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Some great takeaways from this interview.
Google's +Gary Illyes on Podium, RankBrain, Schema, AMP, clicks as a ranking signal, bots, Matt Cutts, future VR and more
We chat to Gary Illyes at Big Digital Adelaide 2016 about the early days of the internet, Google podium, Google's lack of transparency & much more.
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A new Google Plus look for the top bar in Google Analytics
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Google and Wikipedia are spoiling all the fun. I think the answer box should come from the official source, the Australian Museum.
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+Masatake Wasa we do love a good war Down Under. Emu War 
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Peter was a busy man at #BigDigitalADL  :-)
Nice write up by Peter :)
The future of links in SEO was a central point of discussion at Big Digital Adelaide. It’s no secret that having some good quality links pointing to our website is a critical factor to our SEO success. There are some very useful tools available to he...
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He was indeed. Like a laid-back roving reporter ;P
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Good stuff. I'm especially interested in the ecommerce stuff, like the GTIN being recommended.
A review of recent search-engine facing changes to structured data markup, presented at SMX Advanced in Seattle on 23 June 2016.
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Warning for Aussie small business owners - do not believe Australian Business Funding Centre's government grant claims. They are scams.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a Public Warning Notice about the conduct of Australian Business Funding Centre Pty Ltd (also known as Australian Business Financing Centre or ABFC) which operates the website
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Is anyone else seeing mixed results with Googlebot rendering pages and indexing content generated via JavaScript?

I dynamically add structured data to pages due to limitations of the CMS I work on.

Over the past month or so I've noticed the structured data report switching between reporting the rendered results and the none rendered results.

It's like some of the bots crawling the site are not rendering the content.
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+Jarno van Driel It's only recently that I'm seeing Google fail to pick up our JavaScript generated structured data. And this is across multiple sites, and on ones that did work consistently in the past.

I'm trying to work out if there is another way to reliably test if Google is not rendering when it crawls.
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Tony “Tiggerito” McCreath

Structured data markup  - 
Is a url in schema still valid if you skip the protocol?

The Structured Data testing Tool says it is for microdata, but not for json-ld.
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+Aaron Bradley W3C answers it. If it is href/src/data then the URL can be relative and it gets resolved. Like in my microdata example. However, if it is something like meta + content, it is left as is.

I did a test to confirm that in the SDTT. Interestingly it does not resolve the URL for a content attribute, but it also does not show an error. So still not quite doing the right thing in my opinion.

I'm not actually saying we should use relative URLs. I just found it interesting that they can work, and now I know that in some cases W3C says they are valid.

Many people will be marking up existing links and images which use relative URLs. I think the support for that is a must. When we add stand alone structured data it makes sense to be very specific and use absolute URLs. Hence why I saw the mixed error response.
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This is how Googlebot deals with large sites. Speeding in with loud music and big wheels.
+Tony McCreath will be happy to hear that Googlebot & Edison are working together now. Crawling the web requires thinking at scale, so we pimped the ride a little bit.
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Woj caught up with Larry Kim to pick his brain about how to produce & promote valuable content, the continuing success of WordStream and much much more.
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Lucky I'm a Google Partner. Get your Keyword Reports here ;-)
HUGE -> No more "Free" Access for SEOs... Google Restricts Keyword Planner Access to Active AdWords Advertisers
Do you use Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research for SEO? Unless you are running an active AdWords campaign, you will no longer have access to use Google’s keyword tool at all. Over the weekend, I began hearing reports that Google has turned off access to those that use the tool without also being an …
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Sounds like a lot of confusion going on around this. Maybe some backpedaling from AdWords!
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Google is now reporting when "rich results" happen in the Search Consoles Analytics report.

It's backdated to their last official Update on the 27th April.

From what I can tell, it includes times when rich snippets are included in the displayed result. e.g. product priced, reviews, recipe data etc..

A good report is to filter by rich results then display pages. Then you can see which pages are worthy of rich snippets.
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A funky place, great for small gigs and cabaret shows.
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My goto spot after shopping in the markets. A glass of wine to recover from all the hard work :-)
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Nice outside spot for a glass of wine and watching cars do u-turns. Food is good too.
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A big open venue just a stones throw from the beach.
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Nice for a sunny lunch sitting outside with a Chinese beer and noodle soup.
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The place to go to get electrical gadgets, cables, tools etc.
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I'm now enjoying the benefits of solar power in my city based townhouse. Which I can monitor via the internet. Installation went smoothly with help in sorting out the rebates and dealing with the electricity people.
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