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UPW Exercise of the Day: The first secret to creating a change is awareness. What are some areas you focus on in life that don't really serve you? Are there some things you fear or don't want to experience but often find yourself thinking about anyway? Leave a comment with two or three things you often focus on that make you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
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maybe it's wrong but when I think about different things I find out that I can deal with them anyway in other words nothing would make me so upset or stressed
Dating is the biggest thing for me right now and it's followed by the fear I may not have the opportunity to be a mother and my finances.
weight, money, dating and in that order. usually :( you Wynn Dunn, weight, money, & dating, in the same order. But then I ask myself, "John Patrick, what are you waiting for!?  By Me waiting, I put on 'weight;' so, what am I waiting for!?"  Namasté, John Patrick  
I lose my confidance. I dont feel free something strech my mind and fear also. Money,feel happy,confidance,low energy.... Etc
All the negative attributes of a person, like low self-esteem, poverty and have all the riches be it in money, friendship, and family relationships.
losing someone I love, money, not being successful
Feeling judged by others. Also, not being able to control my finances. Lastly, being a happier person (my true self) around my child.
" Leave a comment with two or three things you often focus on that make you feel stressed or overwhelmed." soon as I started thinking about what those two or three things might be, I realized that whatever it is on any given day, that is what I will attract...what we focus on is what we get.
Interesting, thank you Leanna.  Then, the best thing to do is to think in what makes us feel optimistic and at ease and under control.
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