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toni iz a tenner=-=cuzzasstrixz r us
Mark P
Constant And Never Ending Improvements!
I remember this from many years ago! :) Thanks +Tony Robbins
So true, I agree! Sometime even using the best strategy the possibility for failure does exist. Those extrinsic factors are very powerful. 
It's the the determination of your plan and your willingness to make it a reality and your strength to overcome anything that get in you way of success!!!.
Thanks for your support, one day no child with a physical,develpmental,emotional, challenge challenge will be abused in a public school orr anywhere, Strongspirit Compassionate Intervention .org one day medicine will be able to reconstruct a spine, this feel destructed ouch
hello Kacy Christopher how r u
you share yr love. how can a disabled MOM lose her disabled child by KIDNAPPING< HOW CAM MOM LOSE HER HOME BEcause a hate ful state Hated people with disabilitys, police bullying demanding respect but not giving aqny,,monadnock Developmental SERVICES. hates people with disabilitys, he schools hate children with disabilitys and the courts do as well. IF you have a physical disibility in KEENE NH, there is a geonoside in keene and the State of NH for people with disabilitys. Hate crimes. if yr poor you have no rights. IF you in pain you suffer. HOW DES A COURT ALLOW a landlord to frau you, violate fair housing laws do illegal entry, verbablu accoust him when you asked him to be responsible for his property, asked the school to stop abusing , you daughter, asked mds to believe that their employees abused my daughter, why dont people admit theit mistakes are the so ignorant they don't know thy are making mistakes oe do they hate so much they think they are entitled to do whatever they want.
her home whem a hateful landlords is allowed by the state to do an illegal eviction, and writ of possesion. What wrong with me. How did i end up in a state theat doesnt care about disabled people. Is it our fault we were borm like this. I hateNH You tell me to love so i love and get screwed for loving, and . I hate ny existanve on this planet I have had enough PAIN I want to go back where I came from I give up,screwthe love crap, it just makes things worse, nh GOP says disabled people should be shipped to Sibberra
I am so angry at the STATE OF NH , I hate the state OF NH, I hate the city of Keene, the schools, Monadnock developmental services, community, what a joke, The Church I go to ignores me, I think I need a cigareete now screw it WHERE IS My LAWYER< where is MY CIVIL SUIT. WHERE IS MY SUPPORT in to much physical pain to type later
working on it! Underlined Massive and Determined!
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