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it actually has a keyboard, it can plug into other things via usb, it has a web cam, expandable memory via icloud, & i multitask on it. plus its not meant to be a laptop replacement; although, it comes pretty close.
I Lol'd at this picture for the second time tonight. Definitely the highlight of my evening.
This post is getting some good attention. Perhaps it will make "What's Hot"
not absorbent.. but SUPER absorbent! haha...
I can't stop me laughing hard
I disagree with this. Someone I know had a shiny new iPad and it made the ultimate sacrifice trying to absorb a cup of coffee. Instead of a big red cross the iPad should have a small tick. A big cross like that discourages people from attempting to mop up coffee spills with the nearest iPad :)
Mmmm. iPad = always working, never crashes, multitasks well. I love my iPad. 
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