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We broke 10,000 members when I wasn't looking. The number of roleplayers on G+ always continues to amaze me, but the fact that we can share ideas, games and a sense of community is even more special. If you enjoy tabletop roleplaying games, we have a chair open at the table for you!
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Anyone have input on what material would be best to 10-11' width by 7' high wall, cheaply with green screen? I know some folks swear by lime or florescent poster board, but I want to try to get as few defect artifacts in the image as possible. I also need to light a 10' x 12' room for video. I don't have a light meter, reflectors, etc. I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible for the project, but its going to lead to some awesome roleplay/gaming related videos.
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Thanks so much to everyone. I my major was broadcast production for two years in college and the tech has changed a lot. Green screen was really primitive back then.

A friend got me Sony Vegas Pro last year as a present and I want to put it and my old classes to good use making videos to help the gaming community that has done so much to help me.
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Tony Love

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The Tale of Hundred-Faced Jean & the Brass-Hearted Inspector
Art by vejiicakes
Check out our community :
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Tony Love

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Playing Super Mario Bros like a boss. #SuperMario

Edit: Here is the link to Fullscreen Mario HTML5 git repository:
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But will he be able to complete the game, including the 256 hidden levels?
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Tony Love

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Great and unique character generators are always awesome.

H/t +Roger Burgess!
An old link with my character generator. Ideal for henchmen and the like. For B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord (plate mail is more expensive!).
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I like this one especially because it equips the characters too.

Perfect for hirelings npcs, whatever.

And the source is freely available too. 
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Tony Love

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We are well underway in coordinating a job fair for the very talented World of Darkness team that already has massive support from this amazing industry. Please send any leads to whether representatives can attend or not.
The job fair will be Tuesday, April 22 from 10am-2pm at the Courtyard Marriot in downtown Decatur, GA. Shares of this post are appreciated.
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Tony Love

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Uðr (Frothing Wave) is a Norse Giantess, a Goddess and Personification of an aspect of Ocean Waves. She is one of the Nine daughters of Ægir and Rán, God and Goddess of the Sea.
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This brings to mind an  Inuit Goddess  Sedna
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Tony Love

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Mr. Beargguy III has a standing message for all of us.

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This is one of the most solid gaming products for a majority of game campaigns I want to run since Unknown Armies 2E was published. I have a massive amount of respect for every page in this book. That might not mean a lot to everyone reading this until you realize I have literally read from cover to cover, hundreds if not thousands of gaming books since UA 2E!
SEAN'S PICK OF THE DAY: In light of recent events, I think there are some folks out there wanting to show some White Wolf love. Getting money into Onyx Path's coffers (the licensee who publishes all World of Darkness tabletop RPG stuff) is a good move, since that may mean more work for those who are in sudden need of it.

As well, you're looking at an $18.00 product on sale for $10.00 - the God Machine Chronicle, designed to be the ultimate "starter" product for any and all World of Darkness fans and fans-to-be.
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Nik May
I have some mechanical issues with it, but agree whole-heartedly as to the quality. Every page is dripping with flavour.
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Tony Love

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Most of you will probably add me because I love tabletop roleplaying or because I am a Doctor Who fan.

My time zone is -6 GMT. I keep to very odd sleep schedules, so never be afraid to schedule games or chats outside of my time zone. I can make schedules. I do enjoy tabletop gaming over G+ Hangouts, so ask if you'd like to roleplay!

Please do not "Share" any of my limited posts that include information about my location, or the location of my home.

Put me in Circles about: tabletop RPGs, Doctor Who, geek culture, parenting, Legend of the Five Rings, use of social media tools, print/web design, graphic arts, poetry, photo manipulation, computer gaming, MMO games, simulation games, board games, World of Warcraft, CCGs, movies, music, social networking, LARP and SCA

Don't put me in Circles about reality television, televised court trials, professional US sports, celebrity gossip.


Kind-hearted father of three wonderful kids, full custody and divorced. I'm interested in education, philosophy, mysticism, hermeticism and Neo-Victorian values. I have a big interest in internet techology, specifically when it comes to evolving forms of social networking. I do not Tweet and seldom email unless its something official. I like all sorts of urban fantasy, intellectual horror, soft sci-fi and light fantasy. I'm a fan of Asian cinema and, very rarely, anime. I addicted to ebooks, several a week. I've been known to read a lot of comics, but I am not a collector because I rarely keep them.


I've been roleplaying for thirty years, starting at the age of eight with a brand-new red box copy of Dungeons & Dragons in 1983. I played all the TSR games for years (Boot Hill, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, etc.) and branched into other games in the early ninties primarily FASA (Battletech, Shadowrun and Earthdawn) and Lion Rampart/White Wolf (Ars Magica and then the whole World of Darkness line). I had a huge exposure to Call of Cthulhu in college and I've played through and enjoyed most of the early line of modules and sourcebooks. I didn't get to play the game for years, but I did continue to be a closet collector. The World of Darkness line was the first time that I saw gaming writers as fans and learned that the games and storylines are written by highly accessible people that enjoyed creating worlds as much as I liked playing in them, so I continue to thank all of those people in my thoughts.

I might not get to say I've played with the early D&D movers and shakers, but I was there in spirit and online with the early World of Darkness. I always wanted to give live-action gaming a try, but I was never in the right place at the right time. Never joined the Camarilla, but always wanted a local scene. I have no favorites in oWoD because I've played and enjoyed them all. I stopped with oWoD games around the time of Revised because it just got too big for me to try and incorporate into multi-supernatural campaigns that I enjoyed, but I did like KotE and HtR.

I got back into Palladium for a brief while and Cyberpunk/Mekton before discovering my next big obsession with Legend of the Five Rings, Deadlands and 7th Sea. I've played almost every major indy game over the past twenty years either in home games or at conventions. 

My current viewpoint is that less complicated systems create more story opportunities, so that's my current obsession. My big hero has been Drive-Thru RPG for doing so much to get things online, in-print and released in general.

I'm looking at finally getting around to doing some writing and creating of my own because I've decided it is time. That was much more long-winded than you wanted to know, but I've been gaming for a long time and its one of my favorite ranting topics. I've met an ex-wife, lovers, best friends and enemies through gaming. I've gotten to know some of the most interesting people in this hobby I enjoy and its taught me how to tell and share in stories with the best gamers I could ever seek to meet.

Few of My Favorite Things:

Apocalypse World
Dungeon World
Tenra Bansho
Legend of the Five Rings
Warhammer FRP2
Unknown Armies
Hundreds more...

Doctor Who
Star Wars
Star Wars
Warhammer 40K
Warehouse 13

Movies of Note
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Seven Samurai
House of Flying Daggers
Return of the Jedi
Van Helsing
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