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Really interesting infographic that shows EXACTLY how far iOS has come.

2011 and 2012 weren't included due to repetition.
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Inam Hussain
Its Called Suicide ............... IOS is following Nokia's Strategy which is almost dead .
Oh, so true. I'm not sure how iOS users can live with the same screen for so long.
To be pedantic; the OS has evolved steadily. The ground breaking UI has not changed at all. Yet they still sell in sufficient quantity worldwide to make it worthwhile to Apple to do so.
I'm bored from the UI after using an iPod Touch for a few months. It's pretty at first sight, but becomes tedious and boring quickly, and you don't have much option for customization. People never think of using a computer which does not allow selecting a wallpaper, but they happily use iOS for just that kind of behavior. 
Apple is Like a Furnished Apartment Just Go & live in it ..... Whatever is there use it.
+Emre Şahin Same here ......... I Have Ipod Touch which i gave it to my Kids to play with it.
Apple: are the days of constant innovation a thing of the past, already!? :-P
breathtaking leaps in mobile device user interface enhancement through half a decade.. bravo :)
Our hands and legs also stays steady all the time. Am I bored with them? Sometimes I am. Though most of the time I have many interesting employment for them.
You mysteriously left out 2011. Dock looks different now, ipod app is no longer the same (Music.Videos apps noe) and screen resolution vastly improved...
you sure they aren't from the same year because they seem the same despite apples supposed advancements XD
I love watching all the hipsters jump to the iPhone's defense.

Easy, killers.
I have a background wallpaper on my phone that changes easily enough as well.
LOL!!! Some of the things you guys will say...

I didn't make it +Chris Topher. You know it made you smile.
As much as you are dissing Apple, I find it quite ironic, how for some strange reason, hmmmm....they STILL remain undefeated!! #1baby
While Apple continues to sell a load of iPhones, I can't seem them changing much.
cos it perfect :-)) perfection does't need changes !
It's called P O W E R F U L! Can't knock Genius
no wonder it lost its market share to Android
Oh come on! It's just two weeks that I bought one and I'm already bored! :)
No disrespect +Candice Dobbs, but in which market are you referring to? Definitely not the US. If so, you must have missed the news that Android now represents 50.1% of ALL smartphones in the United States.
Perfect in what maybe u mean in the way u can't do anything without apples permission
Should it be less impressive something good was done awhile ago... or more impressive? Unless your a wannabe hipster
Android is king and queen. Unfortunately it is shit. I want a KDE tablet and a gnome phone you Bastards
They have been evolving though. Each year Apple invents more and more features that Google had the audacity to provide years before Apple.
M. Niazy
You guys taking this seriously? It's just making fun of iOS for not making much change in its UI, but this post is a joke. Literally. The current version has a reflective dock and a background with slightly shadowed titles, a few different apps in the main page, a little more customizability, and of course, dramatically increased resolution for the iPhone 4+. Granted, that's not very much in terms of UI, but the post is misleading readers with the word EXACTLY.
+Stanly Hope What possessed you to buy two iPads??? 80% think they are above average and most people think commercials have no effect on them.
+Jordan Rowe I have owned numerous HTC phones and swear by them all. You won't be disappointed.
actually thats just the same picture, cuz its the same time, and same baattery level in each one.
You guys got me lls. I have to go to sleep dammit. Lol
If you don't like Apple products don't buy them. But wherever i go on the Internet I see haters. It is simple as that don't buy it and mind your own business. It is just stupid nothing more.
You just copy & paste, don't you...
+Tony Simons I have just received my HTC One X and can categorically say that it's the best phone I have ever used. I love it :-)
+mirko trojan It is not about hate, It's about making fun of the retards that can't make a phone call cuz they holding it wrong. Apple is shit, everything they do is shit. They are shinny, I know that but stay away FFS !!!
They got it right first time
Ah the expert has spoken. Go out and play in the sand little boy.
Don't get me wrong I have nothing against android. It current iteration is pretty good. Competition is good for the end user. 
I wonder why Apple is the most valued company IN THE WORLD!! Simple, they make amazing products.
OMG look at the difference!
Umm this guy didn't update his phone from iOS 1 to iOS 4 for four years... man that's what you call one satisfied user!
Man some of you guys are idiots. Take this way to serious lmao. QQing cause someone made fun of your precious iPhone? Get a grip...
+Tony Simons LOL, i was stay in windows xp for about 15 years so why change something for just the look?
I have an iphone but it is real are a shit
awesome...hahaa...i don't want to use it xD
The time on all 4 screens are the SAME!...
+Pieter Pretorius , Apple is so successful because the end user is a shit bird. You don't see reason you go for the shiny crap and you cant realize your being shafted. So yeah, apple wins and humanity looses!
+Emre Şahin I change my wallpaper on the iphone all the time man. Don't know what you're talking about. I have a 3GS.
Due to repetition pft. iPhone 4S has a different stock wallpaper.
#Apple should just name their products , #iPhone 2011-2012-2013/ #iPad 2011-2012-2013 and so on lol.
I want to switch away from the iphone but it's so inexpensive for the older versions. It's now $0.99 when I last looked for the 3GS.
Everything in the world has their own position....both android and iOS is good to use..just up to your choice
I don't want an iPhone 4 since you can't shut off the internet as easily and so if you are on the lowest plan then you could easily go over.
Amazing evolution, Apple will say that is a feature like Bluetooth
I guess one can still use the thing to make a phone call.....................
+Omaer Khan "Umm this guy didn't update his phone from iOS 1 to iOS 4 for four years... man that's what you call one satisfied user!"
I'd +10 you if I could.
+Tony Simons android is not a phone it's an os that is used on many different devices. iPhone is a phone (single device). So your comparison is wrong. And believe me, many of the others (nokia etc) would love to sell as many single devices as apple does even without their own os (using android or a fork of it).
Now you can pull the top bar to reveal notifications. Oh wait! They copied that from Android...
can't u all guys see !!!! notice dat d time is the same which means the fotos r jus copy paste !!!
We don't like the operating system for it's looks, we like it for its functionality.
All I can say is Android works on multiple devices by multiple manufacturers..... iOs is device dedicated and they still can't do it better than Android! 
No change at all.LOL
And they're still selling millions upon millions of it!
They are all pics of iOS (not iPhone OS) 1, hence the grey bar. Issue being that if you used actual pics from each year it would look DIFFERENT. fail.
Why change what seems to be a winning concept - not to mention you will recognize yourself after getting a new phone.
While that is funny, its not really fair to say IOS hasn't made ANY progress; after all they did steal the Android notification bar pull down menu ;D
... sigh this is just the same screenshot. you forgot the time when they changed the icons and added a compass. ~ did you wait til 1:57 til you took the photo each time?>
I barely know anything about Apple products, But I still knew this! Their evil, that's a fact!
+Andrew McCluskey they also added backgrounds, changed the font, quadrupled the resolution and added application groups. Even if it the screenshots weren't copy+paste jobs, the homescreen shouldn't have sweeping changes between versions. - Sweeping changes confuse users. If you want to totally replace your UI every 6 months, get an android phone or jailbreak.

grumble grumble why is this shit in my stream, and where's the -1 button
Just to throw it out there... there is the old saying of "if it's not broke, don't fix it." I'm not an Apple fan, but the layout works, and most people really don't want to have to re-learn everything every time they buy a new device. It's worked well for them so far... why change just for the sake of change?
Wow. Apple fan boys are like Islamists.. 
How many years did the dinosaurs survive?????????
It is about who gets to market domination first not what is ultimately the smartest survivor. Long live Mammalias androidicus, an adaptable and ingenious solution. iPhone beware te cosmic catastrophe, aaaaaaaa
I try so hard not to hate apple. This does not help.
The picture is wrong. 2010 adds a background. 
I am no apple fan, I'd never owned an iphone in mi entire life. But that might change because I now know that I need interface that doesn't change every 6 months coughs (android, fedora, ubuntu, windows, etc)
m tan
think different!
Er Vin
Omgggg its so magical its so revolutionary!!!!111!1!!!1!! WOW
If it ain't broke jailbreak it :)
This is interesting, but not negative in my opinion. Some of the negative comments are like saying someone else's interior house remodeling can be captured by the paint color change on the outside. “For every complex problem, there is a simple solution…and it's wrong…” Yes, maybe it's just a different shade of blue paint, but if they almost nailed the color on their first try,why should they make more than a small refinement?

There have been a plethora of improvements to iOS, both at the built-in app level and OS services. And 3rd party apps, which will replace many 1st screen real estate, are booming - Apple and iOS devs have continually raised the bar high for everyone else, and this is good. I know I appreciate the text dictation feature Apple adapted from Google!
…stagnation? No.
Simple. You Jailbreak it so you can add winterboard. Then you can make it look amazing.
It is broken. Widgets and live tiles, two versions of accomplishing the display of live information on the home screen and the number one most requested feature in iOS. iOS is showing its age hugely at this stage. It's in unproductive ugly and slow.
I've never seen that green "SMS " icon... Only the non worded SMS icon...

I don't like apple but if you are going to do this do it right. some changes have happened. iPod now = music and video separately, text no = messages and you can now have a background. But that's it.
Give an apple product to a non-techie and. 9 out of 10 can use it. My father of 70 picked up an ipad and used it first time. He still struggles with his android phone after 12 months. I have ipad 1 to 3, android tablets, iPhones and Android phones ( yes, I like tech). Android phones are great but flunky. IPhones just work. Android tablets are ok but again just clunky....ipads just work. It depends what you want...fully customisable, then go to just work, then ios.
Yes the SMS icon on those devices are because of the copyright purposes I believe. The real texting comes from message. :-)
Still better than the android look. Plus why spend a fortune to change something when people love it? There sales figures will show that.

Haha try just work. My mom says the phones don't let you do anything. She also says my iPhone is a piece a junk because it doesn't have enough battery life. Well not enough for her because she doesn't want to get off her last butt and stick it in the charger.
I'm a Android user, and I don't mean to defend the iPhone, but you could say this about the iPhone OS; "What isn't broken why change it" They made a lot of money just using the same old OS.
It doesn't look diffrent but it is diffrent, they have siri now and better defenition and front facing cameras
The big impact came when the iPhone 4 came out! Everybody wanted it and Microsoft almost when out of business because no one wanted their phones.
But they need new things to upgrade and you can't only get upgrades from the iTunes store. you need new chips and now the iPhone has the dual 5 core chip. Unbelievable! 
Same picture, copy pasted four times,, check the battery and the time :D
At least I can look at the same UI longer, stay plugged into that wall andrones! :)
lord RG
How about ios 5.1 u can't see any difference
@ zelalem jembre thanx :D
And they still queued for hours before opening times to be first to get the "new" model

Is Lemmings available on iOS?
what are you saying: it hasn't evolved ? or you can't see the evolution? or it was so advanced when it appeared that there is no visible change? or simply there has been no evolution? kind of a stupid post
What does this show, if anything?
It's rather obvious that whoever made this graphic just pasted the same image in for each year in order to make what they see as a humorous point. That being that the iPhone's UI has not changed much over the years. Although, the iOS has changed substantially, the UI really hasn't.

It's a joke, don't take it too seriously.
siri-ously do you really need your calendar to tell you your busy? Okay maybe if your blind I suppose but really and it only works with a good data link. Iphone is a nice simple phone for those that need a simple phone, end of. Hey just thought if your blind you wouldn't know the ui hadn't changed and that would be a good thing, right? But for the rest with eyes that work, I don't think so. Could be why ipones are always seen in fancy that's for the signal, isn't it.....Oh I don't know and who cares I know I never will, waiting for my htc One X ;-)
Actually when i received the new iPad 3 I felt the same way as I used iphone3g and ipad 1. iOS really needs an upgrade and feels and looks outdated. I honestly prefer ICS UI to iOS.
I also have male and female English Bulldog that i will come with.
I like it .. Apple devotees are so sensitive.
why change what works? What you're not showing is the difference in display quality and crispness that no android yet can touch. ;)
email me at
Ah yes, that famous app store they had in 2007. Nope.
What makes iOS the best it's the simplicity and that's why apple can keep it the some for years to come. My gran can use ios at the age of 77 but she tried using android and well she couldnt .The only thing needed for improvement is multitasking . 
nope the calculator icon had changed!
Apple will probably do something different to their default UI come iOS 6 or maybe even very soon. Never doubt Apple, they haven't let me down yet ;)
I think that this is hilarious Apple has really pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes. You have to respect their ability to get people to part with their hard earned cash for basically the same ios year after year.
Great!!!! What's so great about it ? They cant even change icons ? Don't they get sick viewing the same thing for 6 years? 
Funny of coarse, I see the humor; But then again this is in fact a great fact about iOS. The complexities an power tools for power users are layered deeper in the feature set or settings. But the UI is simple enough for any John Doe to use it. But if I want to Mult-task, Lock-Rotation, switch Audio Players, Change Screen Wallpapers, Tweet, Full-Disk Encrypt, Use a Huge Passcode, Sync to Exchange (Email, Calendar, Notebook), or If I'm a Blind or a Low-Vision user it Wasn't till the 3Gs that we could even use the phone. An if you think the iPhone was big too the average user it was a SuperNova to the Blind Community, revolutionary!! That having been said I still think the graphic is funny.
iOS proved that it is the best mobile os ever, android is on the way to hell.
I started with Android in 2009..was very excited about it. Stayed with it until the end of 2011. Now that I have an iphone, somehow I doubt I'd ever go back to android. iPhone is just so much more well integrated, the graphics/gaming engine is so much more robust..It's got Cisco VPN software built in, it's more of an industry standard. Until you own an iphone, you're just a shit talker. ;)
:D no way! that means all the work is done in the background, not like windows and samsung phones where all the work is done in the foreground and nothing in the background! I'm proud to be an iMAN Yeahhhh! See you in the CLOUD until you get upgraded! :D
I love Android, IOS always frustrated me
Love it. I hate Apple. I will throw a party the day they go under. Its already happening and I couldn't be happier about it!
its the some iphone the times are all the same on the iphones
and its unlikely to change anytime soon. People love their iphones because they stay the same. If you want more complexity get an android, if you want the latest tech get a windows phone.
its the same iphone the time are all the same on the iphones
iOS hasn't needed to change as it already offers buyers what they want. It's the same for OSx - just how different is the UI from the original Finder on the original Macs of the early 90s? Not that much - it didn't need to change as it was already suitable for what people wanted. Of course, you could constantly change it and charge more money for each evolution, just like Microsoft .... :)

My underlying point is that an operating system and it's UI haven't really changed since they were invented. They still do basically the same job, just like a Ford and a Ferrari both have internal combustion engines. Yes they both have different performance, but they both work the same way.
Wow that's new! Way to go Apple!
I love how you can customise it to look the way you want!!!
hehehe ^^ wrong and wrong again, not to mention that the android os's kill iphones in less than 49 minutes due to the immense amount of (actually helpful tasks) that the os can perform but I refer you to the latest release of the OS for the 4gs where the OS bugged out the touch display in the top right coner and top left corner. iPhones are no use to anyone in IT as the simply do not have any real power behind them, they have meerly become gimiks for the masses, just like most apple users who dont have any need for a mac book and the advantages it offers. Its all for show with the majority of users. Unless your a computer scientist or architect or some degree of scientist that needs mobile computing efficiency you dont really need a mac book. But finally if we look at the sales figures between this year and last year we see iphone decreasing by 30% and android doubling their customer base....still no need for evolution eh? There is nothing innovative about apples work in the last 3 years and thats being generous, and it doesnt matter how many cameras you put into the iphone , it aint gonna change.
Sorry for commenting again, but some of these people are right... Apple does need to make some changes. I had an old HTC Windows Phone. Really crappy but it got me to where I needed. Anyway if you look then to the old HTC Windows Phones like I had and the new Windows 7 Phones today, a lot has changed. Microsoft integrated the Metro UI. Now they are doing that for phones, XBoxes, and even Windows PCs. I am more of a Linux fanboy in all but you can see how much has changed from Microsoft.

But one reason I think Apple hasn't changed their UI is because it ACTUALLY WORKS. Same with Mac. People just need to get a grip (no offense) and mind their own business. People can buy what they want to buy. Just get over it.
The basic functionality of a PC have not really changed. Under the hood its gotten faster, and the appearance has been modified, but the functions remain. Apple is not going the way of Nokia, because Nokia never had an APP capability. Available apps in iTunes have gone from 800 in 2008 to over 500000 now. Users can customize their phone content in a exponential number of ways, and more if you choose to jailbreak it. Did what Palm attempted and failed at, combining functional and fun computer uses into a phone.
Not it? There is no longer SMS written in the app in iOS now :)
Apple is shaping up to be a distant second in mobile despite having built a great product, just like they did with personal computers. Except this time it will happen a lot faster because Windoze was garbage but Android is awesome.

I love that Android is built around a Linux core. Linux finally takes its rightful place at the top!

I want to see Android everywhere! Not just phones and tablets but also laptops, desktops, tvs and other appliances, kiosks, etc etc. It could become the universal client operating system.
I much prefer Android, but I respect that Apple can make a smartphone OS that anyone can use, whether they are a 2 year old kid or an 80 year old technophobe
+Drew Slay has a point. How I feel is that the Apple interfce does work, but instead of ripping people off with 'new' iPhones, they should just have an update since the phones don't really change. iPhone 4 and 4s are simular exept for siri. This could have been an app or add on. But as there are more and more really good alternatives for iPhone. Eventually people will stop being taken the piss of. Until that day: Apple fan boys and girls, enjoy your consumer religion and spend spend spend
Amazing how they have the same amount of battery on the same date at same time every year.. almost like its the same screen shot
lol ok where's the evolution??? lol
My wife's iPhone is jail broken and so hacked, you couldn't tell it was iOS if you tried. She got bored with the standard iPhone experience a year or so ago. Now she says for her next phone she's going to windows because it's got some amazing features that trump iPhone and android. And I'll still have my rooted android phone.

For the most part, people do not like change.. it scares them. Especially old people.
iPhone 3Gs was a big speed improvement over 3G. 4 was a huge evolution of the hardware. iPhone 4S is noticeably faster and has a better camera. I don't use Siri, since it doesn't work unless you're in wifi or 3G range, and AT&T has no 3G where I live.

Folders were a massive change to the UI, a few releases ago, as was the search screen. The rest of the UI works well. Why change it?
Just from the comments makes not wanna bother wasting my time.
Hahaha! What a boring interface.
If it ain't broke, why fix it?
Apple doesn't even have to try anymore
There sure has changed something. These are just the same pictures.. LAME android users, very lame..
I wouldn't use one and gave it away...will not use it if it was free... No freedom
Stay there and I see them just like RIM and blackberry LOL too late then to catch up :P
the docks for example has changed ages ago
I Have Never Owned An iPhone, And More Than Likely Never Will. Sure, The OS Is Great. However, With The Money Spent On Mobile Devices, Android Offers A LOT More. Why Would I Want A Phone That Is Pretty Much Ran Through iTunes? I Have The HTC Amaze 4G And It's "Amaze-ing." The Camera Features Alone Make The iPhone's Look Like A Viewmaster From '86... The Google Apps That Are Standard On Android Phones, Are Shitty On iPhone (ex. Google Talk). Anyway, My Point Is, Overall, Android PROvides More Customization & Selections By Offering Their OS To Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sharp, Sanyo, etc., etc.
But surely it's a good example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". And that's coming from an android user.
Just look where Tony works enough said
The worlds first trillion dollar company ... Must be doing SOMETHING right IMHO 
If you like apple you as well like when people are telling you what to do in your life and what not to basically you are a COW! mooooooo :)
that's good branding practice... just in case u know nothing about it...
Keeping it simple for the world's _ _ _ _ _ _ people.
So, if the screen doesn't change, it means nothing underneath has either??
Very smart observation....!!
Does the PC screen change each time Windows, Linux or whatever is changed???
ios UI is it&s the best mobile os for ever.there some mistakes bt nothing can challenge with it
Considering that Apple takes money from EVERYONE even non-iphone users, they should be worth a lot. They are bad for consumers but......
Iphone iphone, blah!!! i went thru two iphones in a month. Crap!! Even tried windows phone, interesting phone but back to android!!!
+Paul Nahas do you mean like Win 3.1, Win95, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7. Mine changed every time
Saying you have never owned an iPhone is redundant. That is obvious by the wildly incomplete evolution you have put together. I'm not going to even waste space listing all of the features and customizations, etc. added to IOS. I will say that this example is precisely why people love IOS. Consistency. You couldn't find 4 android devices that you could make look and operate this similarly over a four year span of time if you tried. I suppose google will have to keep changing it up each year since android's user experience is still this fragmented and broken. Keep throwing new and different 'customizations' at the user since they still can't get it right. If they had why would every phone that comes out need a radically different interface?
Apple makes their money off their "brand" not their products. If Apple took a piece of dogshit and slapped the apple logo on it, the fanboys will tell you how awesome it is and that its the best piece of dogshit ever and it will change the world and Jobs is a genius........ :x
Since when have we accepted that no change is the best solution... if I owned apple and just felt like being very rich for a very long time, that would be the exact line up of products... plus the near to nothing advertising so you have no idea what your buying from apple unless you have already used it once before
Awesome post! Plus the comments are even better! 
Customer service even worst. Had two lines on family plan for three months but bill was really high, finally looked, one phone one family plan other on separate plan. Paying three times??? WTF.
Its the same exact same thing across the board
+shaun watson windows phone a latest tech? U kidding right? May be for flinstones hahaha 
Thatَُ s impossible for apple to create another one
things unchanged must be abandoned
Hi Drew, I'm not being critical by any means, however if society expects people to mind their own buisness, there would be no such websites as twitter, Facebook or Google+ for just a few examples. I completely agree that the internet and the what was once simple telephone has taken unheard of leaps n the past 30 years. Unfortunately these leaps have also made it easier for the American public to be financially taken for granted and over all spied upon. There are good points and bad points to the sudden boost in electronic knowledge. What we choose to do with this knowledge is up to us, has anyone else noticed that this sudden leap began after the UFO crash ,at what the government now calls "Area 51." Anyway Happy Easter to all of you, stay safe!!:

I love waking up to see an embedded ad for google in my stream under the guise of 'whats hot'. Booo. 
IPhone fans are hating android...
Android fans are feeling sorry for apple fans.......
Everyone complains ios UI bored, and when windows vista changed the UI, everyone complains again.

People are just stupid.
Android -Gingerbread-ICS-Jellybean
I see it!!! Oh wait, that was a glitch in the picture...
Some of us older folks like things to stay the same, people with autism like things to stay the same, I was upset when I was forced to update to a new screen on my android, there was no option to keep the old one. Option is key!
Look at the time and battery. It's the same screenshot copied+pasted multiple times, loves.
ICS sense 4.0 HTC ONE X = awesome the wifes iPhone 4s is like a relic next to It
Had iPhone 4s on contract kept it 4 days would be a good phone if apple let it instead I went out and bought s2 it is everything the I phone could be so don't slag the phone it is the company that makes them that ruins them
They need to be jailbreaked so they can perform almost like unrooted android :D . In these era you can't transfer via bluetooth is a joke
Well, sharks didn't evolve much over the time either. They just don't need to.... :)
IOS Lovers Have to be thankful to Android that they bring revolution in smartphone ..........
How far has iOS Come since release? Not very far if you ask me.
i think having an iPhone is itself is the answer to all luxuries.. iOS has drastic changes in functionality which has created milestones every time. So mind it before you comment..
What about android u can download from more than one app site go to u tube and type s2 v iPhone 4s I sorry to say the i phone loses not the phones fault it just can't keep up
I'm not an Apple or Android fan boy. This image is wrong, I've had an iPhone 3 and 4 and there have been plenty of changes upgrades and improvements in my time as an iPhone user. I know Android has it's positives, as does iOS but the main issue is that we don't ned to become consumer drones and start identifying ourselves by our mobile phone's operating system.
+Priyanka Sharma More then 50% of IOS users don't know how ti use Computer that's why they are using it coz its easy to use nothing else ...... Luxuries in what ?? My cook is using it :P
ot true at all there are many changes
Lol @ those claiming its perfect. Really? Perfect? You make me piss.
No difference at all.....Maybe the date of manufacturing
Actually that's quite wrong. LOL. But not gonna argue. #androidfanboi
OMG the evolution is so fast that i cannot see the change!! :P
Believe it or not but a lot of people prefer no change - just increased backend useability. Furthermore, consistency is also awesome. I think Android developers can learn from Apple.
Lol i like this. Im very anti apple. But it is a good phone.
Many of my Android developer friends gets a lot of headaches from the Droid platform. Form a consistent backend with awesome backward compatibility! If you don't, the first other free Linux os that does will still have a chance!
Lol...nuff's best !!
Depressing. 2007 better tan Android today ...
have a change in plans apple! like an imac, they just came out with snow lepeord (a major update for imacs) but it costs 30.00 bucks. all it does is change some the looks and features of some apps and thats it. STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE APPLE!
OMG People! Its a phone. Not an oxygen supply. But I hear they are coming out with a respirator app soon.
They are just preserving what their users are used to and that's the way they've been loved and known. It's called originality.
It's called simplicity. That is why people like it so much. And to be perfectly honest that's what most people need and want in our world.

It's neat for a little while, but look at Facebook, everyone hates changes like timeline, the chat system, etc. when they feel that people leave them because of a UI design that is stagnant they will definitely change it. But I don't see people complaining about how it looked the. And how it looks now. People are quite content with it.
I'm not sure when we started interchanging the acronyms OS and UI so freely but okay if you say so... ಠ_ಠ
Is it not enough that they are changing Mobile Case with every new Model for you ............. btw casing is free with many android phones ;)
[sarcasm] They've progressed so much!! [sarcasm]
+Gregor Preidl define 'better'. I would not be able to do at least 3 essential business tasks I currently need, if I were to switch to iOS. Of course I never would voluntarily disable myself of what is technologically feasible. And why would I even want to?
Not surprised to see Google activate 850000 devices a day.
If iOs keeps it that way they will be dropped.
Here in Hong Kong when I arrived almost everybody had an Iphone, now we see 30% with Iphones, 10% with Galaxy Notes, 40% with Samsung Galaxy S2, and 20% with other devices.
It almost became "has been" when you have an Iphone.
yeah why get a new one if nothins wrong with the first one
If Jobs didn't break it how would a mere developer change it.
I don't see the difference between them. It is kinda BORING!
I saw an infographic like this before but they did highlight the revolutionary change of backgrounds! 
there's no difference in pics bt technology has some wt improved
Yea it may not be broke but why not release it then it would be near what they make it out to be see no one can dispute that apple ties the phone down that is why it ain't number 1
I've had all iphones and was a Apple follower.. I got a shot of the Samsung galaxy s2 and got rid of my 4s for one... Android is far superior to Apple
Well, if it's perfect to start with, why change? Just for changes sake?!
Amazing!! I barely even recognize the old versions! Apple is always pushing the envelope and evolving all aspects of the user experience. Can't wait for next iOS!
Gea Vox
So? How far have WE come as humans? Same shape, same old brain, and same self-deceit about being masters of the universe. Yesterday it was God, now it's the Ultimate Operating System. We still kill animals for meat and grow plants for vegetables... Don't look for evolution in a mobile 'phone, look inside your mind!
Apple r like all big governments they like to watch and know what u do and u can't beat them if u jailbreak u can't update because they get hold of your phone again so u never really own the phone apple just lend it to u
I hate any so called techie or geek that takes sides. Between android and iOS they do the exact same things!! They just look different , and if your not happy with them you can either root or jailbreak them and do anything you want! I change phones constantly because I just love what both phones offer ..... 
iOS is android after Steve Jobs took a big dump on it... and after you buy what should be a $50 gadget for hundreds more... Apple takes a dump on you...
My son has apple computer, ipod, ipad & iphone...sometymes i think he wants 2 b an apple. Lol
See this proves evolution doesn't exist
I pad just same as I phone tied to apple like I said u can't dispute it if apple let go then yea u got a good product but who thinks there goin to do that
Why change anything if consumers continue to buy them in millions?
What Fred said! I know. I'm a poet. 
Iphone won't work at all and you will love it!
Shame, someone with an Android device had nothing to do so they tried to convince themselves why they did not get an iOS device! 
I'ts the same thing if you have some old android device, which is never got an update
everyone to there own I understand why people like apple u have to admit the quality is good until u break it and it costs a arm and leg to repair and they r easy to use but android has 1 big advantage u are free to use it as u like
Yup. Quite some evolution right there.
Yes, because changing the steering wheel on a car is the indicator of vehicle innovation?
And that is why I have an Android.
an operating system cannot be judged on the basis of GUI, u have 2 consider the speed too
Don't mess with whats broke, and dont say androids been perfect right of the bat. I may only use android but iphone only differs ever so smally because they didnt have to to make major mods or fixes.
So, I gather from the graphic that IOS is advanced enough that Apple hasnt felt the need to change it?
I love my 3g that I still have. Not tired of it. If you like it I say it's cool as well if you don't. Not everyone has to like the same thing or dislike certain things. I'm not jumping an apple fanboy bandwagon, just my personal opinion. By doing this, having exact same photo to show each year is just bad and makes the OP look immature. If people get that tired of it they will stop buying but sales would say they are happy with it the way it is. 
This would be funnier if you had actually used the real iOS screens according to those times. This ones are ALL THE SAME from the first iPhone. Idiot.
Can android phones download apple apps I don't think so I might be wrong but yet everyone on here is on Google + to me that say it all
While Apple's iOS interface can be a bore ... I still appreciate the ecosystem behind the OS. However, that being said; I love the fact that I can customize my Android devices. Its the same reason why I've always purchased Android phones while relying on my iPod touch for my music player. I'll continue to purchase iPods (and MacBooks just because of the fact that I love OS X.
Next time to Linux.. its my favorite OS) while buying Android phones
..the alternative could be a lot worse..I could one of those folks who've bought a windows 7 phone (I'm sure they're kicking themselves in their collective asses..)
Is it me.....or images look the same?
Win7 phones really aren't that bad...they're smooth and don't require reboots aas often as android. Everything is seamless...but it dies lack Mega database of Apps...but what is available is really decent.
Come on you have to feel a, little bit sorry fir, Apple owners tfat fell for the hype and blew hundreds on products that were actually worse than yhr competition devices. My Asus Transformer is noy onky cheaper than an ipad, it's better too, it's already much more useful and limitless potential.
Omg, it still looks sh*t after so many years of man!!
Apple doesn't understand that users want you to change the UI every year.
This my first. Regular Iphone4. The apple is a little confusing. I think I would like the android better. We will see in two yrs when my term is up. 
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Have used both have used android for 3 years but was forced to switch to apple and have been using the iPhone 4,4s for over a year. I would go back to Android if I could. 
They are adding viruses now, too. What a deal! ;)
I love seeing brainwashed Apple hipsters defend their precious iphone. My god there's nothing funnier. There's simply nothing revolutionary about Apple. What? A touch screen? Oh, like nobody would've thought of that. Siri? Google had voice recognition when Android first hit the market. Wanna talk about revolutionary, let's talk about driverless cars or augmented reality glasses. What happened to Steve BlowJobs on those? Oh wait he died so he didn't have time to steal those ideas. He woulda made them lame and boring looking even if he did.
I'd rather say, even though I'm not a Apple-fan, that if you do your job right the first time, there's no need to change it, while others still try to find the right icons
Why change it if it works? The background and technological changes to ios have been huge over the years, but the UI works fine as it is. A good example of apple getting it so right from the beginning.

I use a iPhone, but I'm not an android hater. I just prefer the reliability and consistency of the iPhone, compared to the dozen or so friends that have android on a dozen or so different pieces of hardware, and while some are happy, most are pissed off and are waiting to be out of contract so they can upgrade to an apple. 
It's funny to see people defend what they like so vehemently. I'll stick with my touch-screen, internet-accessible TracFone and not put up with this high-dollar blingy thingy or the associated contracts they suck you into. It's the ole "Ford/Chevy" thing. If it works for you and does what you want/need - that's fine. It's still funny. Let the battle rage! LOL!
+Jamie Burkhardt Voice Command was around on phones since like 03, maybe earlier. That's way before android came out let alone siri.
The iPhone is a very good iPod tho.
If it aint broke dont fix it.
That's exactly the mentality that makes iOS the supreme secondary mobile operating system here in the United States, +Nathan Sann
Steve Jobs is still a smart guy. Compared to Androids, the iPhones have a better battery life. The flag player kills androids batteries. Steve Jobs said in 5 years, flash player will be dead, and the new HTML5 will take over, it's lightweight, doesn't crash (though it's still in beta) I will say this though, I like the way some apps were built for the Android. Skype on Android > iPhone. 
that isnt exactly correct,ios never had folders until ios4.0 and ur pic from 2007 ie ios1.0 has a folder
Os/2 warp portable on Blackberry. That's the future. 
Looks like their trying to pull a "RIM"
Unfortunately, this picture/timeline is incorrect. Although few things have changed, I can tell ALL of those pictures are from the original iPhone released in 2007. One such difference is "Messaging," (the texting app), no longer said "SMS" in the iPhone 3G, released in 2008. Also, the dock background was changed in the iPhone 3G, it was no longer a cement block to show that the dock apps are not "cemented in." "Calculator" also had a redesigned icon in iOS 4.1, and others, like "Stocks" had some minor changes. There were also some apps added, such as "Voice Memos," (also included on the 3G, with a restyled icon in iOS5). "Compass" is another added app, added in the 3GS in 2009 (I believe). Now to wrap this up, (although I love Android), the pictures are incorrect and you can't fight an argument with invalid evidence (the screenshots).
exact same pictures even the time
Apple blows dog nuts for quarters.
Android it a collection of phone right? HTC, Nokia, Samsung etc!!
but wait, the iphone 5 has 100 more pixels!
There was no App Store until 2008. New features were beeing added since the first iPhone, such as FaceTime, Siri and new designs and features. In 2010 iPhone OS has changed into iOS and has been given a new design. In 2013 iOS 7 was released and has been given a completely new design with new control center and better multitasking. And features like the Parollax, blur affect's and improved Siri. And more apps being available each week with around 500,000 apps available in the Apps Store. The first iPhone was very Revolutionary
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