Photo challenge - February 2017
Additional light

This month's challenge is a technique based theme. We'd love to see how you handle tricky lighting situations with additional light (with the intention to bring up, or fill-in shadowed areas to match the ambient/available light). Many use reflectors, while others may use flash. There's also software options with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and post processing.

If you haven't tried anything like this, why not give it a go? There's no hard and fast rules here; as long as the image/text shows the idea of supplementing the light, or exposure to even out the lighting of the image.

We hope we can stretch your thinking of how light works to improve your toy photography. Feel free to expand on your lighting adventures in the Tips, Tricks and Behind the Scenes section to share these ideas across the community.

Three entries only for the month please.

I used fill-in flash for Eddie the ex-Cropduster Delivers the Mail and you'll find a video on the process in the Tips, Tricks and Behind the Scenes section.

You'll also find a great article by +Shelly Corbett​​​ on reflectors on the Toy Photographers blog:
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