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From Team Tony: New Year = New Life! But only if you take new actions. Rituals = Results. What new daily ritual will you begin to change your life now? Start with the following ritual:

1. Brainstorm all the magic moments and accomplishments of the previous year.
2. Write down all your key challenges and what was learned.
3. Brainstorm all the most important outcomes you're committed to make happen in 2013.
4. Describe the kind of person you would have to be to achieve them.
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Hey Tony .. on am on linkedIn too .. if and when you want .. you may Link in with me LinkedIn Profile : Mihai Hoom .. have a good day Bro ~ Hoom
'inspire your craft and offer the remnents of your joyful results. You are worth every teamwork skill that pumps creation. and an honor to inspire the nations with Tony & mUSe' ~ Hoom
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