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Ya right.. Apple patented that idea in 80's.. right along side the wire frame. 
I don't see where they'll honestly see any kind of success here. I mean in terms of ecosystem to tap into. Their maps system is still telling people to swim across the ocean to navigate to small islands, and their information/search style services are non-existent without Google.
i know what +Google should do .. work on smart contact and patent it now...
I guess the following is going to happen:
1. Google Glass is released, and people love it and buy it in millions.
2. Apple releases "iGlasses", and describes them as revolutionary and innovative.
3. People buy iGlasses because it's made by Apple, and therefore it is cool.
4. Apple sues Google for copying Apple with Google Glass, and throws it before Judge Lucy Koh, who immediately bans Google Glasses, and throws in all Android phones for good measure.
5. Judge Richard Posner comes with machine guns and tanks, kills the incompetent judge, Tim Cook and all of Apple's legal team. Everyone is happy.
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