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Start your day with these questions to experience more fulfillment and a new perspective
“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Tony Robbins The quality of your life is not necessarily based on the quality of your circumstances, it’s based on your mental and emotional filters that determine your perception of the outside world. These filters …
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Tony Robbins

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By empowering individuals to act thoughtfully and compassionately, Gene Baur is helping redefine cultural norms and cultivate a better world. 
Gene Baur is on a mission to empower individuals to choose compassion and to redefine the cultural norms.
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Hi Tony, I live and grew up in your hometown of Glendora CA. I'm writing you because we need some help in protecting the foothills we are suppose to be so proud of. There is a development proposed for the foothills all the way up Lone Hill Ave. This development is called the Gordon Mull project and will require the removal of many mature oak trees and the degrading of the hillside. There has been a lot of dense housing developments throughout the city, and the destruction of our foothills is getting out of hand. I know this is a strange request, but you are a big name from this small town and we could use some help in trying to preserve some of its charm. We've been fighting a good fight, but I fear or voices are too small. Thanks, Susie Nuccio
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Tony Robbins

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Rajesh, a business owner of 31 years, was mired in his own disempowering thoughts and beliefs. At Business Mastery, he was able to let go of his suffering and step into a new state of strength and resilience, creating new opportunities for growth and success within his pharmaceutical business.
Whenever we suffer, there are three things we focus on: loss, less and never. And this rings true for many business owners who are struggling and trying to overcome challenges, regardless of what industry they are in. Perhaps you lost your business, or lost market share. Maybe you are earning less revenue because of changes …
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Ryan Ng
People attend the course have a woe effect, after awhile they are not doing it, because they are so much less empower and being shadow by the problem occur everywhere. So, they are hardly feeling themselves better.

And, people becoming stunned by every moment of how life be, and can't becoming better.

They are afraid that people need to care and concern yet life become so much self centric, which we understand a lot of people just totally self thinking which ruin themselves. I hope everyone should understand, if you are not strong, you are forever let things shaken your well being in life.
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Tony Robbins

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It is in moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. In order to create change, you must do two things: raise your standards, and turn your “should's” into “MUSTS”. When used together, these two tools form an unstoppable force for taking your life to the next level. Commit to using them and your life will never be the same again.
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"El poder de Tony es sobrehumano ... un catalizador para que otras personas cambien, no se trata de motivación tanto como de permitir a la gente aprovechar lo que ya existe".


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Tony Robbins

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Go behind the scenes at the US Track and Field Olympic trials with Dr. Andrew Cohen to learn how teamwork and mental preparation are changing sport again.
Go behind the scenes at the US Track and Field Olympic trials with Dr. Andrew Cohen to learn how teamwork and mental preparation are changing sport again.
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Me ofrecen una Préstamos particulares y Empresas En un precio muy Asequible de un Acuerdo Do Solicitud. Ponte en contacto conmigo y me dejo saber la Cantidad de Dinero Que NECESITA párrafo Proyecto do. INMEDIATAMENTE A Su Disposición para satisfacer su Solicitud de € 1.000 a € 5.000.000, sin embargo, quiero Invertir en las Naciones Unidas Proyecto alquilable en su País Como el inmobiliario, la agricultura, el turismo y la Hospitalidad Así Que Si hijo fiables y serio, quiero Confiar en Usted y prestarle el dinero Que necesitaba. En la espera de Cedros.
Mi Dirección de Correo electrónico: - Gmail
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July 15th, Netflix Originals will premiere Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru exclusively to members worldwide.

From acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, the Paradise Lost Trilogy, Brother’s Keeper), the Netflix original documentary captures world-renowned life coach, business strategist and best-selling author, Tony Robbins, in a revelatory cinéma vérité film that goes behind the scenes of his mega annual seminar, Date With Destiny. Granted unprecedented access, this film is an emotional tour de force, pulling back the curtain on this life-altering and controversial event, the zealous participants and the man himself.

Annually more than 200,000 people attend one of Robbins’ programs, but once a year, an ambitious 2,500 people from around the globe make the journey to Florida to attend his most intimate and intensive instruction. Over six days and nights, he pushes his conference participants past their limits into an examination of their true identity, core emotions, intimate relationships, and the driving force behind all their actions. For the first time, Robbins allows a film crew to document not just the event itself, but also the intricate production of Robbins’ seminar, revealing an uncompromising daily regiment, his demanding standards of event production, the inner workings of his creative team and a portrait of the innermost personal experiences of the attendees. In his twelfth feature documentary, Berlinger turns an unflinching eye on the larger-than-life Robbins, treating audiences to an immersive experience filled with emotional self-examination, human psychology and heartbreaking public confessions.

"My goal in making this film was to share a profound experience that I myself underwent," said Berlinger. “While the event itself may not be for everyone, I hope my approach will help audiences think about the nature of their own lives as they witness the transformations of the characters in the film." The filmmaker continued: "While seemingly a departure from the themes found in my other work, this film is actually very much a look at social issues but from a personal point of view. I believe there would be significantly less trouble in the world if people were self-actualized and connected to who they really are.”

“We’re pleased to provide a platform to showcase Joe’s masterful and disruptive storytelling to our subscribers around the world,” said Lisa Nishimura, Netflix VP of Original Documentary Programming. “No matter what he chooses to turn his lens on, he continues to challenge audiences to think about things differently. His immersive and open-minded approach to this film is sure to touch viewers deeply.”

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru will have its official World Premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 14, 2016.

The film is produced by Netflix, RadicalMedia and Third Eye Motion Picture Company. Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Jon Kamen, Frank Scherma, Justin Wilkes, Lisa Nishimura and Adam Del Deo serve as Executive Producers. The film is directed and produced by Joe Berlinger.
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It's a fabulous film but with a big BUT, it comes without warning ... I watched it on July 17th in the evening with my boyfriend .we had to stop halfway as it was very hard on him .. In the real show the team takes care on suicidal people , Frank was depressed and he committed suicide the night after .. 
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Tony Robbins

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Make your life a masterpiece:
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Chncbcbfnbfhfkh CBKC hCG Chuck Dudu CNBB kHz NCIS inch
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Tony Robbins

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"Conduct is more convincing than language." - John Wooden A new episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast with the late John Wooden is now live. [LISTEN]->
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Tony Robbins

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Passion vs. profitability – do you have to choose?
Check out this excerpt from Bobbi Rebell's new book, "How to be a Financial Grownup" now featured on the Tony Robbins blog.
Tony Robbins wrote the foreword to Bobbi Rebell’s new book, “How to be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom.” The following is an excerpt from the chapter inspired by Charles Best, Founder and CEO of My Financial Grownup Moment I’ve been a …
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Prima X
Have a great day and nice time...good mood!😊
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Tony Robbins

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 Ready to achieve medal-worthy success? Get inspired with your own Tony Robbins Results Coach – start closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be today. #ResultsForLife =
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your inner champion is inside of you, which is your diamond that inside of you, in your heart and your spirit, your spirit activates itself in order to find your own truth and reach your destination... win the crowd, but do not follow the crowd, follow your soul
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Tony Robbins

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What makes Serena Williams stand out on and off the court?
How Serena Williams uses the power of focus -- on and off the court -- to achieve her dreams.
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Ryan Ng
Tony ask them not to influence us, we are not the person who have no clue of what we do, your all no clue and lay by mentality don't think of us.
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Tony Robbins

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Computers, TVs, tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of our daily routine, but studies have shown that too much screen time may have a more serious impact on our health than we thought.
Too much time in front of a screen can leave you feeling wired and tired, but studies show that the health consequences may be much more serious.
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Lol... He should come walk the heat of AZ.
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