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Big Announcement Time

With huge things ahead from the company, Heroic Journey Publishing has come to me to find them artists. That's right, I have a regular gaming industry gig now other than just posting your favorite Gaming inspiration posts. So let's show them what kind of a response I can get from my gaming circles. I know I have more than a few artists seeing my feed, I found one of them waving at me from across the ocean last night!

While their products have mainly been sci-fi and mecha-based to this point, HJP is truly branching out into all genres when it comes to art. I'd like to here from you with your talents from character illustration to map-making, from a great skill at draw weapons to only working with landscapes and scenery.

If you are an artist in the gaming industry, collectible card industry, comic industry or you are willing to do some commercial illustration for roleplaying games, give me a shout in a private message here as soon as you can along with some experience, samples of your work and current availability and I'll help you get some work doing what you enjoy doing best! If you aren't an artist, but you have some people to recommend due to being awed from their art in the past or having a good relationship with them, shoot me a few lines with their contact info!

Remember I'm always trying to roll it forward, folks! Take this opportunity to make it happen. I know you are busy right now +Jenna Fowler and +Emily Vitori , but I need to hear from both of you when you get a chance.

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I can draw a wicked stick figure, but that's about it. I'll share in case any of my followers are better artists than me.
I'll send you a Private Post with an artist I know's info.
Awesome response so far, folks, keep the suggestions and call outs coming! Good things ahead.
I'd be interested. My deviantart account is, where my most recent pieces are black and white digital paintings I did for a LARP system book coming out to print in the next month.
How do you private message on G+?I am not too terribly tech savvy. Do I just send an e mail to your gmail? What's your gmail?
+Kim Hathaway Make a new post/share and share it with only the person you intend it to be for.
I do black and white artwork, there're a couple of images on my profile. I'd love to contribute!
Hi +Tony Love, I just wanted to let you know that I emailed you two days ago. Were you able to get a chance to look at it? Thanks for giving us this opportunity!
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