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This is a must watch movie.  Share in the awakening!
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Tony Williamson

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Weight loss is such a difficult topic.  Maybe it's because even if we get beyond some of the stuff and achieve success we still have to eat every day.  I recognize we are not all addicted to food.  But then again, we all are addicted to food in the simple realization that we feel like we are going to die if we don't eat!  Is that an addiction?  Or do we just define the inability (or the appearance of an inability) to control the amount of food that we eat an addiction?  What say you?  
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Tony Williamson

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Thanks +David Foster You are always on the watch for the info that we at least some of us are curious about.  
Several people have been asking me about the new "view count" number which shows up on your profile, and I've been answering on a bunch of threads, so let me give you the key answers in one place.

What does this number count? This is total views on your profile, your posts, your photos, and your videos. 

What constitutes a "view?" For your profile, when someone goes to view your profile page. For other things, it's when they look at it -- e.g., when one of your posts shows up on someone's screen. (That's because this is how most people read posts: showing up in a stream, without clicking on it explicitly) Looking at your hovercard doesn't count.

Is this related to +1's, reshares, etc.? Only in that someone who +1'ed your post also probably saw it. You can already see counts for those on individual posts, etc., and before today you could see view counts for each photo if you looked carefully at the one-up view -- now you can see that for everything.

If someone reshares my post, does that count? Yes, since a viewer is seeing your content. Ditto if someone sees your post through an "Alice +1'ed this," through a post embedded on a page, or any other way that someone encounters it.

I don't want to show this on my profile! You can hide this by going to your settings page. Go to and look for "Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed."

This seems strange: Some people seem to have a lot more views relative to their number of followers than others. Is something broken? Not at all. Some people have a lot of followers but don't engage with them well, while other people engage amazingly with a smaller group. 

I want to find out more. Check out the Help Center article at .
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Tony Williamson

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Very interesting article.  Make the shift to 'real' info you can use to improve your life.  I'm sick of the gimmicks out there about weight loss and disease.  It's time to cast your vote for truth.  Thank You +Chris Kresser, L.Ac 
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Tony Williamson

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Thank you +David Foster  Much needed info
This is by far one of the BEST articles I have seen regarding  #hashtags  . I recommend reading it. I am still learning about them and how they work, and this helps a lot...

H/T to both +martin shervington and +Mark Traphagen .
There is much more to Google+ hashtags than meets the eye.
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Tony Williamson

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Thank you +David Foster  Really looking forward to this presentation.  And thanks again for all of your training, tips and tricks for G+.   You're the best! 
Join us for our very first Geeks & Gear Hangout with +Cali Lewis ! We will be interviewing fellow geeks and asking them what 3 gadgets they have with them at all times. We will also have open Q&A at the end!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by David Foster (ImpartialGeek). The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Geeks & Gear
Mon, March 10, 2014, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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