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Please prove that reality is different than the picture. Whlle there are some rogues in the American military (as there are rogues in any group of people), the overwhelming majority exemplify the definition of honor.
I rarely see this sort of posting on G+. Thank you very much.
Seriously? I doubt that little child is a "hostage." But, you already knew that and just wanted some attention.
+Sanaa Diab - I'm pretty sure that, if you take the time to look this up, these US Marines were shielding this man and his son, while they were all being fired upon by another party of shooters. And, I imagine that, one way or another, the other shooters did not fire upon Marines and civilians beyond that day, ever again.
I've seen illogical things in the world... "logic" doesn't necessarily exist in war times. Unless u r disconnected from the world (or u just follow FOX news which is worse than being disconnected) then I need not to prove anything... As I said.. just a thought, because sometimes... pictures are deceiving... if u r willing to take everything as given to u, then keep living in the world of FOX. If u r willing to think before u take something, then welcome to the real world.... and no thanks I don't need the attention, u can ignore my comment or u can just give it a thought... I am not here to create a conflict but to provoke thought... and again.. I have seen many sorts of illogical things in the world... being a child doesn't give u any passes in some cases
We might be living in a world of FOX, but that is way better than living in a world of AHMADINEJAD.
Tell you what +Sanaa Diab , let's just say the image is completely photohopped and isn't real. In your picture-comment you suggest the possibility of "what-if"...the mand and boy hostages, correct? Let's say they were? I don't think the ACTUAL truth of what's going on this the photo is nearly as important as the over-all point of the message: Simply that bad guys use human shields & good guys (our soldiers and allies) use themselves as human shields (if defending the innocent in most times...or if the 'good guys' are in a pinch & use bad guys as shields --- which is then justified just as equally).

In other words, let's say someone posted the picture's caption as a quote somewhere online or used it as an email signature, the moral of the story here is simply the caption's meaning more so than what the picture is portraying.

Possibility versus Probability, my friend. Is it possible a US soldier (C)ould be shady? Yes. Is it probably that he (W)ould be shady? The answer is: the majority always rules. And the "majority" of our soldiers joined the services for good reason and conduct themselves appropriately so. I didn't say "all"....I said most.

So, back to the main message of the picture: bad guys are cowards, 'nuff said.

And yes, you do want attention 'cuz everything I said you already knew it to be true. I satisfied your need for attention by replying.

It won't happen again.
Naveed M
There is no honor in a war of aggression that has resulted in the deaths of 100,000+ innocent Iraqis. This picture is simply war propaganda.
+Naveed Massjouni - How many were butchered by Saddam? Which country is so wracked by inter-tribal fighting that it's uncertain to survive the US pulling out? Which country's affluent sent their sons and daughters to study in the US, because the culture was so oppressive and the schools so backward? Which regime gassed the Kurds for being ... different? What world do you live in, Naveed? Salaam Alechim!
Absolutely correct. There is no honor in a war of aggression that results in the deaths of many "any" kind of people.

Again, I don't see the pictures as the striking point more so than the caption's message. So, any war, whether Iraqi, Russian, German, Iranians, Chinese...."bad guys" are less likely to be heroes. And 100,000+ innocent "any" race of people's death is horrible.

Iraqi war is over now. When the war initially launched, it was under another President's administration.

Things are slowly changing now.
What world do you live in +Omer Faruk BATAN ? You are studying in Boulder? Why not in Istanbul? Is it because your little crap isn't well tolerated in Turkey? Is it because you are more FREE to do as you please in Boulder, Colorado USA ? Perhaps?
+KAL- EL - Hombre, it ain't about the Presidency! This war is not over, can't you hear Naveed and Omer and Sanaa ? They will continue to hate us until Baghdad and Istanbul are just like Los Angeles, then they'll hate us even more. Everyone wants their neighborhood to be "fixed", but the whole world is changing, and no one likes it, so they all blame... The Great Satan! (that's us)
LoL :D No my friend, I'm here to teach humanity to people like you which really needs it. Look at the way you talk, what a shame. I was born in the states, lived and was raised here for 12 years my friend, sorry for breaking your dreams... I have no breath to waste to people like you.. Thank you and Have a nice day.
+Kent Morrison you referred to Saddam gassing the Kurds. Did you know that the U.S. provided Iraq with chemical weapons in the 1980's to support Saddam in his war against Iran?
And the U.S. even continued supplying Iraq with chemical agents even after Saddam gassed his own people. Maybe you should read more of your own history. Peace be upon you too my friend.
OMG! Who said that I hate all you guys?! You started to use ugly words to me and I didn't show any unmannerly words to you my friend, I think you should take a cold walk and calm down.. Why so full of hatred?! Istanbul, Turkey is the most peaceful place on Earth.. I'll buy you a ticket if you are interested ?!
+Naveed Massjouni - YES! I knew that, jsut liked we fucked up in A-stan, by supplying the Mujahideen with arms against the Soviets, and backed Reza Pahlavi against the Soviets, and backed Central America against the... Soviets! (see a trend going here?) I ALSO knew that American aid workers were ON THE GROUND in N. Iraq when those Kurds were gassed, they were building schools and providing food and medical aid. Where are the Iraqi or Iranian or Syrian or Lebanese aid workers? Are they here? Is that what you are doing, helping the situation?
And buy the way Istanbul is like Los Angeles! :D Go study a bit :D
+Omer Faruk BATAN - Istanbul is a beautiful place, that is true. I hope that the people there, and the beautiful history, can withstand the tides of the economic problems...
+Everyone - I heard some references to lies and propaganda regarding this photograph. This photograph is not a lie. You have honor? You value honor and respect and truth and belief and proper action and ethics and GOODNESS? Good! So do we!
This photograph represents all of that. If you do not believe that, if you do not believe that MOST American people, and MOST American Soldiers feel that way... then you are sadly mistaken. Salaam Alechem.
I last saw Instanbul over 20 years ago. I hope like hell it's not like LA now. That would be a tragedy. LA is a pit. | Thank you my friend I hope the whole world will be a better place for all of us. I wish we won't prejudge each other without listening. I have devoted myself to peace and I will work for it, anywhere anytime until I see the whole world in peace. I do believe that day will come. Like I said I have better stuff to do instead of wasting time hear arguing. Words are worth nothing, action makes them priceless. So, have a nice weekend my friends and don't break each others heart. Its not worth it.
+Kent Morrison I am proud of all the great things the U.S. does around the world to help people. At the same time, I am against all wars of aggression. To answer your question, I am not sure if I am helping the situation. I am not sure what I can do to help to situation. One thing I do know is that you should take up Omer's offer of a ticket to Istanbul. I heard it is pretty awesome.
Wa Alaykum Salaam to everyone here.! Let's make a huge nation and declare war agains WAR itself! But that won't help too. We must open our hearts to each other and threat each other like we are brothers and sisters then the world will be like heaven. Peace be upon all of you.
I deeply respect the American troops, and most of them have shown that they are truly honorable people. But this image's caption is unabashedly disrespectful in the way it assumes that the man in the back is the "bad guy". Seriously, what the fuck? You think civilian Americans wouldn't hide behind troops? How can one +1 something so blatantly racist?

As to being the good guys, it's hard to say. Most, if not all, of our troops, individually, have shown tremendous heart and courage. But our actual motives? That's another debate.
+Jeffrey Shi- You know, I was thinkin'....the soldier looking through the scope simply looks like he's only looking through a scope, perhaps; not aiming. The soldier behind him would appear to simply be lookin' around, not much goin' on with him, either. And then...let's not forget the weapon in the background laid up against what may seem to be a rock; not being used, held, handled by anyone nor needed. So, I don't know that the man with the child is being "protected." Or, is it photoshopped? Does that scenario, with the observations I mentioned here, seem typical of a "hostage" or "protecting a civilian?"

I don't know the answer to any of that. But upon closer inspection of the surrounding details within the photo, I don't think they're under attack.

In any case, scratch the photo all together. Just read the caption...I like the caption. Put the caption under any other photo you find in Google Images. You get what I'm sayin'.

I have a picture here on my harddrive I wish I can post here, but I don't know how. I don't think there's a way....a Navy Hospital Corpsman holding an Iraqi child - alive. My friend was a Navy corpsman...
+Jeffrey Shi- and +KAL- EL, I think you're misunderstanding the picture. It does not assume that the man in the back is a bad guy. This is simply the picture of an honorable man shielding two civilians. The caption references situations where terrorists have used their own countrymen as human shields.
+豬仔麥 Yes, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich's sentence on Jan. 24th was a surprise to me. It is sad. As I mentioned earlier, "most" soldiers.....not "all"....soldiers....have honor.
+Larry Hunt , I'm not suggesting that the picture assumes the man in the back is a bad guy. That specific remark I gave in the sentence was directed to a much earlier post by someone else who suggested it and I rebuttled it. =)
Ah. I was under the impression that some saw something different; America can be complex in its undertones these days. The thing that threw me off was the line about "bad guys", especially if this was to reaffirm that our troops are (for the most part) good people. Also, +KAL- EL, I get the whole "quote without picture" thing.
@+豬仔麥, I agree. However, there are always casualties of war. That's in all countries. The thing about US is...our news is publicized. We send out drones, and the news reports on it. Can you imagine the US would look like if that never happened? I have no idea why on Earth I would read in my Google news "US drones killed such-such leader..." I mean, keep silent about that, man. So, then it makes me think, how many other countries are doing the same and we simply.....................don'

I live in the US...I hear only US news. I don't see reports on Canada, Israel, UK, etc about their covert-op missions killing this al-Qaeda leader this-or-that. But I would be hard pressed to believe that it isn't going on elsewhere, too.

US ARMY and USMC kick ass !!! Thank you !!!!
+KAL- EL, you're absolutely right. It would be naive to assume that ours is the only country doing such things.
@+豬仔麥, yes, the light punishment against Frank is a hard pill to swallow, I must say. Not that I wish bad on anyone, but come on....I'm seeing the death penalty carried out on people who have down far less. It doesn't seem far, I know, but I can't say much on that.
Por que tanta guerra, pra que?
Os inocente sempre morrendo por uma guerra que não pediu...
very nice thought!

i am going to dedicate my whole life to secure the humanity and try to justify everything around me!
you have no idea sir,you have posted this with out investigation this is only for publicity or may be a movie or drama pic, US army protect only US not others they have no respect for humans and humanity in other words they may be called devils...that's the truth of your army.
Nothing is really "censored" in the US (unless you're into conspiracies); some things are just covered far less. You could call it censorship, but it's an incredibly passive form of it.
Of course it's heavily censored, I agree, also. Censored on the things it should be and not censored on some things it probably should be. However, allow me to reiterate that I'm suggesting that what we do hear, we hear it from here....regarding us. Okay, so when you mentioned drones killing innocent Aghans or what-not, you heard it most likely on US news channels. At least, that's where I hear it first. What I'm we're not the only ones. I believe that U.S.'s allies would have a helping hand in something somewhere down the line someplace.
Well..... +Jeffrey Shi- , I would have to agree and somewhat disagree. I do agree on the conspiracy stuff and what-not. Censorship here is distorted to some degrees.

SOPA, anyone?

I'm against it.
lol...I KNEW you were a softy, +豬仔麥. Just messin'....I do agree with you. Every tree has its bad apples, but overall...there's a bunch of good apples there, too. :)
+豬仔麥 LOLOL!! Wooooww..and where would we be without the 'Net? Hmmmm??? =)
Saad M
Very honorable picture, indeed! I wonder if these same soldiers are their to protect the future generations of Iraqis who are victims to phosphorous attacks and have to live with birth defects for the rest of their lives. Honor is in defending your country, not attacking a country that's 5000 miles away from home.

U.S. army is full of uneducated, unemployed and criminal minded losers. When you can't find a job, join the army! Seriously, get some education, earn a living, live away from your parent's basement or ranch, and then you will be honorable. I'm sure education will remove the criminal mentality from these poor brainwashed soldiers. 1/30,000 soldiers doesn't make the army honorable.
Love it. But can imagine the political debates will go on here for days...
Saad M
Actually, I will say that the only honorable people in the U.S. army are those who realize that there was no honor in their war and regret the crimes they committed.
+Matthew Sabia Oddly enough, I think you just caught the tail end of one. It's just about wrapped up.
+Saad M US wouldn't go to war for nothing. US has a real temper for protecting it's people. Did you notice that the war on Iraq was declared....after....our Twin Towers were leveled? Then US was like, "Oh no you didn't!!"

We did defend our own country.
By the way...I'm not saying WHO is responsible for the attacks on the towers. I'm just saying Iraq War was declared afterward. That's all.
Saad M
@KAL- EL - You are right, U.S. didn't go to war for nothing. They went for OIL but it wasn't successful. As for Twin Towers, had the U.S. defended itself, I'm sure none of that would've happened. In fact, common sense dictates that cavemen, probably can't fly air planes, let alone U.S. airplanes, with all their security, and do everything as planned without a flaw??? I'm against terrorists of all kinds, but I don't think Taliban is that advanced!!!
Saad M
I guess, since all these events have already took place, all we can do is justify the acts. One way or another, the effects of these events will take their place now or in the future. I.e. U.S. becoming like the Soviets and China becoming the next Super Power. This is the natural cycle of this world. Nobody can really escape it. All we can do is make sure we live our own lives peacefully so that we live a life of content and not regret.
+Saad M Oil? Went to war for oil? That's a myth, though a popular one. You nor I have hard proof, but I can say this; step on US soil with threatening intentions and the U.S. will spank you a hundred-fold, class dismissed. And as for the cavemen...not "all" are smart. Hardly are advanced at all. But would you believe that there wouldn't be a small group of intellectual, committed, properly schooled "study-for-years-and-learn-as-much-as-possible-of-the-US-and-its-weak-points-so-we-can-help-attack-it' people?
Ahhh, but the reality is quite different in Afghanistan, actually opposite of what is shown in pic :(
Saad M
KAL- EL, - At least the small group of people have taken advantages of U.S. education to make themselves even smarter than the smartest American. (Sarcasm) Hope you can take advantage of your precious U.S. education too and realize how much you have been brainwashed to support all crimes that the government commits.
how do u know they r not hostages they've taken? just a thought.... because reality sure is different than this pic
Man that's a dumb caption. It should read clever guys and stupid guys.
Sanaa Diab is right.

If the picture wasn't posed the photographer would be dead. If the people behind the invader were there of their own free will they will be marked for execution. It is common practice for Israeli soldiers to force an innocent civilian to go in front of them when they patrol parts of Palestine. They too use these "defence measures".

Most of the people who fraternise with the invasion forces are placing their lives at risk as these "SS" types will not shield them, they will in fact leave them to shift for themselves after removing all their weapons and any chance of a livelihood.

I only came to this page to find out what the real message of the picture is. Is it that the invader IS protecting them or that the invader Is using them.

For having them in the line of fire like that is putting them at risk. The picture only made sense to me if it was a condemnation of the brutal people behind the whole invasion. How could anyone see it otherwise.

Yet here I find people who can't see it any other way than that fed to them by the Murdoch Empire.

When PT Barnum said their's a sucker born every minute, he was referring to these brain dead types who think everything exciting is a circus for their entertainment.

@ Matt Jackson:

"We might be living in a world of FOX, but that is way better than living in a world of AHMADINEJAD."

The difference being the propaganda you find acceptable is much better than the alternative?
Do you know what the term fox used as a verb or in an adverb means?
You have been: Fed On Xtract.

Learn to think for yourself, but do it slowly, you will find it painful at first.

@ Kal el:
"Frank Wuterich's sentence on Jan. 24th was a surprise to me. It is sad. As I mentioned earlier, "most" soldiers.....not "all"....soldiers....have honor."

And the corrupt court is just an exceptionally unusual representative of the US government.
Not all US ambassadors have honour?

How far from the tree do apples fall in your garden?
By their fruits you shall know they have fallen from some other tree some other place?
Is that it?

What are civilians doing in a firing line and smiling so happily?
Do they really know that once they have been seen there they will live forever and ever Amen?

If your line of thought wasn't so abject, you would be funny in all senses of the word.

@ Jeffry Shill:

"Nothing is really "censored" in the US (unless you're into conspiracies); some things are just covered far less. You could call it censorship, but it's an incredibly passive form of it."

You are absolutely right. It isn't true wht the music industry in the USA did to the Dixie Chicks for what one of them said about George the Thick: "I'm just sorry he's from Texas".

And it's true what he propagandists say about all the civilians executed without trial by drones flown by semi-skilled operators when the more experienced fighter pilots got a name for killing their allies indiscriminately.

And it ISN'T true that:
The US stops such people from appearing in British courts of enquiry.
Nor that the US won't subscribe to the war crimes ethics the more civilised countries in the world have.
Nor that people in Fallujah were shelled with white phosphorous and that uranium shells have turned Iraq in the cancer centre of the world in the same way that VietNam became the home of the Agent Orange syndrome that preceded Gulf War Sickness (that also isn't real.)
+KAL- EL : A myth ?? :D

then why the war happened ??

We know for sure that Iraq didn't have any WMD ,
it is also true that Al Quaida had no connection with Iraq what-so-ever before US invasion !!

So why was the war ? for helping Iraqi people ?? hah !! joke on !!

Iraq was among most advanced of middle eastern societies , now after US invasion it was degraded to complete chaos , civil war , and bloodshed , and when things are bad enough US chickened out .. :-)

The war was not for the people of Iraq or US , it was for control of Oil (major rebuilding contracts for some big players was a bonus )..
Saad M
THE REAL CAPTION READS THE FOLLOWING: At the end of this incident, the U.S. soldiers took the man away from his child and forced his child to watch as they shot his father in his head and then pissed on him. After laughing, they began to molest and rape the child. After taking their hatred out, they decided to take to the next step and offered a bottle of water to the child and then teased him with bullets, eventually one of them piercing the child and killing him as well.

-Real Story
Saad M, unless you have legitimate proof of your statement you are mistaken in your knowledge of the US Army's personnel. I have two brothers in the Army. One who went in as an officer and another who earned his degree while enlisted then became an officer. Both have several years of college education. Its hilarious; you make assumptions and stereotype an entire organization by calling them uneducated criminals. That is truly ignorant. The picture is depicting the difference between the actions of "bad guys" and that of the "good guys", that's all. Thank you to all who put yourself in harms way to protect the life and health of others from those who wish to enslave, hats off.
+Sanaa Diab It probably wouldn't be wise to turn your back on your hostages as is shown in the picture. Maybe you are a troll, maybe you are just retarded. Who cares. Shush!
Saad M
+Eric Howell - I may be mistaken and don't need to prove myself, however I do know that if someone opposes something they would stand up for it, if they can't do that, then naturally you support it. Bush said it best, "Either you are with us or against us". If you are educated and still join the army, it just means that the education did not befit them. I would support the army ranks had they been defending the actual land while it was being attacked, like Americans fought of the Brits. When did anyone else attack the U.S. Anyways, enlisting in the Army is easy money and free travel plus food.
One question for everybody: what indication do you have that these are U.S. soldiers, could they not be Iraqi or Afghani soldiers protecting one of their own, just as honorably? I don't see an American flag on their uniforms. Yes, they are using American equipment, etc. but that doesn't prove anything.

You know, it IS possible that other than U.S. troops have honor as well. Jus' sayin'...

I read all 89 comments before my post, and most are directed that way, but you are absolutely correct - not ALL may be. My bad. I stand corrected. Good call. :)
thank you :)... i'm in colorado the usa.... and didn't think about our troops at all
+Saad M Oh I'm definitely taking advantage of my precious U.S. education. U.S. don't kill our own people in suicide bombings, so let's not start that conversation. I am saddened by all war, but I am an American and if I go to war to defend this country, I will gladly do so --- only because someone ordered me to, not because I "believe" the stories. No previous soldier who went to war ever got to negotiate whether they could stay behind and debate the validity of what sanctioned the war.

That's the truth for ALL American troops. Don't blame the Army or Marine soldiers for why we go to war. Take it up with those who cuts their checks and orders them to go out.

So much hostility toward U.S. 'cuz of the Iraqi and Afghan wars, but what was America before those wars and all that publicity? America was still what it is now, big-tough-and-strong. Was it wrong? Perhaps so in the eyes of many; I don't debate anyone on the matter. Let's see what Iran will do concerning the Strait of Hormuz and their supposed nuclear energy program.

And if your caption translation is a "-Real Story"....where is your reference?

+Rakesh Warier - the "reason" for the war in the first place is a hot topic. And I won't defend it either, to be fair with you. The war-decision was a sketchy decision. I personally would've tried to initiate diplomatic talks.

Now, with that being said...I love my country and I will serve it to the best that I can. U.S. will never be free from some radical politicians as much as the world will never be free from some radical Islamist militants or extremists, right? We don't go blowing up our own people in suicide bombs, either, and those incidents doesn't help the mid-east image at all, sad to say. I know it's not fair, man.

I'll cut you a deal; you don't judge me for loving my country based on the reputation of just some of our deep-seated politicians and I won't judge all Iraqis or mid-east good folk based on the reputation of just some of the deep-seated extremists who evangelize their interpretation of the Sharia Law, no matter how twisted.

America may have its reputation due to the Iraqi and Afghan wars, but Iraqi's and Afghans have their reputations too for -- in some cases -- unfair reasons (notice I said unfair in support of...) and that's just how the cookie crumbles.

So, what are we gona do to repair this? How do we help each other?
Since great number of people in the world are of the consumer societies of goods and services including news their rights are always violated in many ways and most dangerously they are persistently overwhelmed with news of misinformation, so artificial reality is implanted in their heads that aggressors are good people and victims are demons. In this upside down world bad people who profit from weapons and wars get elected making this world a dangerous place to live.
Looking at the armor and uniform we easily can be identify an US soldiers.
US can be proud as other west democracies to have a ideals of freedom dignity and democracy that they "shield" with they own lives.
Saad M
+KAL- EL I'm sorry if I have offended you, honestly. That's why I said, army should not be the last resort. If you have proper education, I'm sure you won't need to join the army due to unemployment. As for defending your country, heck I would defend it too had some invaders come in whichever land I was living, because it is equally my home too!

But none of the above applies to the U.S. You are not Iraq or Afghanistan, rather, you are playing the role of the enemy. The enemy only became the enemy after you ignited them. Seriously, U.S. is big and tough, but why bully all these little countries. Everyone knows your strong. Even if you had no soldiers, just pilots who can fly to other countries and bomb them, would be enough of an army to take down any country in the world. Hence, why I said that the U.S. soldiers are merely sheep controlled by wolves. If they get out of the bandwagon, they will be eaten or starved without paycheques. Fox news is a major culprit of this as well. Making sure the general population sticks to the opinion of the government.
Saad M
+Natan Berkovich Don't mean to offend you either, but I didn't understand a word you said. Well maybe a few, I did.
+Saad M - very well said. And, for the record, I wasn't offended at all. If I had sounded as such, please accept my apologies. My tone was more of "excitement" in conversation than offense, by any means.

As for FOX news, sigh....yes, I agree that public media and news journalism has probably the most influence in shaping one's thoughts, opinions. So it's sad 'cuz you never know what's true and what's not. The only way --- is to join the government ourselves and become a small voice somewhere in there of influence. You know.... the old adage, "If you want it done right, do it yourself." In the words of the late Steve Jobs, "I want to put a dent in the universe."

We can complain, or sit down and have lunch together.

I personally love to eat. =)
lol @ +Saad M @ Natan Berkovich.

You cracked me up; innocently, though.
I must bid you all a farewell for now and a pleasant goodnight. At least where I'm at, it's late here.

I give you all a warm handshake & a cheers to a brighter future amongst us all-----it CAN happen. =)

The principle stands, "no greater love has a man than that he will lay doe his life for another". (Guess Who?)
Saad M
+KAL- EL As long as your paying for my lunch, plus air fare, and a written notice that they will not hold me at the borders for more than 10 minutes, then I will accept your offer. lol

If not, you will have to go the restaurant alone, but take your Cisco Cius and do a live conference. (All this technology is making me hungry for food too.)
+Stephen McElwee - John 15:13.

+Saad M Brother, I would if I could, but I can only control my promise to serve you well and can't speak for those other less-open-minded folks at the borders. Cisco it is. =)

Be safe wherever you are and eat good, my friend.
edited or not its a very touching one so shush
in real the picture is the paradox of real stories...if someone argue like most did, they may come and see by their own..not what media says...dnt agree with the picture at all.
Sanaa Diab: they're not hostages. If they were hostages, someone would be looking at them and not have their backs to them. And this photo isn't stupid.
Khalid i like to ask one thing ,what is real going there...
Gee.. Can't people see the bigger picture [about the Afghan/Iraq war] instead of taking just the small parts and making up the rest with prejudice?
* The USA did use propaganda to gain support for the war. But the Saddam regime, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, w/e, also use propaganda (e.g. training the kids to shoot, but when they die, claimed as innocent victims). That's just the politics of war, every warring countries does it (quite probably even since pre-history).
* There are good guys & bad guys in both sides. Some soldiers went to Afghan/Iraq for duty or certain calls (liberating a country from tyranny, revenge for Al-Qaeda, etc), while some others just for the thrill of shooting living targets. And for the resistance, some believe it was for the honor of their country or some holy cause, while some others are just driven by blind hatred for the western people.
* Expect collateral damages in war, you can't blame anyone for it. That's why war should always be the last option. The war was contained within Afghan/Iraq regions, and the coalition were better armed, thus less casualty on their side. And this is important: even the most righteous man can lose his mind in the thick of war. You might not understand that from behind your monitors/TVs in the safety of your home.
* While I agree that the war shouldn't have happened, I also understand that it would be an insult to the soldiers who have already lost their comrades or their own lives there. Let's just face it, the war has ended, damages have been made, and we're not helping the world by spreading hate and arguing who's right or wrong (that might even start another war!). Let's hope the new governments of Afghanistan & Iraq can build a better future for their people, the same goes for the other Arab countries which are enduring drastic (and bloody) changes.
+Amber Longdon You can't take your attention off the picture. that's the whole point of this. the message by itself is admirable, I don't think anyone would argue with that. But when that message is paired with an ambiguous photo with no back-story it turns into bullshit propaganda.
Seriously, I don't get it why people can think of the picture as a hostage situation. In a hostage situation, you have to keep them in constraint and watched all the time. You don't let them loose, and on your back, where they can easily grab your grenade/side arm/knife/crotch/whatever. Duh!
And why the heck do people think the caption meant that the guys at the back is the bad guy? Didn't you study "comprehension" in elementary school?
The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is whether they are white and armed to the teeth, or swarthy, holding a kid.
+Andrew Lumi do you know the background of this photo? no? You don't know what's happening to the left or the right of what's been framed? You don't know what happened preceding this, or after? Seriously, I don't get why people can take the picture at face value just because someone put a caption below it. But they do, and it's bullshit. Didn't anyone ever teach you to not believe everything that you see, or read? (especially when it lacks citations?)
it doesn't matter what country the uniform belongs to - 'Good Guys' or 'Bad Guys.' Take a photo from any conflict with the soldier (or any one, really) placing themselves in harms way for a stranger - and the meaning is still the same.
why do we have to pick it apart and turn it into a fight?
+Andrew Thelen EXACTLY, neither you nor I know the real context behind the picture, that's why I think it's funny when people make things up outside of the frame. It's not even important what the real context of the picture is, it is the message he's trying to convey, about the difference between a good soldier and a bad soldier, NOT between a US soldier and an Iraqi guy, or whatever versions you guys are making up. If I were to create a similar meme, I would just search on Google Image and the first image that pops up that I think suits the caption, I just take it.
bullshit! what, american good guys? the same ones that killed the journalists, shot the 2 children while the "bad guys" were trying to save them, and them arrested the soldier when he dare to tell the true? there are no good guy/bad guys, don't belive in fairy tails, that picture is the same for any soldier in any country in this world.
obvious propaganda fail
Honor - Who needs to correctly spell the word when you have a big gun?
Honour - British
Honor - American

Like Colour & Color =)
Great picture! btw: in war, trolls get shot first.
Always fuckin opposite; i hate such "brain washing sources" showing honor of US & all other such military sources, knowing that these military powers threw "hydrogen bombs" on "innocent kids & families" which would practically melt down their physical bodies.,
Haha.. Honor of US Forces; Good guys of US as human shields., seriously.,?

Yeah its a pretty good gig for US, and she mostly goes successfully in it; destroy the whole nation, physically+economically, then put UNICEF/WHO/RED CROSS/Rehabilitation NGOs <so called> ; in that nation & put a huge publishing & ad media to brag about doing "all the good stuff for suffering nations" , & yes the whole world just simply forgets that the respected US just a month ago burnt down that whole nation to a dry bone & they are the heroes why because they are rehabilitating everything.,? Nice One Us & Media, Nice one, you are my heroes.,!
Plus, the good guys throw puppies off cliffs, apparently.
+Tony Watson Thank you for posting this photo. As a member of the military, I can say with full conviction that almost all our service members are honorable - the exceptions are rare and anecdotal (regardless of the hate being spewed by comments above). And, from the geographic features, the photo looks like it was taken in Afghanistan.
yeah and there ain't nothing like self deception.,! Haha.,
Wow... I'm stunned to see how many people really don't read the comments before they post. You really should. I'm pretty sure (by reading them all myself) that most of these later comments and concerns have been addressed already in earlier posts. I just makes you look stupid and uninformed. Just sayin'. Emotion based arguments aren't productive. Be informed and do your research, even if it is reading all the comments on a post before posting yourself. If you can't do that than I can't trust that you have any logical based facts to back up what you are saying.
I think what this photo actually says in combination with the comments is that by golly, people will read what they want to see into a photo, regardless of what the reality is (which, frankly, we don't know). Confirmation bias and all that. In other words, yer probably all wrong, and reality is always a lot more difficult and nuanced than peoples' black-or-white prejudices make them believe.
Thanks for adding those 22 words when this picture alone says a 1000.
To the people who are saying they could be hostages, no. Use your brains. They wouldn't be right behind them like that, they would be restrained. Also, from what three close family members in the military have told me, we don't take prisoners anymore.
Andrew Lumi - FYI
Honour - British
Honor - American

Americans have no honour?

Actually they never invaded a country that threatened them in their entire history. What they did with the latest debacle their politics caused is alienate their longest and most faithful ally, France.

And for what?
The usual fiasco they get embroiled in:
Killing all the middle classes and screw the economy.Now from Panama and Nicaragua to Cuba they have cultured a neighbourhood of US haters.

In the Orient, from China to Turkey the same. In the regions they have done the worst they have a culture of people who will actively seek revenge one day.

It may simmer for generations. But it will simmer.

We have people patrolling the High Streets and shopping centres of Britain, working for the Red Cross asking us to subscribe £1.50 to supply water and etc to etc etc..

I think next time I get accosted I will say I would rather send the money every week to buy somebody, anybody, with bullets for killing politicians.

Does anyone know of such an estimable charity?
+Michael McNeil There is no honor in any one group or country alone. It is the individual that determines is they may have of honor within. Real heroes and heroines have honor often stolen, death takes them in cause of helping others, not given reward, and are forgotten in time.
+Michael McNeil oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Here you go:
Honour - British English
Honor - American English
Both are correct
Like Colour & Color =)
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