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I always like it when someone (+Everett Sizemore) has a dig at developers who think they are SEOs, and SEOs with their misterminology (And when I can invent a new word).
There's a lot more to SEO than Title Tags and Meta Keywords. Learn what really helps you rank with these 7 things SEOs want developers to know.
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How do you guys store your electronic junk?

I have a million cables and gadgets, guides collected over time. 

I  can't dump it, I may need it one day!
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Make an art installation ;)
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I hate these bogus domain renewal emails. Anyone in Florida want to go and slap these guys?
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Tony, I didn't realise there is a Florida in Russia (or Nigeria..)
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Time to bug some clients
Thought of the day.
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Google AMP; is it worth it?

I can see where super fast mobile pages can be of use. 

Major news channels could benefit from it as their readers can read quicker.

Organizations targeting places with slow internet connections would make it easier for them to connect.

Highly popular websites could create a better user experience by offering faster but simpler access.

But how is this relevant to most businesses on the web? 

I personally think that at this time the concept is only of value to a limited number of players that have customers where speed/bandwidth is critical.
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10 or even a 100  page local accountants site ain't gonna need AMP
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I've just bought the first two tickets to Big Digital | #Adelaide.

I'm proud of +Sha Menz for organising what will be an awesome event in our great city.

She's already signed up some top speakers including +Gary Illyes, +Jennifer Slegg and +Aleyda Solis, whom I enjoyed seeing at  #brightonSEO  last year. 

And we aim to make this a uniquely Australian/Adelaide experience for all those that attend, including the speakers. From Pie Floaters (Google it) to cage diving with Great White Sharks!

I hope some of my online SEO buddies can make it over. I'll be the  tour guide.
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Hopefully a regular one.
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Is anyone else suffering from repeat spam that start like this:

Just checking in to make sure you received my last three emails

Bouncing this to the top of your inbox again. Do you have time to connect next week?

Wanted to bounce this to the top of your inbox. Did you manage to checkout the link in my last email?

Tony, found Web Site Advantage on Google's partner portal and I thought it would be best to reach out to you directly.

I love what their website says:

Email Outreach: We help nurture your prospects into customers with our tailored outreach solution.

I wonder how much long that domain can be used to send emails.
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Oh, I sure do. I just ignore it, although I am often tempted to reply in a snarky manner. Only knowing it will likely make things worse, and not better, stops me from doing that.
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Some great info on https/ssl here. And some interesting statements on redirects:

_Do I lose "link juice" from the redirects? No, for 301 or 302 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS no PageRank is lost. _

So moving to https and the redirects it causes should not affect you. But this comment confirms to me that 301 redirects do cause some extra loss in general.

It also implies 302s will pass "link juice" in some cases, backed up by a later comment:

it's incorrect that 302 redirects wouldn't pass linkj Pagerank. That's a myth.
Planning on moving to HTTPS? Here are 13 FAQs! What's missing? Let me know in the comments and I'll expand this over time, perhaps it's even worth a blog post or help center article. Note that these are specific to moving an existing site from HTTP to HTTPS on the same hostname. Also remember to check out our help center at

# Do I need to set something in Search Console? No, just add the HTTPS site there. The change-of-address setting doesn't apply for HTTP -> HTTPS moves.

# How can we do an A/B test? Don't cloak to Googlebot specifically, use 302 redirects + rel=canonical to HTTP if you want to test HTTPS but not have it indexed. Don't block via robots.txt . More about A/B testing at (302 redirects aren't cached.)

# Will the rel=canonical guarantee that the HTTP URL is indexed? No, but it's a very strong signal when picking the indexed URL.

# What's the next step after testing? Follow our site-move documentation ( ). Use 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS, confirm the new version by adding a rel=canonical on the HTTPS page, pointing to itself, and submit sitemaps including both HTTP & HTTPS URLs with new change-dates (in the long run, just keep the HTTPS sitemap).

# What about the robots.txt file? The HTTPS site uses the HTTPS robots.txt file. Check that it's reachable or serves a 404 result code, and check that your HTTP URLs aren't blocked by the HTTP robots.txt file.

# Is it OK to have just some pages on HTTPS? Yes, no problem! Start with a part, test it, add more.

# Should I move everything together, or is it fine to do sections? Moving in sections is fine.

# Will I see a drop in search? Fluctuations can happen with any bigger site change. We can't make any guarantees, but our systems are usually good with HTTP -> HTTPS moves.

# Which certificate do I need? For Google Search, any modern certificate that's accepted by modern browsers is acceptable.

# Do I lose "link juice" from the redirects? No, for 301 or 302 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS no PageRank is lost.

# Will we see search keywords in Google Analytics when we're on HTTPS? This won't change with HTTPS, you can see the search queries in Search Console.

# How can I test how many pages were indexed? Verify HTTP / HTTPS separately in Search Console, use Index Status for a broad look, or the sitemaps indexed counts for sitemap URLs.

# How long will a move from HTTP to HTTPS take? There are no fixed crawl frequencies, it depends on the size of your site, and the speed of crawling that's possible. The move takes place on a per-URL basis.

Hope this helps clarify some of the open questions! Let me know if there's anything missing.

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Tony “Tiggerito” McCreath

Content Writing  - 
This is something I do for my more mature clients. Don't just write content then forget about it. The trick is to continually improve it, based on the data you get from it.
"If content is king, then the user is queen, and she rules the universe." Are you focusing too much on the content, rather than the user? In his last post as a Mozzer, Cyrus Shepard offers his single greatest SEO tip for improving your web traffic.
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I've not received this sort of message before. But then I keep all my active clients up to date.
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Next Google will be suggesting you 'update / migrate' to their own brand of CMS...
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Looks like I may have found a bug in the Search Consoles robots.txt testing tool and sitemap report. +Google Webmasters +John Mueller 
Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
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+John Mueller I'd still class it as a bug. Maybe the tool should report those lines as errors or warnings and not that they cause all URLs to get blocked.

Client is fixed. I'll keep an eye out to see if it makes any real world difference.
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Here's a new opportunity for us like minded Australian peeps to meet in the flesh. You know you've always wanted to see Adelaide.

Some of you may also be interested in joining the speaker lineup which already includes Gary Illyes, Jennifer Slegg and Aleyda Solis.

Only 200 tickets so get in fast.
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Sadly not :-(
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I moved into a new house to find my Airconditioning was not working, and it's 30+ out at the moment. After confirming access to the roof was available, they came round and made a quick fix to get it running, while I decided if I wanted to go for a full fix or a replacement. A few hours later a circuit breaker tripped and they quickly came back and fixed that for free. I was very pleased with the quick work to get me and my Dad cool again.
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Sit outside with a coffee (or wine) and watch the parade.
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The upstairs bar balcony can be a good spot to watch the commuters buzz around.
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Great location and view which makes it disappointing that the place is pokie and eating oriented. But then, I am a social drinker.
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100 reviews
A nice place to stop for a quiet beer.
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A regular haunt. Staff are freindly and a good choice of beers. Popular for sporting events with a massive screen.
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More than your average selection of fish
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