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Just got news that Google Plus is open for everyone. Check it out!
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so right now i am seeing anyone can sign up? I went in a different browser not logged in
on my screen it says sign up & allows me to proceed to enter my Google accoutn login informatiom
i saw several this morning say they just went to the site and it was open
but some are then getting the invite only message as well.
they could be in the process of opening it up - and DNS is just taking time to display a different "site"
Will keep an eye on it. I have a lot I want to get in as well so I can stop going to FB :P

And watching these comments come in real time is AMAZING.
this is friendfeed revived - but with google goodness and integration
total win
any idea if they will open this up to google apps? Right now this error pops up "Oops... you need a Google profile to use this feature.
Google Profiles is not available for your organization."
Also, it's not open for everyone anymore, front page says not. Seems they exceeded capacity.
I doubt they would open up to everyone so quickly. Probably they are just letting a few more people get in to test how well their system can scale. It seems they really want to get it right this time and waiting until all the quirks are ironed out and the killer features are introduced seems like the wiser choice.
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