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Tony Simons
I run and write stuff for Android Unfiltered.
I run and write stuff for Android Unfiltered.


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Thanks for the heads up on the new release, +Alex NDS!

I shared the news over on +Android Unfiltered to help spread the word.

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Haven't been able to put this game down all day!
Our latest game review is live! Check out what we have to say about Big Bang Racing and why you should give it a try.

#Android #AndroidGaming #GameReviews #BigBangRacing

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Check it, Android friends!
If you're looking for a damn good wallpaper app, then look no further than Arch Walls by +Zan Cerne.

Go show some major love and support for Zan by grabbing his app today.

#Android #Apps #Wallpaper #Wallpapers #WallpaperApps

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Are you an Android app developer of any kind? I'd love to chat with you, especially if you focus on customization apps.

I'm working on building up community awareness for the backbone of this great Android development community with my good friend and partner-in-crime, +Cliff Wade, and we'd love to feature your top-notch work on +Android Unfiltered.

If you're not a developer, perhaps you might know one. Please help a brother out by sharing this post, so I can get in touch with the 'Droids I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!!

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Confirmed working on my LG G6!
Got Android 6.0 or greater? You also now have access to Instant Android Apps. Go check 'em out!

Shoutouts to fellow Plusser, +Jeff Springer, for his excellent video walkthrough!

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Check out 2 minutes of gameplay from one of our favorite games for Android right now!

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Moto Z2 Play Antuntu scores..

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This is pretty interesting, although I'm not quite sure we can say we know for sure based on a few photos.

If true, what does Google's top level exec' hesitation to integrate their own product into their daily lives say about the product?

I love my #AndroidWear watch, and I get a ton of use out of it. What about you, folks?

Who has a link to where I can watch Live PD online tonight? I've tried Kodi, but don't have a good source for live TV.

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