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More good update news on Shadowrun Online. I'm looking forward to this one mainly for nostalgia purposes, but also as a way of geeking out with other Sixth World fans. I'll be devoting hours to this on release, just like I did for Shadowrun Returns, but hopefully dozens more.
Shadowrun Online has been given a nice little boost thanks to a distribution deal with Nordic Games. Shadowrun Online is a new team tactical RPG from Cliffhanger Productions. Although it’s already available through Steam Early Access, Nordic has agr…
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Is Salem worth watching? I'm looking for another urban fantasy show to binge on over the weekend.
Check out four new posters for WGN America's upcoming Salem Season Two, returning to the network Sunday, April 5.
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We enjoyed Salem.  It does take a while to get to the sweet spot but once it hits it the ride is fun.

Another one that we also liked was Penny Dreadfull.  It's also about the occult but set in a victorian England.  The first season has it's ups and downs but again by the end we found it really interesting.
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Tony Love

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This video game article has relevance for tabletop gaming when you think of troupe-style play such as Ars Magica and the concept of character trees like Dark Sun introduced. I really used to enjoy paying several characters in the same campaign, especially when each allowed me to see bits of the game world. Back when D&D was king, I specialized characters for sessions/dungeons to increase survival factor (and maybe some min-maxing).

But what if character choice was dependent on metal stability of your cadre of characters? Or ability to fit into mission? Playing the tentacled bat-winged wizard from Dungeon Crawl Classics might not be best for a party at the lord's manor, after all.

Protip: Next campaign have an assortment of characters handy. Experience the game world from many eyes and it may broaden the experience and give the GM new ways to entertain or torture you!
Darkest Dungeon has a stress system. It is cruel, unrelenting, disturbing and I love it. Oh, Darkest Dungeon. You just seem to get me. First lets quickly run down of how the system works. Darkest Dungeon is a turn based dungeon crawler. You get a missions and you complete them by exploring a ...
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I need to get a copy of Black Ops (and hack it to a more Tommy-friendly system). I loved that set-up better than any "Man in Black" type RPG I've ran or played.
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I'm not looking for much out of Dead Rising: Watchtower other than a solid zombie B-movie with some good improv weapon scenes, but the ad campaign for the movie does feature a good in-universe commercial for Zombrex that might make an interesting prop for your next zombie game. Anyone running those now that there's so many zombie systems (End of the World, Outbreak Undead, All Flesh, etc.)?

We’re just about a month away from the release of Crackle’s Dead Rising: Watchtower, a feature film adaptation of the hit video game franchise that will be premiering on March 27th. On tap for you today is a commercial for… Continue Reading →
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Tony Love

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This looks awesome and I'm sure the dress will have fans in my stream. I guess Hot Topic is good for some things!
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One of my Uresia gamers from a couple of years back, Veronica, basically lived out of Hot Topic, or would have given the option. She self-ID'ed as a "Hot Topic Wannabe Goth," which, hey, self-awareness is good? =)
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Tony Love

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The pilot for the new Dragonball Z live-action fan created web series Light of Hope just got released yesterday and I have to say I was really impressed by the effort. It's an amazing ime to be a geek when video technology lets fans make their dreams come true even without a big studio behind them.
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I wasn't necessarily a fan of DBZ, but I'd watch this...
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Tony Love

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Amazing Red Sonja cosplay to brighten up the evening! 
Considering the insane cold wave we've been passing through recently over here in North America, I wouldn't recommend wearing it outside for more than 5 min
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Perhaps, I would love to see a bit more snarl (ambivalent on the makeup), but the firsst dynamic pic is really great! Wish there were more action shots.
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Tony Love

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Its nice to see Oracle appearing in New 52, even as an AI, but I admit I liked seeing Barbara Gordon in an overwatch/hacker role as well in the pre-52 comics. Marvel is going to be doing a similar thing with Captain America when Falcon takes over the star-spangled shield. We've also seen an example of this is the role of elderly Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond

As a disabled reader, its a shame that the role of informant, eyes in the sky is given to physically impaired comic characters, for the most part. I'd love to see the area explored more by someone who wants and thrives as overwatch instead of being thrust in the position.

But even in gaming, hacker or decker is the role that's hardest to portray. 
By Mark Bristow With today’s publishing of the hyped Secret Origins #10 Batgirl issue, we are given a clean update to her New 52 backstory, as well as some hints to the future. The story is told through the perspective of a narrator we eventually learn is the AI that was placed in Barbara’s spine,... Read more »
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Byrne was a huge part of my childhood, but I've only recently started to grasp the sometimes creeptastic subtext in his work. It makes it hard to revisit, sometimes.
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I want to live in the world where Disney features death metal. As a gamer, I'm always looking for aids to add to immersion for player characters. Finding an artifact like this while hopping parallel worlds, altering time lines or as evidence of reality tampering should show the players that things aren't quite the same as the were!

H/t io9 and The Mary Sue

#gaminginspiration #thestrange #recursion
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Tony Love

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This project makes me wish I'd done the same when I worked at a comic store. Fun way to pass the time if you are a retail counter jockey.
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restaurant staffers and designers, too.
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Tony Love

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Finally! I've been waiting for this story to continue.
Fourteen years after the Image series came to a sudden halt, Madureira returns to finish what he started with his new video game company.
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The real question is, how many months will pass between each issue...
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It's always the right day of the week to share fonts. Here's a site that puts new ones up every Friday! I like the clean looks featured in several of last week's selections.

#graphcdesign #freefonts #typography
Friday fresh free fonts is a series of free fonts posted every Friday, yes I know it's awesome. I will look forward to bring a lot of great fonts that will sure help you improve your typography work. Check out what I selected for you on this FFFF post and make sure to comeback for more next week.
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Like the Moon one !
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Most of you will probably add me because I love tabletop roleplaying or because I am a Doctor Who fan.

My time zone is -6 GMT. I keep to very odd sleep schedules, so never be afraid to schedule games or chats outside of my time zone. I can make schedules. I do enjoy tabletop gaming over G+ Hangouts, so ask if you'd like to roleplay!

Please do not "Share" any of my limited posts that include information about my location, or the location of my home.

Put me in Circles about: tabletop RPGs, Doctor Who, geek culture, parenting, Legend of the Five Rings, use of social media tools, print/web design, graphic arts, poetry, photo manipulation, computer gaming, MMO games, simulation games, board games, World of Warcraft, CCGs, movies, music, social networking, LARP and SCA

Don't put me in Circles about reality television, televised court trials, professional US sports, celebrity gossip.


Kind-hearted father of three wonderful kids, full custody and divorced. I'm interested in education, philosophy, mysticism, hermeticism and Neo-Victorian values. I have a big interest in internet techology, specifically when it comes to evolving forms of social networking. I do not Tweet and seldom email unless its something official. I like all sorts of urban fantasy, intellectual horror, soft sci-fi and light fantasy. I'm a fan of Asian cinema and, very rarely, anime. I addicted to ebooks, several a week. I've been known to read a lot of comics, but I am not a collector because I rarely keep them.


I've been roleplaying for thirty years, starting at the age of eight with a brand-new red box copy of Dungeons & Dragons in 1983. I played all the TSR games for years (Boot Hill, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, etc.) and branched into other games in the early ninties primarily FASA (Battletech, Shadowrun and Earthdawn) and Lion Rampart/White Wolf (Ars Magica and then the whole World of Darkness line). I had a huge exposure to Call of Cthulhu in college and I've played through and enjoyed most of the early line of modules and sourcebooks. I didn't get to play the game for years, but I did continue to be a closet collector. The World of Darkness line was the first time that I saw gaming writers as fans and learned that the games and storylines are written by highly accessible people that enjoyed creating worlds as much as I liked playing in them, so I continue to thank all of those people in my thoughts.

I might not get to say I've played with the early D&D movers and shakers, but I was there in spirit and online with the early World of Darkness. I always wanted to give live-action gaming a try, but I was never in the right place at the right time. Never joined the Camarilla, but always wanted a local scene. I have no favorites in oWoD because I've played and enjoyed them all. I stopped with oWoD games around the time of Revised because it just got too big for me to try and incorporate into multi-supernatural campaigns that I enjoyed, but I did like KotE and HtR.

I got back into Palladium for a brief while and Cyberpunk/Mekton before discovering my next big obsession with Legend of the Five Rings, Deadlands and 7th Sea. I've played almost every major indy game over the past twenty years either in home games or at conventions. 

My current viewpoint is that less complicated systems create more story opportunities, so that's my current obsession. My big hero has been Drive-Thru RPG for doing so much to get things online, in-print and released in general.

I'm looking at finally getting around to doing some writing and creating of my own because I've decided it is time. That was much more long-winded than you wanted to know, but I've been gaming for a long time and its one of my favorite ranting topics. I've met an ex-wife, lovers, best friends and enemies through gaming. I've gotten to know some of the most interesting people in this hobby I enjoy and its taught me how to tell and share in stories with the best gamers I could ever seek to meet.

Few of My Favorite Things:

Apocalypse World
Dungeon World
Tenra Bansho
Legend of the Five Rings
Warhammer FRP2
Unknown Armies
Hundreds more...

Doctor Who
Star Wars
Star Wars
Warhammer 40K
Warehouse 13

Movies of Note
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Seven Samurai
House of Flying Daggers
Return of the Jedi
Van Helsing
  • University of Kentucky
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