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A bit of humour in Formula One – whatever next? Check out the new steering wheel (and buttons) revealed by Lotus last night...
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WHere's Kimi's "I know what I"m doing" button?
Glad to see they have a sense of humor.
This is roughly 6 video game controllers in one. #F1 pilots are quickly becoming video game experts. 
I wonder how much attention it requires to operate at high speed
One of those better be for an oil slick, another for smoke screen, and a third for the flame thrower.
this is actually not bad, if you play video games, or know how to type without looking at the keyboard, this is awesome for professional drivers as long as there is a standard steering wheel between various makes. plus currently most cars aren't that sophisticated to ever need such controls. or they are too sophisticated that all this is done by computers on-board.
We should all have one in our cars...
Way to take the joke to a whole nother level Omar!!
Looks like an expensive computer-game steering wheel to me..  ;)
Pretty sweet. Like the Jensen Button
What happens if the driver pressed the wrong button in a race?
That's built into the helmet, Duh! lol
No "AA" button? Lots Of Trouble. Usually Serious.

that is kind of odd for and it has to many buttons
OMG I FINALLY GOT THAT! I kept thinking "why is there one that says Jenson? Is there an in-joke I'm not getting?"
this may be new controller of Play Station :P
Heard tell the steering wheels cost over 50 grand apiece for the  formula 1 cars
It was designed by Candyland.
i want an ice cream button in my car!!!! i am so jealous.
Is this for the Mach V? "Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer..."
Ah! Jenson Button I get it .. lol (derp!)
I want one!  If nothing else, maybe I can get a "Very Angry Bird" button for my truck.
Oh no, Nintendo has been put in charge of controller design!
They forgot two:  Turbo Boost and Hot Hail
Hehehe...its combinations between play station, xbox, wii, sega .. :P
Now thats something to put your hands on
Some say he plays 10 different video game while doing formula 1
Wowza.  It is like a modified version of airpane controls.
Am thinking havnt they forgot anything..????

Incidentally.... the ejector seat button always goes on the shifter knob.
Look like the wheel from the Mach 5....
And every button pressed or dial turned at the wrong moment will make it explode. Now, enjoy your race car!
lets ride this..but insted of so much button if it could have just voice control then it would be very amazing................
Handy that the centre dial has a "fail" setting.
Now I understand why guys like Schumacher looked so accident-prone last year - getting a "brain-freeze" from the ice cream in the middle of the first corner would throw me off too :)
hy how are me yours ditail
Great... an example of 'ANYthing is possible'
"Open Gate" - reminds me of Kimi and Interlagos 2012. If only he had it there :)
Looks less of a Formula 1 race car steering wheel and more of a space ship control module.
Yeahbut, I was taught to keep my hands on the wheel at 2 and 10 o'clock.    This looks more like 2:30 and 9:30.
Finally! They're catching up with us computer gamers! 
That makes KITT look like a pocket calculator.
Like "Nap Mode" haha   won't want to do that while driving...
PlayStation gimmickry. Toy accessory on a very expensive car. Hope the driver isn't color blind. 
thats sickkkk
Where is the button for making em a damn sandwich
Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer is going to be pissed. There's no 'Get to da choppa' button!!!
Where's the Make Captain Slow an F1 phenom button for James May ?
Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious!
I hope that's a joke. This looks like a child's toy from the 80's.
OK after partially reading the blurry text..I see it is a joke. Lol
I wonder just how much that wheel costs 
i like the sat nav button as if they dont't know there way round lol
Now where is the Coke Cola Button!
There's the Angry Birds button too! XD
And that say using your phone whilst driving is bad. Funny 
Looks like an aircraft control panel to me.
It's an original xbox controller, only bigger
Just enough buttons and dials to confuse jc
If it wasn't for the shitty quality I could read this. SORT IT GOOGLE
Lol...I don't see a "defrost Kimi" button!!!
If this was really Kimi's wheel there would be no "Finishing Position" switch - Come second, come third, who cares?
clusteredly laid buttons,but awesome,thumbs up
they should put these wheels in driver's ed cars to confuse & scare children
Looks like a racing car not a driving car. 
Even for a racing car, it's a pain to know all those buttons, and manual is just another big step towards to pain. Can't keep a racing car automatic? What is to big about manual gear changing and racing cars.
driver forgets hes in a f1 car and thinks hes playing the xbox360 , and presses the wrong button that stalls the car going 180mph 
DISP.. Disappear
BIAS....Bite My Ass
KNRG..No F___ing Idea
INSRT..What into Where?
Why a Banana button?
If it was an Apple you couldn't find the starting line.
Wash, rinse, spin. 
That's just what my steering wheel needs - an ice cream button.
ROFL upper right corner red button... I didnt know "deploy angry bird" was a feature on Formula cars now...
Too many buttons, the driver might crash trying themB-)
yes deploying angry birds might have unwanted side effects lololol
Engineers don't have a sense of humour so I can only imagine that they had a meeting and outsourced this.
wow what a tech nightmare
I thought that was my IPAD screen for a second.
The whole thing is just brilliant... it gets me laughing at every single button! Love the Jenson one but I guess the "open gate" gets my top vote becaus it remarks the most exquisite moment of F1 racing I've ever seen (since 1993): a lost driver going about the track, thinking of going through an access gate back on track... and when he finds it closed, he simply goes back where he came from! Kimi at his best!!!
Is that a steering wheel? O.o
Which button is nos for the jump to lightspeed?
I dnt see the button for the espresso machine cheap bastards ~_~
Some say, "why so many buttons and knobs?" I say, "I want MORE!"
Did Lotus partner with Skittles?
Ron Rjt
thats cool nice one lotus :)
looks more like a video game controller.
Ryan R.
"Open gate" will definitely be useful in Brazil race. :D:D:D
if you look at the lotus sign in the center lool at the white button to the right of that the white button over the blue says "jump' what the hek is this the speed racer car or what.
Wtf does the 'jenson' button do? Enable instant smoothness?
Lol how many people took this seriously.
thats my ps3 controlr whers x i always for get :\ lol XD
Lol don't worry if you get lost on the track. If I can see that correctly there's a Sat Nav button. 
Hmmmm.. Wheres the "dispense food" button??
its really neat that almost all the functions of the car are on the steering wheel
300Km/h and 20 button, too fast to happen and too many button to choose from.
Up down up down left right a b... nice 99 lives
Do they really enjoy driving in so much complication or is it just the winning that matters...
god thats gotta suck memorizing all those buttons...........
Must be the driver gonna push that mom button a lot.. haha.. 
i dont know about you guys, but my thumb wouldn't leave the JUMP button
Joel G
Thats awesome!
Not sure if I'd end up using the tweet button or ice cream button more often. 
Om Ady
It looks very confusing to me ;P
Impressive engineering by Lotus - they've found a mechanical way of making Kimi smile! :-)
Every. Button. Counts.
Good lord! Controlling all that at formula one speeds seems tricky to say the least.
That's why they're the best at what they do. :)
like those weird looking buttons on leather jackets.
Seems like the steering wheel in my car, except mine launches missiles; )
I feel like i need some kinda of degree to drive this car. 
Now here's where Apple would find some way of making all these functions available from ONE button!
man...... F1 steering wheel is one of the worst steering wheel of my life version
Ali H
LOL. I hope on real one there is no such buttons
Must have for Christmas. Deluxe version comes with "Share" and "Eject", "Love" & "Reject". What would Jenson's Mum think?
ႈIf it is real or not I like this style.......
For Gamers. Im sure, there will be no accidents. Or else, a low score. Ahahaha!
Love it Top Gear... Isn't tweeting from a car a NASCAR thing... I can't remember that drivers name....#hillbilliesracenroundthetrailerpark
Are you sure that's not a PS4 controller?
I wonder how many wrecks this will cause :P
Actually none of the buttons do anything they are just put there to look high tech...(got to show something for the $ that were spent on  development)
no i was talking about the picture but who is this
Where is the 1-2-3 button?    (feeling old)
There are more colors on this wheel than a carnival parade. Reminds me of play school toys...buttons that make noises
There just for show,only two of them actually do anything,go and stop.
have you see the difference of new and old f1 steering wheels 
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Apple moto: There's an app for that.. Lotus motto: There's a Button for that.
"Phone Mum" - The button that will NEVER get used..
¿Cual es botón para la cerveza ?
they may as well put a whole computer readout on that thing
This just squashed every dream I've ever had of driving a racecar.
I especially like the Jenson button!
with a steering wheel like that i would expect an eject button 
so many pepole that dont have a life .now look at me i have no life now ether.what a trip!