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First play with Windows 10

Cortana don't speak Aussie :-(
I can't even say I have a UK accent, it's region and language limited

Edge....a basic browser, scribbling on pages and reading mode is interesting but needs to be deeper to be of use. I use Diigo that has not quite as good scribbling, but the notes are searchable. Reading mode, Pocket has a good version of that but I personally end up reading the real version because I always think I've lost something.

It looks like they've changed the settings windows, again. It feels better but I'm sure I'll be trying to find the old interfaces again. I'm a power user.

It messed up my taskbar, but this actually got me to play and get happy.

I have a very intense taskbar. It's to the left and 5 icons wide. i.e I have a lot of apps quickly to hand. I have about 15 chrome profiles that I can start instantly via my taskbar.

W10 changed pixels around and messed my layout up. As I started to sort it out I realised that the new W10 had given me a new way.

The new start window is more of a popup. And the windows button shows it instantly. It has now become where a place my masses of apps. Make them small and what I call a lot is quite small, it fits without scrolling.

So, I'm currently positive this W10 will improve my productivity. Using the windows button gives me quick access to stuff I always use. And I get to see if it's raining while I'm there.
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Oh yea, it bricked my computer. Lucky I have a short memory, otherwise I'd be still on ADOS
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Here's a nice set of definitions for UX and CX in relation to my previous post.

I think CX is one of the next areas that SEOs and Online Marketers need to understand to make what they do fit in with the big picture of helping their clients achieve their objectives.
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Tony “Tiggerito” McCreath

Display Advertising  - 
Dynamic Remarketing and Random Products
A client of mine set up Dynamic Remarketing but got the tags wrong, in fact they used the wrong conversion id. It seems the campaign still worked but people are just seeing random products.

I thought the ads would only show to people who visited products, and would only show ads for those products. So if the tags are broken I would have expected no ads to show.

Is there a guide to explain how this part of dynamic remarketing works? When and what do people see?
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Eventually I got a response from an SEO email spammer. I thought my response was quite positive, but I guess not.
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By the way. The blanked out bit was his name.
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You can't beat politics in a rap form.
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Hold your horses on json-id. At least for a while if you want rich snippets.

Googles been sending mixed signals, with recommending json-ld on one side, then saying hidden markup does not work on the other.

For a while people have been asking in the forums why their json-ld is not working. And now we know why.

It's just getting started...
Recipe rich snippets in Google based on data provided via JSON-LD have now been confirmed in the wild, thanks to Grace Massa Langlois.
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I have to manage a bunch of Merchant Accounts for my clients. Is there any way to do this besides creating fake gmail accounts for each?

This also gets more complex as I need to link the merchant accounts up, and therefore have to add the fake accounts as users to AdWords.

All not looking good for the client.
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I have same problem. I have created lots of accounts in order to manage client merchant account. Another problem with this approach is, some clients simply forget or ignore to remove the email linked to their merchant acccount and until its removed it cannot be used on other merchant account. Atleast Google should give some option to self-unlink the gmail account or launch some better management solution for us advertisers.
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The professional user experience field covers a lot of TLAs:

Experience Design (XD)
User Experience (UX)
Interaction Design (IxD)
Information Architecture (IA)
Product Accessibility
Product Design
Service Design
Customer Experience (CX)

In the SEO world I started getting into this sort of stuff with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). So I'm just a baby at it.

Chatting with some experts last night made me think how I should think more broadly. Beyond the website and even beyond the internet and devices. It all starts in the real world when a user has a need (or when something stimulates them to have that need).

What's your take on it?
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Maybe but I think it's more of an ownership thing. Their business is their baby. They created it and they think they know what is best for it. The worst client is the one who reacts from feelings rather figures. There are too many of them.
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And now for something deeper. Aristotle Philosophy and Modern Capitalistic Marketing. Is the future their combination?
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Looks like the keyword tools using Autocomplete will have to re-invent themselves soon. In less than a month! Google is locking out the API.
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I'll have to admit, when I was an employee/developer I would tend to look on the negative side and push back against feature requests. Probably because it took a lot of work to turn them into reality, and I never had the time allocated. "We need it now and we don't expect to pay extra". And "we'll change what we want a few times and blame you for it".

Now it's different. I develop for myself, or have control when developing for clients. Now I often enjoy it when a client comes up with an idea, a challenge.

How do you deal with your clients requests?
It may seem like developers are always saying no to requests -- but most of the time there are good reasons why something can't (or shouldn't) be done.
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Is there a word yet for that stressful moment when you've caught up on posts, emails and the whole internet... and don't know what to do!
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That sounds like the "right" icon to me. :)
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They were all very friendly and informative. I got my appointment the same morning and did not have to wait long. They even emailed me the photos of my eyes :-)
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Good on ya guys. I could not open my bonnet and they fixed it for free, and I've never been there before. Everyone I met was friendly and chatty. They've just gained themselves a customer. Now to top my water up so I can wipe my windscreen clean.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
A freindly cafe without the production line feel of the others on the Parade. Comfortable for a client meeting or a quiet drink with a book. I'm currently trying out their interesting selection of teas. Lemongrass Ginger today.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Open again after a long time closed. At first they tried to be too posh but have backed off and returned the pool table. They also have a ping pong table out back which is a good exercise while drinking.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
91 reviews
I've been sending my clients to Jarka for quite some time now, and they have always been happy with the results. Her services are perfect for what a typical local business needs in a website. I suggest you hire her before she realises that she should charge more.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
A big bar and garden that attracts a good crowd. Worth the little walk from gouger street. I had a great time there on Melbourne Cup.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Great place for a quick and light lunch. Watch out for the wasabi, it's so hot it interferes with my brain.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago