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I would love an XL :D
Simple. I have a couple larges and a couple XL's. I only have two medium sweatshirts. Circle me, reshare and comment with size. I can ship in US. #HoodiesNShirts
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I wear an extra large. Looking Sweet! Loving your work on the Note 4. Almost returned it until you came along :)
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Tony Layher

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PSA: CyanogenMod is neither Cyanogen Inc nor Cyanogen OS. Please, Android community, choose different acronyms than "CM" to describe Cyanogen Inc and Cyanogen OS.

This point has been reiterated several times in blog posts at but is still WIDELY misunderstood.

If you see something, say something (politely and succinctly).
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Gary D
Of course not.
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Tony Layher

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I just wanted to share my thoughts on how some of the US variants of mobile devices are really screwing over the consumer.  This is just one example.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Available cases:
1.  LED Flip Case $50.99
2.  S-View Case $26.96 on sale. $49.99 Normal.
3.  Flip Case, No window. $16.99 to $39.99

Everyone of the above cases replace the back of the device.  The device does not come with wireless charging capability built in.  So in theory if I wanted to purchase a case like the above, but wanted to get wireless charging, I would be out of luck.  You would think for cases that retail for $35.99 and above at the time of release you would be able to get functionality like wireless charging.

If you want wireless charging from a samsung product you have to buy either a special back, just for wireless charging, or there is ONE variant of the S-View case above that provides the wireless charging function.

BTW for the S-View style its $54.99
And just a back, is $31.99

Now I understand there are other aftermarket options to add the functionality from other brands, and there is always the option to buy the wireless charging back ($32) plus what ever case you may want ($?? and lets hope it still works with the wireless charging) but enough already.

Come on +Samsung Mobile USA +AT&T  +T-Mobile +Verizon Wireless +Sprint +LG USA Mobile +HTC and any other major company out there.  We already pay hefty prices for these flagship devices, why do you feel you have to nickel and dime us for simple extra features.  I would also like to note, that many devices in other countries besides the US come standard with these features.

Thanks to +Russell Holly for this, before a discussion with him, I never owned a wireless charging pad for any of my devices.

One final note:  When a device has a non-removable back, issues with supporting/not-supporting features based on the back you use disappear.

/rant off... for now.
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There's also an accessory that acts as an insert to add wireless charging to any Samsung device, but in some cases the insert can cause an unsightly bulge on the back plate. Fonesalesman is the retailer I think.
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Tony Layher

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Well here it goes.  This is something that is slightly different for me, but I hope to get some decent info out there about a new device that I have come in contact with.  Specifically the Samsung Galaxy S6.
I am not one to normally do reviews, but I know what I look for when I read about new devices, and since I was able to get ahold of one so quickly (Thank you +T-Mobile  ) I thought I would take a few minutes to give my impressions.
First let me give a few items about myself.  If you don't care to get an idea of my perspective, skip the next couple paragraphs.
TLDR;  I like it.
1.  I love huge screens.  The +OnePlus One was what I would call about the smallest device I could "enjoy".  Its been this way since i got the Note2, then Note3, Note4 and finally the Nexus 6.  I just love huge hi-res screens.  That is until recently.  The Nexus 6 became just a bit over the top.  I don't have unusually large hands, or large hands at all for that matter, and I found the Nexus 6 just a tad too much to handle reliably.
2.  I don't go overboard on battery saving settings, I don't really do anything to save battery.  I have a few different portable batteries available, but still I tend not to need them.  It may be related to most devices I have use large batteries, or it could be related to the way I use my phone.
3.  To sdcard or not to sdcard.  Personally IDGAF either way.  Sdcards can add convenience, but I think in the way we are moving in our ever changing mobile world the idea of data and media being accessible across several devices at the same time is invaluable.
4.  I love custom ROMs.  More so just knowing that I can choose to download the source and put in the time, or download something else already done, I can load it up make it my own, not to mention all the great features that the Android Community has brought to the table.

1.  Phone is designed well, fits great it in the hand, and it has a very usable size.  I even find the back glass comfortable for my own use.
2.  TW is getting better. Thats saying a lot, because I have always rated TW at the bottom of OEM Skins (Tied with LG.)  Its not as in your face, and mostly tied to the launcher itself.  The notification area is standard TW and did not follow the Lollipop update/style. (Downcheck)  They added Themes and A Theme store!  Much like HTC has had in the past.  Limited options right now, but it appears someone can do quite a bit of theming to the device.  Time will tell.
3.  Between the LP updates to google services, and samsung smart switch it makes it very easy to move to a new device.  Tap and Go from google with transfer your accounts, and smart switch will move your data/media over. (Including my wifes 29GB of photos/videos etc)  It allows you to deselect items also.
4.  Performance.  I have to say, samsung did something good with the exynos 7420.  With no changes, and actually I have not even restarted the device, it is snappy, fluid and responsive. (Not that you should expect anything else from a flagship phone.)
5. Bloat. Its there.  We know that.  It will continue to be there. But, this time its limited to a couple microsoft services like one note and skype, and a couple samsung apps (Office, Milk )
Everything else belongs.  It has your standard Gapp replacements, like Calender etc, but they all bring a few little extra features that make them worth using.  Overall less than before when it comes to extras.  (Don't forget the obligatory TMO stuff).
6.  I like it. Just the way it is.  Would I like to see GPE on it? Yes, CM-12. YES.  CM-12S  YES!.  But can I handle it as a daily driver the way it is.  I definitely can for now.

I loved the note 3.  I love it so much the note 4 was a slight disappointment.  The S6 is not disappointing so far.

I am open to questions, I will answer as best I can.
And... I dont need a pissing contest, or fanboy riot in the comments.

And the now obligatory +Russell Holly mention.
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+adryan maldonado I dont use the camera a huge amount.  Its usually when I am sent to the store with a vague understanding of what to buy, so i take pics to make sure I am getting the right thing.
I checked in the settings, and I found the slow motion settings, but I do not see what actual FPS it will record at.
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Tony Layher

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The uproar from people in the android community over the entire Cyanogen INC situation is absolutely crazy. Here are a couple points I would like to express just to counter a huge consensus of items I see spread around.

1. Cyanogen INC is making all their money off the free contributions of people around the world. Once it's committed it's theirs.
This is one that can be summed up in one word. Linux. There are contributors around the world that add too, bug fix, and improve the Linux kernel on a daily basis. There are also hundreds if not thousands of developers who write open source programs that get added to Distributions like Redhat, Suse, Arch etc. The list goes on for days.
None of those guys get paid for their code unless they work for a company who paid them to develop the code on company time.

2. Giving up Google services for a hodgepodge of other services is stupid.
This was mainly centered around the announcement of the BLU device that will not ship with Google services, but instead amazon, microsoft, etc. That was BLU'S choice. This alone highlights what Cyanogen has been trying to get across to people. It's not about forcing you to use 1 service. It's about choice. In this case BLU chose the services they wanted to include by default. Cyanogen just provided the deep integration for these services to function well. Again it's about choice. Use Google if you want google.

3. Look at amazon, windows phone, etc. They failed to overtake google.
That maybe slightly true in the US, but in other markets around the world that's not always the case. There are also several people saying that a phone with out Google would never make it. Tell that to Xiaomi. They seem to be doing quite well without google services.

With all that being said, you as the end user still have a choice. A choice to buy what handset you want, to use what carrier you want. You also have the choice to hack your device and put what flavor of android you want on it, whether it's +Paranoid Android+Ken -Broken- Greenwood​'s BrokenOS, +OmniROM​ or any of the other tons of ROMS out there. You can even take the time and effort to port any of those or +CyanogenMod​ to your device.
Again it's about choice.

Lastly, money makes the world go round. Whether you like it or not that's the world we live in now. So yes Cyanogen INC is out to make money, just like Google, microsoft, redhat, walmart. There is a capital gain aspect of it all. Last time I checked you can't walk into Best buy and grab a fit bit for free to make you healthier, just cause its the right thing.
Somewhere in the past few years with the introduction of the Play store and the idea of mobile apps a perception of something for nothing appeared. I remember having to buy Microsoft Office, and the subsequent updates every time. Same thing with windows os, photoshop, the list goes on.
I am not saying for a moment that things can't change for the better for consumers but this blanket sense of entitlement for updates and upgrades is getting out of hand.
I am sure there are a few developers like +Koushik Dutta+Chris Lacy​ and even some themers like +Brian Gill​, or +John Xionidis​ and more that would agree.

I have 4 devices that my play store account is tied to. I have 4 copies of the same software installed on all, and it's ok. No pirating, or violation of ToS.
I love it, but I also have no issues paying for the apps I use.

One more point, from all this open source, and potential for change, and innovation, we see things like +Syko Pompos​ bring RRO layers to light, not to forget all the other stuff that the android community has created.
The community is flourishing, and people are turning dreams into reality. At some point we as the user base should stop hating.
Just my 2 cents. Or 3. Maybe it was closer to 3 cents.

Oh and for some reason I feel I have to mention +Russell Holly​, no real reason why. I just do.

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Well everybody has been talking about them, so its obviously working
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Tony Layher

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So this really kind of shows that as much as we want to think Google is the good guy and doing so much for us, they are still a "For Profit" company. So many people are quick to label others (i.e. Microsoft, Cyanogen INC, etc) as evil for trying to get market share from google. Hopefully this adds some insight.
A few years ago, the FTC decided not to pursue an antitrust lawsuit against Google despite finding that its search algorithm really was biased. Now, we f
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No example in that article was in reference to the actual search results. Nevertheless, search results are a better off relevancy. If you're on Google's search page, results from Google are automatically the most relevant. There is NOTHING unethical or "evil" about that, no matter how many times you repeat it. If Google's search algorithms weren't for the benefit of the user, then people would stop using it. It's really just that simple.

Bottom line though, as far as anyone can tell from the actual example in this article, the "services on top of search results list" is referring to the actual services and widgets that Google provides with relevant searches. If you search for a movie, you have the option of buying it on Google Play Movies. If you search an address, you will see a Google Map. If you search for a store, you will see Google Places results. Every one of those cases is for the benefit of the user, and wholly ethical.
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For all you themers and cm-12 end users out there.
We are happy to announce that Themes and Themes Studio now support PAID themes!

Thank you for all of your feedback and contributions over the last several months. The Cyanogen Themes team have been continuing to refine and add new features to support Themes and know that paid themes is one of the top features that theme developers want. We have now rolled out this functionality and are looking forward to your feedback on the new feature. 

The paid theme feature is linked with Google Play so designers will need to have an existing paid theme in Google Play.  Additionally, the paid theme feature only support CM12 themes.

Specific instructions on how to submit both paid and free themes can be found here:


- Deep linking: A new way to share your themes and components to end users. Theme designers can now share your themes on email, text, G+ and other social channels just simply by using the package name and URL:<insert package name>

Example: Hexo theme

- Sorting feature: End users can now browse via sorting theme packs and components by newest, alphabetical, ratings and popularity


We have good news for our OnePlus One users as well. Themes app will be included in the Cyanogen OS 12 OTA update!  We will be replacing the Theme Showcase app with the Themes app so all the above features will become available too!  

We will also no longer update Theme Showcase content.  Any new themes content to Cyanogen OS will need to be uploaded via Themes Studio ( We will provide more information about the transition in a following update.

We hope you will enjoy these features as much as we had fun building it and you can expect many more great new features to come! Tomorrow we will be announcing an additional feature we know you will all enjoy called App Themer.

-Cyanogen Themes Team
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People these days are to quick to believe the first thing they read, and not bother to do the research themselves.  I have seen so much misinformation spread about so many topics it's un-nerving.
On Privacy

It's always a bummer when certain people with an axe to grind make unfounded claims that we are actively putting our users in harms way. And that they just happen to write for the front page of XDA. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I just wanted to pause for a second and make it clear where both my company (Cyanogen Inc) stands and where I personally stand on the topic of keeping control in the hands of our users.

One of our goals is to enable powerful services to become part of our platform rather than a bunch of bolt-ons thoughtlessly thrown together. But we'll never do it without your permission, and we'll always have extra layers of defense.

Check out the screenshots below of some of the things we've built to make this a reality before jumping to conclusions.

As always- if you have ideas on how to improve these features, we are listening!
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This doesn't surprise me at all.  There is a bunch of dicks in any decent sized public group.  The butthurt is strong in a lot of them.
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I have just about had it with +ZAGG and their screen protectors.  This all pertains to my nexus 6.
1.  I had a glass screen protector on it.  Worked well at first installation except the edges were not really staying down.  After about a month the proximity sensor started acting up.  I attributed it to software.  I wiped, flashed factory firmware, etc, with no cure.  I did some googling and found some people having issues with the Zagg and the nexus 6.  So reluctantly I pulled the Glass protector off, and found that the proximity sensor was working fine.
2.  Due to their lifetime warranty I ordered a replacement.  I was hoping that maybe due to some time passing, they may have refined the glass model some and it would fit better and give me the proximity sensor back.  I installed it per the instructions, and much to my dismay the proximity sensor immediately stopped working again.
3.  I emailed zagg, and they sent me an HDX version without hesitation.  I prefer the glass edition, but if this got the phone back working, then I would go for it.  

NOW Up to this point, I have been happy with their customer service and mostly happy with their products.  My Note4 had some issues with the edges also, but its still works.

This is where everything took a turn for the worse.  The Zagg HDX I got has a sticker at the bottom: "LG GOOGLE NEXUS 6".  The package is a little beat, but intact.  I open it, and look inside.  The new HDX is in there along with the required installation wipes.  I look at the protector itself, and see what look like air bubbles in the installation layers and lint like substance around the edges.  This worries me slightly but I give it a chance and start the installation process.  As I pull the first layer off, I see the "bubbles" go away, and thats when I realize there is debris and dust on the sticky side of the protector. W.T.F.

So as I look at my OPO with its $7.49 Amazon 2.5D 9H Glass protector that is going strong almost a year later I am starting to question why I spent the extra $27.50 on a Zagg thinking I would get a superior product.

Anyone have any recommendations for the nexus 6 for screen protection?  I am open to suggestions.
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How did you do that? Even intentionally trying to scratch Gorilla Glass 3 with nails and knives proves futile...
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It's getting there!
All About L - Part 1

The one where we take a look at 5.1, Material, New devices and change in policies. 

Also, we're actively looking for feedback around CM File Manager. How would you improve it? Let us know!
It seems Lollipop is on every enthusiast’s mind these days, as OEMs have started a steady stream of OTAs. With this multipart update, we’ll look at the most
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Enter for a chance to win a new chrome book pixel.

We love everything Google here at The Gooru, and what’s more Google than the all-new Chromebook Pixel?!?! The New Chromebook Pixel has a ton of increased specs over the first version, with 8GB of RAM, i5-5200U Processor, and the brand-new USB Type-C charger. We were lucky enough to have the new Pixel given to us, but we really want to give it away to our audience as a thank you!
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Awesome progress on the CM12 Theme system.
New features coming to Themes on Cyanogen OS 12
New features for users to go customization crazy
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