Let's get the obvious about Loot The Room's new 5th Edition D&D adventure, "Breaker of Chains", out of the way first. Coolest.Cover.Ever. Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about that stylish, 80's retro VHS cover. As for the adventure? Oh, it's every bit as good as its cover suggests.

"Breaker of Chains" is one of those adventure's that lends itself to easy spoilers in a review so I'm going to dodge the details. Suffice to say we have a beautifully laid out one shot adventure that is NOT for the faint of heart. Oh, it's a tough one alright, but the challenges within are sure to provide long term gaming memories.

Designer Chris Bisette's writing is clean and clear, his maps stylish and effective, his set up brilliant, and his climactic payoff the stuff of twisted nightmares. Wring your hands wickedly, fellow DMs, and join me in a jovial "Muh ha ha!" "Breaker of Chains" is an outstanding D&D challenge for character's level 6-8. Check it out!

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