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Gallifrey Falls No More
The Fourth Doctor (sort of) returns with the Doctor Who Curator Figure Set, offering a new mystery for Whovians to ponder. At the end of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, the Eleventh Doctor comes face-to-face with the mysterious Curator... who happens to bear a striking resemblance to
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Tony Love

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Won great auction for kids' laptops on Ebay and got sent an email one hour later saying the account had been fraudulently compromised. Given that the money went through PayPal and no other communications were received, any of idea how much hassle I will go through tomorrow getting it back? My bank tonight said it would be five days before they could do anything just from their end alone and EBay is closed til morning.

My bad luck streak with computers and tablets continues, but the third replacement tablet from RCA arrived Wednesday and my fingers have been crossed it will not glitch up.
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Paypal will sort it out.  eBay will do nothing.  At least if my wife's experience with a compromised account is any guide.
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Tony Love

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AMAZING art for Into the Deep by artist Ben Wootten

Grab the book now, and get the double-sided poster map AND a PDF supplement for free!

#Numenera   #NinthWorldKS  
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Ben Wooten's been doing some of my favorite contemporary RPG art:
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Tony Love

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:::::::: LotFP at ANTIGENCON 2 ::::::::

There's a bunch of LotFP games being run online over this Gen Con weekend, and there's always room for more mutilations. We got:

+Anxious P. 
The Haughty & Persnickety Hoggsnorgles (LotFP as Base System)
2100GMT (4:00 PM CST) Thursday 30th
5-6 Players (preferable, at most)

Sandbox type Adventure centered around the recent presence of Noble Giant Families and the issues that they now present to society. 

The adventure will be investigatory in nature with a high chance of horrible confrontations occurring. But the Academy/University will pay up, for sure. Follow me for blogposts regarding the aforementioned class variant builds.

+Sam Pender 
The Brine Beacon: A LotFP adventure set in Fritz Leiber's world of Nehwon
1900 GMT (1pm US Central) Friday 31st
3-4 players, for 3-4 hours.

A band of rogues seeking respite from the tedium of the Land of Eight Cities' political season are thrown into a frantic search for a dangerous relic from the sunken realm of Simorgya.

This will be Ruined City Crawl adventure for 3rd level LotFP characters. Fighters and Specialists are normal but I have my own rules for Clerics and Magic-Users which I will give to interested players. Flailsnails characters allowed with GM approval.

+Terry Gwazdosky 
Horror from the Heights (Modified Carcosa/LotFP)
1300 GMT (9AM EST) Saturday 1st
3-5 players, for 3-4 hours

A small village of bone men hire you to investigate a spate of disappearances that coincide with strange lights in the sky to the north. Pre-gens provided.

+Joe D 
Blood Island (LOTFP hack)
1400 GMT (10am EST) Sunday 2nd
4-7 players, for roughly 3 hours

Explore the ruins of an ancient fortress/city on Blood Island, sack and loot it before your ancestral enemies do, and earn your birthright while discovering the secret history of your race. Definitely Flailsnails, characters of level 3-6. Anyone who is interested email me in advance and I'll forward you a working copy of the LOTFP hack rules I'll be using.  

Interested? DON'T SIGN UP HERE. Click the link below and add a +1 to the games you wanna play that are listed in the comments.

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Tony Love

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That N, such a kidder (and kisser) when you catch its interest!
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Tony Love

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Thanks, +Ken St. Andre​!
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Welcome aboard Tony! :)
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Tony Love

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This is mighty. We have all seen lots of Kickstarters, but this one is one I hope to see succeed. Jeans that look good and fit well, for folks who use wheelchairs! 
Heidi McKenzie is raising funds for Alter UR Ego: Wheelchair Fashion, Made in the USA on Kickstarter! We are designing adaptable clothing for people in wheelchairs. All the fashion and function, because when you look good you feel good!
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This looks like something I would (will) find and wear. Pockets by the pelvis are useless. This is why I prefer cargo. 
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Tony Love

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Travel in Hellraiser fandom long enough and you'll hear the name Simon Sayce. So who is Simon Sayce? He's the artist behind the Lament Configuration design, part of a creative design team that designed the hellish box and the box has secrets. According to Simon,"I was an employee of the film company, not Clive. I worked with Clive as a member of a creative team. But my job was to design the box, Which I did. In my flat in Oxford, using Rotring pens and cardboard when needed. Clive, of course, inspired us all. I liken it to being the driving force behind a F1 team. The driver is the front man. Someone else runs the business side. But there will be one man who designs the front wing, that will be his job alone. He may not get the credit or be up in lights. He will also be the one who gets fired when it does not work!"

Now here's a gaming angle to this of course. DM's should make their magic items unique to say the least. Just look at the care and thought that went into this iconic puzzle box. Don't rip the box off, instead think about the item in question having some unique properties and history behind it.
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Yeah it was and the first two are my favorites, Simon is a great guy and there's lots of stories in front of and behind the camera. Amazing films on many levels.
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Tony Love

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I'm proto-brainstorming a Delta Green game using parts of Night's Black Agents, ToC and Esoterrorists. My birthday spending caught me up on the excellent Ken Writes series of DTRPG pdfs and I grabbed Dennis Detwiller's Tales from Failed Anatomies to complete my Delta Green fiction collection. It may be a few months, but I look forward to gaming again.

#deltagreen #gumshoe #cthulhu
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Funny. We started a Delta Green Campaign using Gumshoe last week :-) With "Fear Itself!" rules.
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Tony Love

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This kind of artwork makes me wanna run/play Deadlands again! Sadizzim has some great DL artwork in his gallery on Deviant Art.

#gaminginspiration #deadlands
This is not an official Deadlands document! The Deadlands logo is the property of Pinnacle Entertainment ***CREDIT*** The Steam Chopper by the master fabricator Jeff Bates www.offroa...
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I'd like to say life had some glitches, many patches and I used cheat code several times, but I did make it to 42 without losing all my lives, quarters and got three great kiddos that were the most magnificent DLC ever. Do me a favor and flood me with birthday wishes, this year I earned them!
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So not only have you leveled up, you have also achieved status as the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  Here's your towel.  (grin)
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Most of you will probably add me because I love tabletop roleplaying or because I am a Doctor Who fan.

My time zone is -6 GMT. I keep to very odd sleep schedules, so never be afraid to schedule games or chats outside of my time zone. I can make schedules. I do enjoy tabletop gaming over G+ Hangouts, so ask if you'd like to roleplay!

Please do not "Share" any of my limited posts that include information about my location, or the location of my home.

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Kind-hearted father of three wonderful kids, full custody and divorced. I'm interested in education, philosophy, mysticism, hermeticism and Neo-Victorian values. I have a big interest in internet techology, specifically when it comes to evolving forms of social networking. I do not Tweet and seldom email unless its something official. I like all sorts of urban fantasy, intellectual horror, soft sci-fi and light fantasy. I'm a fan of Asian cinema and, very rarely, anime. I addicted to ebooks, several a week. I've been known to read a lot of comics, but I am not a collector because I rarely keep them.


I've been roleplaying for thirty years, starting at the age of eight with a brand-new red box copy of Dungeons & Dragons in 1983. I played all the TSR games for years (Boot Hill, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, etc.) and branched into other games in the early ninties primarily FASA (Battletech, Shadowrun and Earthdawn) and Lion Rampart/White Wolf (Ars Magica and then the whole World of Darkness line). I had a huge exposure to Call of Cthulhu in college and I've played through and enjoyed most of the early line of modules and sourcebooks. I didn't get to play the game for years, but I did continue to be a closet collector. The World of Darkness line was the first time that I saw gaming writers as fans and learned that the games and storylines are written by highly accessible people that enjoyed creating worlds as much as I liked playing in them, so I continue to thank all of those people in my thoughts.

I might not get to say I've played with the early D&D movers and shakers, but I was there in spirit and online with the early World of Darkness. I always wanted to give live-action gaming a try, but I was never in the right place at the right time. Never joined the Camarilla, but always wanted a local scene. I have no favorites in oWoD because I've played and enjoyed them all. I stopped with oWoD games around the time of Revised because it just got too big for me to try and incorporate into multi-supernatural campaigns that I enjoyed, but I did like KotE and HtR.

I got back into Palladium for a brief while and Cyberpunk/Mekton before discovering my next big obsession with Legend of the Five Rings, Deadlands and 7th Sea. I've played almost every major indy game over the past twenty years either in home games or at conventions. 

My current viewpoint is that less complicated systems create more story opportunities, so that's my current obsession. My big hero has been Drive-Thru RPG for doing so much to get things online, in-print and released in general.

I'm looking at finally getting around to doing some writing and creating of my own because I've decided it is time. That was much more long-winded than you wanted to know, but I've been gaming for a long time and its one of my favorite ranting topics. I've met an ex-wife, lovers, best friends and enemies through gaming. I've gotten to know some of the most interesting people in this hobby I enjoy and its taught me how to tell and share in stories with the best gamers I could ever seek to meet.

Few of My Favorite Things:

Apocalypse World
Dungeon World
Tenra Bansho
Legend of the Five Rings
Warhammer FRP2
Unknown Armies
Hundreds more...

Doctor Who
Star Wars
Star Wars
Warhammer 40K
Warehouse 13

Movies of Note
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Seven Samurai
House of Flying Daggers
Return of the Jedi
Van Helsing
Bragging rights
I've met and made more friends with roleplayers in the past few years than my previous 32 years of gaming. G+ is doing it right!
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