition goes smoothly and without incident.
The Importance of the Save Move of Your Household Items
Arriving to your new home only to discover something (or many things) have been damaged or broken, does not a happy camper make. At TOP Move Inc we assume every item holds sentimental value, so ensuring each box is handled with care is a priority to us. Although there may be “dirt cheap” moving companies out there, keep in mind the level of care and quality that goes into your move also, and how costly it might be to replace any household items – or consider the irreplaceable value of the truly sentimental pieces you hope will arrive safely in your new home.
Considerate Movers Count for a Lot
Not only are your household items important, but so too is your emotional wellbeing. Whether you are moving your company from Burnaby to a new Metro Vancouver location, or are moving your family from your Langley home to an outlying community – change can be difficult, so hiring movers who understand this is important to the level of care you will be treated with.
Our job as residential and commercial movers in the Lower Mainland, is to take the work and stress out of your moving day so you can get on with life and enjoy your new home or office. Whether you are moving across the street, or across the country, our residential movers arrive uniformed, professional, and friendly. The staff will provide you with TOP quality service. From the first phone call to the final drop off, we carefully plan and execute your move and make your experience as pleasant as we can, using all of our resources and experience.

So contact us to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for your residential or commercial moving needs, or book online using our online booking form… we look forward to serving you!
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How to Plan for Your 2017 Home or Office Move
Planning a move in 2017 for your home or business in the Burnaby or surrounding areas? TopMove would like to help you by offering these tips on “How to Plan for Your 2017 Home or Office Move”!
Start As Early As Possible
If you already know the month in which you plan to move your home or office in Burnaby, plan as far ahead as you possibly can. Even planning a year in advance is not to extreme, and can actually help cushion the blow of deposits, moving costs, packing equipment, and other such costly matters that you can begin to save up for each month so as to not be scrambling for large upfront costs at the time of your move.
Plan a Purge
It’s not easy to part with sentimental items, but holding on to things with little personal meaning should be considered for purging. Whether it’s a broken picture frame you got as a gift, a plethora of blankets or mismatched towels, or a closet full of clothes that no longer fit or are greatly outdated – these are the type of items that will not be missed. By purging them it will lighten your load, help with moving costs, and have you feeling like you’re truly making a fresh start in 2017!
Seek Out Quality Movers in Burnaby
As a BBB approved moving company in Burnaby, we know the importance of a good reputation, and it is important that you also know the reputation of the movers you choose.
Moving quotes are an important part of the process when finding a mover, but be sure that all their costs are included in the quote. Things such as fuel surcharges and large items may not be included, and these small things can add up quickly.
As well, if the movers you choose are cheap but careless, the loss or damage to your items might outweigh your savings – so weigh your options wisely.
Last but not least – get plenty of rest the night before your move! Moving is a big deal, and ensuring your body is rested and fed will help make the day run more smoothly.
If you are looking to move your home or office in Burnaby or beyond this coming year, TopMove is here to help!
Contact us at: 604-299-6614 or Toll Free: 1-877-867-6683 or email: or book online!

No Obligation – Moving Estimate Request – Professional and Affordable
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Commercial Moving During the Holidays
Moving your company over the holidays might seem like a poor choice in convenience, but the alternate is actually true. Because December tends to be a slower time for most offices, it is an excellent time to get the staff to help pack their cubicles, and also a great time to utilize office closures to move your company with little to no interruptions to business - making commercial moving during the holidays actually ideal!
The Power of Advance Planning
Planning ahead for a move is always a wise decision, especially when it comes to a commercial move. Normally a 60-day advance planning schedule is ideal for moving your company, making a choice on a Burnaby moving company itself coming into play within that timeframe. Simple advance planning will have you moving your office seamlessly through the holidays and all set up for the New Year ahead.
When it comes to the relocation of your office, warehouse, or commercial property (of any size) lack of planning and organization will cost you money. Proper planning and strong coordination are important when hiring a mover for your move. When you choose TOP Move Inc from among the various commercial moving companies in Burnaby, you will see what makes Top Move a superior choice!

Employee Packing Participation
Although it might not be in the “job description”, packing up ones own office is entirely a management decision that most employees enjoy, as it gets them out of regular office duty. So utilize your staff and watch the office pretty much pack itself!

The Importance of Client Awareness
Your clients may have questions surrounding your move, so ensure your staff – especially the front-end staff such as the receptionist – is fully versed in what to tell people who are calling in or stopping by and concerned about the move.

For office moves, our main goal is to minimize downtime and get you up and running at your new location with the least amount of disruptions as possible.
In order to minimize disruptions of your business activities, we can schedule our trucks and crew to start after hours or on weekends. We assign a project supervisor to every office move to coordinate the move and to meet your time lines-throughout the moving process. This enables you, our customer, to have a point of contact at all times. You will know everything transpiring with your move. The project supervisor will keep you advised on all aspects of your move from start to finish. Appropriate labels, numbering systems, moving time-lines, proper packing material and service ensure that everything goes to plan just as we promise.

Other commercial moving companies may say they offer the best commercial moving service in Burnaby and the surround communities, but TOP Move Inc guarantees it!
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4 “To-Do’s” Before Moving in the Lower Mainland
There might seem like an endless list of “to-do’s” when you’re moving, but at TopMove we wanted to share what we think are the top “4 “To-Do’s” Before Moving in the Lower Mainland”, and help you better streamline your upcoming Langley Move, Coquitlam Move, Vancouver Move – or bordering communities move!
Don’t Bank On It
Changing your banking branch might seem inconsequential, but building a relationship at your local community branch is important. Although you might feel like your bank is simply a place where you deposit and withdraw funds, there may come a day when a car loan or home mortgage is needed, and knowing your bank personnel can truly help with those objectives.

Make the Necessary Medical Change-Over’s
It is seemingly very difficult to find a family doctor today, so getting a referral from your current doctor to a trusted colleague can mean the difference between acquiring a new local practitioner, and having to spend years waiting at the walk-in clinic.

In addition, be sure your MSP information is changed over to your new address; otherwise your insurance could come up against some hiccups.

Here’s An Odd One – Car Maintenance!
Tuning up your car might not seem high on the priority list before a move, but it is actually an excellent time to make sure everything under the hood is humming along nicely. Having a vehicle mishap in the midst of a move is more than a little frustrating …so avoid such things with a trip to the auto care shop pre-move.

Get Closure
Moving can be hard on the family – from the dog, to the kids, to elderly parents …it’s a transition of schools, parks, friends and familiar setting. So before you move, help the whole family get closure by:
- Visiting local spots and sharing your best memories and why they meant so much to each of you
- Hosting a going-away party so all the locals can come offer their well-wishes
- Walking through your home and talking about specific memories that happened and have the opportunity to laugh or cry about them
- Taking pictures anywhere and everywhere your family thinks was a significant place so you have a visual to cherish for years to come

Moving is often both a special and trying time, so don’t gloss over anything that might make a big difference in years to come.

At TopMove we’re here to help with all your Burnaby moving needs - both residential as well as commercial. We look forward to helping your family or company make an easy transition …so call us and let us know when we can do so!
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Top Move Tips for Moving During the Fall
Although fall is typically the time of year when a lot of rain is falling in the Lower Mainland, it is actually a great time to choose to move. Granted - you will need to be prepared for rain, which is why Top Move put together these 3 tips for moving during the fall to create less dampened results!
Book Your Move Before the Season Begins
Summer is often one of the busiest times of year to be moving, as a lot of people want to take advantage of the clear skies and dry conditions. So if you already know you are expecting a fall move, call over the summer months to set up a moving date and ask if perhaps you could have a discount for choosing a slower time of year, and/or for booking so far in advance with your chosen Lower Mainland movers.
Pack (and dress) for the Elements
Whether you have lived in the Fraser Valley a long time, or are a recent transplant to the Lower Mainland, you will know or have been told of the conditions here in Metro Vancouver. Although most of us love the rain as it waters the lush greenery that surrounds us, we also have to be prepared for it. So ensure you dress according to the conditions on the day of your move, and ensure your items are packed in a way that will keep them dry, even if your boxes get little damp during the move from your house to the moving truck.
Clear a Path
Wet conditions make for slippery stairs, sidewalks and driveways – especially if there are leaves and debris about. So be sure to clear a path for your movers to ensure their safety - as well as your own - in order to be able to move your items quickly from your home into the awaiting cover of the dry moving truck.
At Top Move, we offer you BBB accredited moving services, backed by a personalized reputation your can trust. And as a Canadian owned and operated service-centric moving company, we have been entrusted with the safe transport of family homes and businesses across the Lower Mainland for years

As one of the most reputable movers in the Lower Mainland, we would be pleased to provide you with a clear breakdown of all expected moving charges in order to help you budget correctly before your move, and can also offer you a free moving quote.

To schedule your moving services, please give us a call at 1-877-TOP-MOVE (1-877-867-6683), or use our online booking form.
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Most Common Questions When Hiring a Moving Company
Each move is as individual as the movers themselves, but there does tend to be common questions that come when hiring a moving company in the Lower Mainland. So we wanted to address those questions, and help our potential customers ahead of time!
Is a Moving Estimate Binding?
One common mistake people make when hiring movers is thinking that the estimate they are quoted is the actual moving fee they will be paying. Ensure that, whichever moving company you choose in Metro Vancouver, is actually offering you a binding agreement in writing that they will be obligated to fulfill. That way there are no surprises and your quote is truly the cost you can expect to pay.
What Paperwork Should a Mover Provide?
Along with a written contract containing cost, your paperwork should also state insurance policies, the “rights and responsibilities” of the movers, as well as contact information – both in an emergency, as well as an office location for legal matters.
In addition to this, there should be a notation of moving times and dates, and a bill of lading or freight bill should be signed and dated with a copy handed over to you.
What is a Bill of Lading?
A bill of lading is essentially a contract that holds both the movers and yourself to the terms of agreement. These terms are agreed upon before your move, and are signed off on once both parties agree to the terms.
This is an important document, so keep it on you during the move for quick referral and until the move is completed and your items are inspected for any damage or loss.
What If My Items Are Not Delivered On Time?
Your Metro Vancouver Mover is expected to offer a reasonable dispatch time, meaning that although there could be reasons for delay such as weather or traffic, there needs to be a reasonable amount of time for delivery that they can meet.
Should I Purchase Moving Insurance?
Any reputable moving company will offer their own insurance coverage, which should be fully reviewed so you understand what they are and are not responsible for. If there is any damage or loss to your items, a claim normally needs to be made and addressed within 9 months of the move.
At Top Move, our mission is to never have to tackle claims or losses. We pride ourselves in being the top Moving Company in Vancouver who is backed by the BBB, and whose customers are consistently happy with their moving service – whether residential or commercial.
So if you are looking for a trusted moving company in Metro Vancouver – give us a call …we look forward to helping you make a comfortable transition!
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