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Summary Emails from Google about my businesses

That's a first for me. I guess they are trying to get businesses to re-engage with their pages. 
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If I read this correctly, Google's bias towards businesses and reviews on Google+ for local search results means they are not showing as good a set of results as they can.
Sponsored by Yelp, the study showed users were more likely to click on merit-based search results over Google's self promoted content.
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I think this is simply the competitive nature of business.  Google entirely controls search.  Yelp, and every other entity lives and dies by how google presents them in the serps.  The FTC leak on a monopoly investigation against google referenced that google strong armed yelp and trip advisor.  
So yelp is "going after google" with this report.  They sponsored it, they paid for it....    Clearly that colors it to a large degree.

But is google a monopoly presence...heck yeah, in my experience
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I'm Redirecting 404s to a 404, on purpose!

One problem I often have with the Google Search Console's URL Error report is that it can get filled with known 404s that should be 404s.

As an experiment I have decided to redirect them all to a single 404 page. Thus, they still end up being classed as 404s but they only eat one row in the error report.

What do you think? Crazy?
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My take:

There is not ONE index with Google and it doesn't make sense mixing up which one you're talking about.

There is a Master Index which includes every URL. It does not matter if it 301s, 404s, is noindexed, is disallowed, is marked as fixed. It is in there and will stay there for a very long time. Periodically Google bot will re visit all of them to see if they are still the same. For some like 410s it will do it less frequently as the signal that it won't change is stronger.

A 4XX status code is not a signal to not crawl me. It's a signal that it want to be considered as not existing, don;t send people to it.

Then there is the Search index which is a subset that only includes those that are worthy of showing up in search results. This excludes things like 4XX, 5XX statuses, noindex and parts if a redirect chain. Notably disallowed URLs make it into this one.

Finally we have our little private indexes in GSC which also list a subset of the index, just for our domain, and including status codes considered to be errors. Which includes 404s. Marking them as fixed will have them removed from being displayed (not from any index), but I'm not sure for how long. It also seems that it does not report all errors. Some older 4XXs will fall out of the report.

So, as a test I have marked all the 404s on my domain as fixed and will monitor to see if any of them ever come back. I also marked a 418 as fixed ;-)
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SEO Article spinning #Fail
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Should I get myself a keyword stuffed Google+ URL ;-)
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yep do it will help your SEOwebsitemarketingdisplayanalyticslinkbuildingcontentmarketingagency do better in the Google
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Don't ask for my feedback if the feedback process is going to annoy me.

And don't close tickets on me when you sent a non conclusive answer. 

My Rating: Bad, I'm unsatisfied
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Tony “Tiggerito” McCreath

Website Design  - 
Sliders and hero images are very popular...for website owners and designers. But do your visitors appreciate them enough to buy from you?


The evidence is clear: you should really stop using sliders altogether on your sites.
+Jenni McKinnon 

The article is full of great examples for alternative solutions.
Whether you love them or hate them, sliders are still a popular feature of many free and premium themes. It’s not too difficult to see why: they’re eye-catching and draw attention to key information on your site. Despite the pros, there are many cons to using sliders. Here’s our verdict on whether you should use sliders or not.
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Just got a cold phone call re switching my phone provider. 

I said I didn't have a phone line. She was happy with that and hung up.

I didn't have to explain how she could actually call me, and I could answer.

But it's kind of true. I use a skype number and a mobile number, no land line. Well, not one I answer anyhow.
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Just need to find a picture of a cat on the phone :-)
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The Google Search Console Search Analytics Report now shows gaps when there is no data. A great improvement on flatlining the chart.
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I've just been doing a Magento site audit. Is it really that bad for SEO out of the box?

Anyone know any good resources for fixing them up?

Just for starters:

Happy to return multiple URL variations for pages. e.g. with or without ending slashes.

Canonical tags are off and only work on some pages when on.

Defaults to non SEF urls. When you change the setting they still work!

Spider wasters with crawlable compare, review, wish list, add to cart email, sort, mode and quick view links. (need to confirm meta noindex status as the website is fully noindexed at the moment).

Canonical Domain redirects all go to the root.

Encoded html in the meta descriptions.

Worst Page Speed score I've ever seen. But credit for a pass on mobile friendly.

At this point I stopped. Enough to fix for the time being, then I'll have another look.
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+WooCommerce sounds like another good choice, +Tony McCreath. Good luck with that endeavor! =)
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I shouldn't be doing this sort of thing at 3am. It had a few interesting bits in it, and the audio for the demos was missing which made it more challenging.
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no problem +Tony McCreath 
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It's been a while since I played with the Google Analytics Search Engine Optimisation report. Does anyone know what weighted_rank is?

The report does have some nice features that you can't do in GSC. e.g. you can do complex query/position/impression filters. I'll be back to play more.
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it does seem to relate to impressions * position. On its size and how the the data varies. e.g. the higher the position the lower the relative weighted_rank for its impressions.

Not sure the value of it considering impressions is related to sets of positions (pages).

I wonder if any calculation could provide a better clue on these results? 

The data in GA is still filtered. 0, 5, 10 for clicks and clustered impression values.
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They were all very friendly and informative. I got my appointment the same morning and did not have to wait long. They even emailed me the photos of my eyes :-)
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Good on ya guys. I could not open my bonnet and they fixed it for free, and I've never been there before. Everyone I met was friendly and chatty. They've just gained themselves a customer. Now to top my water up so I can wipe my windscreen clean.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
A freindly cafe without the production line feel of the others on the Parade. Comfortable for a client meeting or a quiet drink with a book. I'm currently trying out their interesting selection of teas. Lemongrass Ginger today.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Open again after a long time closed. At first they tried to be too posh but have backed off and returned the pool table. They also have a ping pong table out back which is a good exercise while drinking.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
91 reviews
I've been sending my clients to Jarka for quite some time now, and they have always been happy with the results. Her services are perfect for what a typical local business needs in a website. I suggest you hire her before she realises that she should charge more.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
A big bar and garden that attracts a good crowd. Worth the little walk from gouger street. I had a great time there on Melbourne Cup.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Great place for a quick and light lunch. Watch out for the wasabi, it's so hot it interferes with my brain.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago