This blog-post makes some far-reaching predictions. I would, therefore, like to share some recent news courtesy of the September 2013 edition of the UK magazine: Discover Your History (formerly Your Family History). is a collaborative site allowing people to create a pictorial history of the homes they've lived in, including details of former residents and timelines for the properties. This is one of the forms of local history that I mentioned as falling outside of traditional genealogy but having a strong overlap with it - hence my use of the preferred term micro-history. The site was only launched in 2012 and so has a few teething troubles, such as requiring a mandatory postal code. This automatically eliminates many of the properties that were demolished during the slum clearance projects of the 1960-70's in England, and leaves people like myself unable to use it. Still, this is the way things are going and I hope the site succeeds.
The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF, uses money raised via the National Lottery to give grants to help share and preserve our heritage in communities across the UK. A new funding programme, called Sharing Heritage, aims to help people towards this goal. Whether or not traditional genealogy will ever embrace the popularity of local history projects and research can be debated. However, the writing is on the wall (if it's still standing), and micro-history is an untapped market for software products.
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