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Tony Layher

I have 3 invites for a One plus 2 to share. Time is limited so let me know if you want one.
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I have another invite for a one plus 2. If someone wants it let me know.
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been able to help out. It helps more than any of you know, and I am so appreciative of everyone.
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I am really going out on a limb with this post.  Please understand as you read this, the difficulty and courage it takes for me to make a post like this.

1 year ago, I suffered a head injury from an innocent fall in my home.  The day that happened, my entire world got turned upside down.  From the head injury I incurred, I now endure seizures several times per week, have audio processing disorder, vision issues that make reading and posting like this hell, and a number of other issues ranging from cognitive to mental health problems.
Due to this injury, I got transferred in my job, and took an approximate $1000 per month loss in pay.  That all occurred in just the first couple months of the injury.  
Because of the vision and cognition issues that I have endured, my hobby that I love (android development) has come to a screeching halt.  I am sure that most of you follow me due to this hobby, and maybe some of you have even seen my decreased involvement in CM, and android in general.
Over the past 12 months, I have learned the "new" me, and gone through several treatments, and therapies to try and improve my "normal" everyday life.  I have spent month after month, trying to keep everything together doing what I can in every situation.

After all this time, of piecing every day, of every month together, I have ran out of options.  I have sold extra devices, had several garage sales, and trimmed every bill down to a bare need and minimum.  It was working until a couple months ago my account got drained by fraudulent charges.  I was able to get the money back, but the wake of collateral damage it caused has caught up to me.  This has my play/wallet account deactivated, and I am unable to do anything but email and google plus with it.  I had several automatic bill payments that failed, which all compounded, and the time for the investigation to occur did not help.

I am lucky because of my current employment I have free health care, but at the same time I am locked into contractual obligations that make seeking other sources of income not possible at this time.  I am hanging by a thread, and thats where this post is coming from.
I have a wife and 6 amazing children that I want to take care of.  My current seizure disorder prevents my wife from seeking employment, because I need constant supervision to avoid further injury.
I need some help getting my head back above water, and getting some past due payments made up, as well as a couple bucks back into savings.
If anyone reading this, can spare anything, and I mean anything, you have no idea what difference you can and will make in my life.  There is no frivolousness here, this is to put food on the table, as well as set us up better for even more changes that will be incoming.  The biggest being my contract is under review to determine if I can contribute with my medical conditions.  The review is not complete, but I know that my seizures alone with not pass the expectations of the review board.  In a short period of time I will no longer have employment.  I am taking steps for other assistance through disability outlets etc, but that all takes time due to my current employment.
Again, this has taken so much out of me to make public, but I will make sure my kids eat, and stay warm and dry. I am swallowing my pride for them.

If you can, or find it in your heart to help, my paypal is

I will do my best to answer any questions, to the fullest if you want to understand more.  I also encourage you to learn more about Traumatic Brain Injuries from the attached link.

Thank you for your time.
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For those of you that don't know, your Google Wallet account and Google Play account are completely linked for purchases.
The importance of this understanding, is that if you have issues with your Wallet account causing it to get deactivated or suspended, you can't buy apps on the play store. Even if you have play credit. So you can have $500 in play credit, and not be able to spend or access it in anyway, if your wallet account has issues.
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I would love an XL :D
Simple. I have a couple larges and a couple XL's. I only have two medium sweatshirts. Circle me, reshare and comment with size. I can ship in US. #HoodiesNShirts
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People these days are to quick to believe the first thing they read, and not bother to do the research themselves.  I have seen so much misinformation spread about so many topics it's un-nerving.
On Privacy

It's always a bummer when certain people with an axe to grind make unfounded claims that we are actively putting our users in harms way. And that they just happen to write for the front page of XDA. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I just wanted to pause for a second and make it clear where both my company (Cyanogen Inc) stands and where I personally stand on the topic of keeping control in the hands of our users.

One of our goals is to enable powerful services to become part of our platform rather than a bunch of bolt-ons thoughtlessly thrown together. But we'll never do it without your permission, and we'll always have extra layers of defense.

Check out the screenshots below of some of the things we've built to make this a reality before jumping to conclusions.

As always- if you have ideas on how to improve these features, we are listening!
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PSA: CyanogenMod is neither Cyanogen Inc nor Cyanogen OS. Please, Android community, choose different acronyms than "CM" to describe Cyanogen Inc and Cyanogen OS.

This point has been reiterated several times in blog posts at but is still WIDELY misunderstood.

If you see something, say something (politely and succinctly).
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I have just about had it with +ZAGG and their screen protectors.  This all pertains to my nexus 6.
1.  I had a glass screen protector on it.  Worked well at first installation except the edges were not really staying down.  After about a month the proximity sensor started acting up.  I attributed it to software.  I wiped, flashed factory firmware, etc, with no cure.  I did some googling and found some people having issues with the Zagg and the nexus 6.  So reluctantly I pulled the Glass protector off, and found that the proximity sensor was working fine.
2.  Due to their lifetime warranty I ordered a replacement.  I was hoping that maybe due to some time passing, they may have refined the glass model some and it would fit better and give me the proximity sensor back.  I installed it per the instructions, and much to my dismay the proximity sensor immediately stopped working again.
3.  I emailed zagg, and they sent me an HDX version without hesitation.  I prefer the glass edition, but if this got the phone back working, then I would go for it.  

NOW Up to this point, I have been happy with their customer service and mostly happy with their products.  My Note4 had some issues with the edges also, but its still works.

This is where everything took a turn for the worse.  The Zagg HDX I got has a sticker at the bottom: "LG GOOGLE NEXUS 6".  The package is a little beat, but intact.  I open it, and look inside.  The new HDX is in there along with the required installation wipes.  I look at the protector itself, and see what look like air bubbles in the installation layers and lint like substance around the edges.  This worries me slightly but I give it a chance and start the installation process.  As I pull the first layer off, I see the "bubbles" go away, and thats when I realize there is debris and dust on the sticky side of the protector. W.T.F.

So as I look at my OPO with its $7.49 Amazon 2.5D 9H Glass protector that is going strong almost a year later I am starting to question why I spent the extra $27.50 on a Zagg thinking I would get a superior product.

Anyone have any recommendations for the nexus 6 for screen protection?  I am open to suggestions.
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I just wanted to share my thoughts on how some of the US variants of mobile devices are really screwing over the consumer.  This is just one example.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Available cases:
1.  LED Flip Case $50.99
2.  S-View Case $26.96 on sale. $49.99 Normal.
3.  Flip Case, No window. $16.99 to $39.99

Everyone of the above cases replace the back of the device.  The device does not come with wireless charging capability built in.  So in theory if I wanted to purchase a case like the above, but wanted to get wireless charging, I would be out of luck.  You would think for cases that retail for $35.99 and above at the time of release you would be able to get functionality like wireless charging.

If you want wireless charging from a samsung product you have to buy either a special back, just for wireless charging, or there is ONE variant of the S-View case above that provides the wireless charging function.

BTW for the S-View style its $54.99
And just a back, is $31.99

Now I understand there are other aftermarket options to add the functionality from other brands, and there is always the option to buy the wireless charging back ($32) plus what ever case you may want ($?? and lets hope it still works with the wireless charging) but enough already.

Come on +Samsung Mobile USA +AT&T  +T-Mobile +Verizon Wireless +Sprint +LG USA Mobile +HTC and any other major company out there.  We already pay hefty prices for these flagship devices, why do you feel you have to nickel and dime us for simple extra features.  I would also like to note, that many devices in other countries besides the US come standard with these features.

Thanks to +Russell Holly for this, before a discussion with him, I never owned a wireless charging pad for any of my devices.

One final note:  When a device has a non-removable back, issues with supporting/not-supporting features based on the back you use disappear.

/rant off... for now.
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