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I'm hoping that Drew Goddard stepping away as executive producer next season won't effect DD drastically. Anyone heard who is taking over the reigns? I don't blame Goddard for doing Sinister Six, but I do wonder if Sony scalping from MCU talent is going to be a bitter thing or if its part of the tradeoff along with the character share that was worked out between Sony and Marvel.
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I can't imagine it will be before Defenders.
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I'm putting together a Wordpress site for all the random reviews and blog posts I've written and not put online for the past few months. I know its nothing fancy, but it is a start.

Baby steps, though, or my head and neck are very likely to explode!
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Roleplaying has always been more than a hobby to me. Ideally, for the last decade, its ts been a way of making new friends, discovering new things about myself and those I'm gaming with at a table or on my screen and relaxing for a few hours as I dive into a shared world built equally by the players and gamemaster.

These are not the goals of every gamer, I'd be shocked and think it really strange if it were. We are all different people, with different wants and needs both at the table and in life. During my gaming career, my own goals have changed often. There was no right or wrong way to any of it, but there were times I regretted being at the table and I did not enjoy myself. I rolled dice, I watched the clock and my mind wandered wondering why I had even kept up with the hobby, many times in those decades. Learning from those mistakes kept bringing me back, changing the rules, the faces, the setting and the elements until the game was fun and enganing again as quickly as I could. I never liked being in any type of creative rut and gaming is the most creatie of any of my hobbies. Every player and GM is a worldmaker just as much as warriors and wizards, with the ability to create new blank slates more than in any other past generation of gaming.

I haven't played as much as I probably should lately, but I've been thinking a lot about what I want from games and players because I want to get back to the table again. It took some thought, some notes, some books and lots of reflection. I know thousands of other gamers and I have the mics, the cameras, the dice and the rules.

So I urge you to look inside if you haven't gamed or if you are in a slump at the table. Think about the experiences you want to have, the fun you've had in the past. Its never time to retire those dice forever, but it may take a jump start to find the path to the game you want, the table you need. The answers are in you more than any rulebook or random charts.

There are others out there waiting that want the same game. We now have the tools to find them.

Roll it forward!

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Well said! 
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Tony Love

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iZombie fraggin' nailed it as an urban fantasy series! I'll be sticking with the show as long as it stays as snaaping awesome as its pilot! Go have a watch if your tastes are at all like mine.
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I really liked the first episode, and I originally thought the idea was dumb at first blush.  Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.
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Tony Love

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Just wanted to let people know about this. On March 27th starting at 8pm myself and several other members of the Heroic Journey Publishing will be having an interview and Q&A at everyone is welcome if you can please be there to show support.

Mark Reed is raising funds for Mecha West on Kickstarter! The Mecha RPG of Steam engines! Smoke stacks! Shoulder mounted cannons and cavalry sabers bigger than barns!
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Tony Love

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I've been reading a lot of comics lately and I know its spilled more into my threads than roleplaying lately, but they are related in my musings. I love a lot of traditional games and most of them have powers, abilities, etc. I'm trying to get my older son into more games and over the years, I've always tried to bring new people into the hobby. With him, and a lot of new players, the question has always been why so many books?

Nick isn't sure of what genre or type of game he wants to play, so as an experiment, I have been reading through super hero rpgs. Its unlikely we'll run anything straight capes, so I've been looking at HERO, MHRP, Supers!, MSH, ICONS and a full line up of other robust supers systems to do everything from urban fantasy, planet hopping sci-fi, pulp adventure, etc. to run whatever type of character he can come up with. I'm also eyeing Fantasy HERO because Champions Complete hit a high spot. I've got back ip systems like GURPS or simpler multi-genre compliant games like WushuBlack Belt, Risus, etc., but I'm trying to limit myself to just supers games as his consulting GM.

I'll look at the character that grows out of the experiment. Maybe we won't even need to use the system that we make the character in at all, if the build doesn't require it. Super hero systems will allow us to build almost anything to see what type of system we need, though, and they are great for solo play since he's leaning toward playing a game without his brother or sister.

Just like in comics, the games made to simulate them prove that anything can possible. Not a bad lesson to learn as GM or a player, least at my tables. Of course, like in comics, the rules, the foundation set by the creator and the genre, show just how hard or easy, it is to make those possibilities happen!
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Tony Love

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I wonder if she'd accept a used older stepbrother as sacrifice? He's mostly goblin already and I'm great at mazes!
The Goblin Queen
This is one of those cosplays that make so much sense in hindsight. This is Jareth the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, from Labyrinth. Except; this is
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When you look at Bowie's package for too long, Bowie's package will look into you.
- Nietzsche (sort of) 
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Tony Love

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This came out today and its an awesome deal if anyone in your household wants to fiddle with manga. I plan on using it to create replays and character creation aids in the future. I suck at drawing, but I do have several JRPG and anime-related games, so I think this might be a fun way to spend some time.

The main software is 88% off, the expansion packs are also available for varying prices.
PC Game Bundles and Indie Bundles - Awesome games, amazing discounts!
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Tony Love

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Via +Carrie Canup
Hey people - Strange one but a very important one for me.

My daughter is disabled and has recently been given splints to help her start to walk. She's never been able to wear shoes other then ones given to her to help her feet, and they have been very unfeminine huge boots. 

So I am calling on the community to see if someone more skilled could design something or make some vinyl graphics just to make them more girly for her. You can help just by sharing the post and hopefully someone that can help will see it.

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Tony Love

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Everybody was kaiju fighting!
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Mothra is my favourite!
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Tony Love

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I'd carry one in my wallet, but there would be a chance of breakage, quite a dire predicament for a gentleman concerned with safety. Monocles, at least, never expire!
Zachary Weiner is raising funds for The Gentleman's Single-Use Monocle on Kickstarter! Introducing, the world's first Disposable Single-Use Unlubricated Monocle, for the On-the-Go Gentleman (or Lady).
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Tony Love

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This new game from the design team of Ingress sounds pretty interesting. It even has some pre-release lore linked to the article below, if you are interested in getting a headstart!
The same team behind Google's Ingress has announced its next title, Endgame: Proving Ground. According to released information, Endgame is a mobile location-based title that will ask players to join one of twelve of humanity's original Lines and will create opportunities for PvP 'battles' with ...
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Interesting. Worth a look when I'm not on a work system.
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Most of you will probably add me because I love tabletop roleplaying or because I am a Doctor Who fan.

My time zone is -6 GMT. I keep to very odd sleep schedules, so never be afraid to schedule games or chats outside of my time zone. I can make schedules. I do enjoy tabletop gaming over G+ Hangouts, so ask if you'd like to roleplay!

Please do not "Share" any of my limited posts that include information about my location, or the location of my home.

Put me in Circles about: tabletop RPGs, Doctor Who, geek culture, parenting, Legend of the Five Rings, use of social media tools, print/web design, graphic arts, poetry, photo manipulation, computer gaming, MMO games, simulation games, board games, World of Warcraft, CCGs, movies, music, social networking, LARP and SCA

Don't put me in Circles about reality television, televised court trials, professional US sports, celebrity gossip.


Kind-hearted father of three wonderful kids, full custody and divorced. I'm interested in education, philosophy, mysticism, hermeticism and Neo-Victorian values. I have a big interest in internet techology, specifically when it comes to evolving forms of social networking. I do not Tweet and seldom email unless its something official. I like all sorts of urban fantasy, intellectual horror, soft sci-fi and light fantasy. I'm a fan of Asian cinema and, very rarely, anime. I addicted to ebooks, several a week. I've been known to read a lot of comics, but I am not a collector because I rarely keep them.


I've been roleplaying for thirty years, starting at the age of eight with a brand-new red box copy of Dungeons & Dragons in 1983. I played all the TSR games for years (Boot Hill, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, etc.) and branched into other games in the early ninties primarily FASA (Battletech, Shadowrun and Earthdawn) and Lion Rampart/White Wolf (Ars Magica and then the whole World of Darkness line). I had a huge exposure to Call of Cthulhu in college and I've played through and enjoyed most of the early line of modules and sourcebooks. I didn't get to play the game for years, but I did continue to be a closet collector. The World of Darkness line was the first time that I saw gaming writers as fans and learned that the games and storylines are written by highly accessible people that enjoyed creating worlds as much as I liked playing in them, so I continue to thank all of those people in my thoughts.

I might not get to say I've played with the early D&D movers and shakers, but I was there in spirit and online with the early World of Darkness. I always wanted to give live-action gaming a try, but I was never in the right place at the right time. Never joined the Camarilla, but always wanted a local scene. I have no favorites in oWoD because I've played and enjoyed them all. I stopped with oWoD games around the time of Revised because it just got too big for me to try and incorporate into multi-supernatural campaigns that I enjoyed, but I did like KotE and HtR.

I got back into Palladium for a brief while and Cyberpunk/Mekton before discovering my next big obsession with Legend of the Five Rings, Deadlands and 7th Sea. I've played almost every major indy game over the past twenty years either in home games or at conventions. 

My current viewpoint is that less complicated systems create more story opportunities, so that's my current obsession. My big hero has been Drive-Thru RPG for doing so much to get things online, in-print and released in general.

I'm looking at finally getting around to doing some writing and creating of my own because I've decided it is time. That was much more long-winded than you wanted to know, but I've been gaming for a long time and its one of my favorite ranting topics. I've met an ex-wife, lovers, best friends and enemies through gaming. I've gotten to know some of the most interesting people in this hobby I enjoy and its taught me how to tell and share in stories with the best gamers I could ever seek to meet.

Few of My Favorite Things:

Apocalypse World
Dungeon World
Tenra Bansho
Legend of the Five Rings
Warhammer FRP2
Unknown Armies
Hundreds more...

Doctor Who
Star Wars
Star Wars
Warhammer 40K
Warehouse 13

Movies of Note
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Seven Samurai
House of Flying Daggers
Return of the Jedi
Van Helsing
Bragging rights
I've met and made more friends with roleplayers in the past few years than my previous 32 years of gaming. G+ is doing it right!
Owner of G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games Community
RPG Advocacy, graphic design software, office management, creative writing, team leadership/project coordination
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