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UPW Tip of the Day: If you don't make a conscious effort to control your focus—and decide in advance which things you're going to focus on—you'll be so pulled by the demands of the world that you will soon find yourself living in reaction rather than living a life plan you've designed for yourself.
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i believe more are reactionary. just easier. using this advice can radically change your life for the better people!  thanks for sharing!
So true. Too many people live in reaction and then wonder why they can't ever get what they want. One light when focused through the correct lenses becomes a laser that can cut through the thickest walls or obstacles. The same light focused on a mirrored ball will just disperse into a million other lights that have no power at all. Make 2013 your year for focusing on your plans with laser precision!
put your top three on a small white card .. put it w your money .. credit card .. you'll look at it .. a lot .. it works )
Az Aly
Planning and staying by it so important and necessary, absolutely necessary
 I had lived this way for several years...I always was worried about tomorrow but not taking steps to resolve anything because the problem was a big ball that I didn't want to look at. I kept myself busy doing everything that had to be done and not looking at the best way to go about it...

 It was after several different seminars and books that I realized to quit looking at all the problems and just focus on one at a time... look for where I can do the most good or have the biggest impact. Give away the easier projects to some one who is competent (maybe even better then me at it). It wasn't until even longer that I was able to zoom out to drive my life in the right direction. 

I recently listened to an interview you did with Chet Holmes and realized I may need to rethink that even and start with what I want out of is more important then the money lately. I have had several years of personal improvement and kind of wish this was a lesson learned earlier. I lost my wife recently and started to spend more time with my kids. In the last year I realized that I will never get back the time I could have spent with them and now am always aware of the time I can get from them. As my kids got older and more independent they also have lives that we need to plan around. Freedom and flexibility is most important now...

I am still improving myself in fact I will be going to Vegas for business mastery and working towards Small Business Consulting. I have a goal and a plan on how to achieve it...I have set dates and schedule as much as possible now.

I am interested in learning from other peoples life experiences to improve my life so I will share stories with others so they can relate with real life areas. 
I so need to make a goal board today!
Yes, that is a great start... Then schedule the actions that lead to them. 
I purchased Tony's "Get The Edge" and listen to it and now give it ot my kids to listen to.
I guess......whats the point when the system wony let you in?

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