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3-1-1 has found it's solution - for all cities in the world, large and small -
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Interesting idea, but will there be more to the site than currently exists? The idea is there, so now how does it work?
This is a great idea, but how can someone sign their city up?
We're working on the model which will hopefully create interest in the platform from both sides - residents and cities.

1. Residents can submit issues now - once we get a critical mass, we communicate with the Cities saying "check it out, your residents have concerns an are using this platform - why not sign up and be able to interact with them now!"

2. Cities can sign up through the form - we go through a verification process to ensure the people signing up to represent cities are legit.

Because this is meant to be a completely free service, we're limited in terms of how much we can market it otherwise! We hope it grows organically and virally, and we're committed to making updates to the platform over time.
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