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Tony Layher

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CM-11 Coming along on T-Mo Note 3.
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Nice , snapdragon over exynos any day 
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Tony Layher

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CM-10.2 on SM-N900T. AKA Note 3 for T mobile
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i didnt even see the person who posted this. glad to see your still in development :) #thunderbolt
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Tony Layher

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my thoughts exactly
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Tony Layher

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I used to have a small regret about leaving VZW. I have to admit it wasnt always fast but the coverage was everywhere. The past few weeks though have destroyed any doubt I had about coming to +T-Mobile after remembering all the delays in VZW releases.
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Yeah, I hate Verizon's 'strip-everything-away-and-charge-you-to-put-it-back-on-your-phone' BS, but I absolutely LOVE the coverage. Before my company moved me to VZW, I had Sprint, and had the same exact BlackBerry as my wife, who was on Verizon. We would sit side by side and she would have twice the signal I had. Also, our yearly trip to Az(From UT) would result in about an hour and a half of no coverage on the 12 hour trip for me. Now it seems like we might have 20 minutes or so.

The company's policies suck, but their coverage can't be beat.
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Tony Layher

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So I have to put out a HUGE thanks to +steven smith and +RootzWiki for passing a Galaxy Nexus my way. i have been using it for a couple days now, and I love it. Not to mention I love being a +T-Mobile customer since VZW is screwing up the US release of the device.

The most noticeable change from Gingerbread to ICS has to be the User interface. Android (for me at least) feels like its finally getting those final polishing touches. The little things that don't matter in functionality but do make a differnce in the over feel of the device. The final polishing is what Apple has always had over Android, and the gap is finally closing.

Now to address some other concerns I have seen in the air. I am still working on both the Thunderbolt and the T-Mobile SGS2. I know that people do not see an update for a couple weeks, and it turns into "He dropped the device, no more development for us". That is not true. The thing people need to realize is I am Married, I do have kids, I just moved, and I just transferred to a new job so to speak. I know +James Roberts and +Jacob Bell having been pushing along with the Thunderbolt along with a few others. Hopefully they are keeping you sane while waiting on CM9.

As for the SGS2. It is still receiving love also in the form of CM9. So far it seems that the sgs2 is a bit easier to work with since its a newer chipset and drivers currently out there are updated in many cases. There are some great people working on the internals stuff with audio and GL an I hope we will have some great device support across the snapdragon line. As usual there are no guarantees and not ETA's.

Finally I want to address my perception of some of the things said about +RootzWiki and the give away practices they have been using.
First lets point out the fact that since they started with the forum and developer invites, the site has done nothing but PROMOTE development. Numerous phones have been passed out across the board over the past few months. No questions asked, no special requirements. Just a big "Thanks buddy, try this one on for size"

Second, this was their doing. It was the site's staff decision to have a giveaway/contest and to develop the set of rules they did. Whether you like the rules or not, it was still their decision to make, and institute in the manner they chose. There was no user base vote, it was a staff decision.

Lastly, there was some discussion of this causing developers to leave devices, actually slowing down development. I highly disagree with this one. Receiving a new device such as this, which is running the latest version of Android already with the total source and proprietary files available makes it a great device to USE. To get understanding on how ICS should react to certain situations, to compare usability and speed to. The device is the reference for the new OS. There is no hacking to get old drivers to work, there is no hacking to get the radio to work, or to get the camera to function. The support for the device is already there. That gives the argument that there is more time to hack on the older devices, more time to develop new feature sets, or improve feature implementations.

Either way in my book, the guys at +RootzWiki have the advancement of the community in mind, not filling their bank accounts. They consist of some great people and deserve a tip of the hat, and respect.

Also, whether I was a winner or not, these feelings would not have changed whatsoever. These are my true opinions on the situation regardless of the outcome of any situation they pose to the community.

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Thanks for the SGH-T989 Support. Your work is greatly appreciated!
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Tony Layher

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Screencast of CM11 on the Note3 for T-Mobile.
Thanks to +Koushik Dutta for the Screencast app. 
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when do you think we will see nightlys? +Tony Layher
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Tony Layher

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Note 3 Running CM
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I did thanks :D
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Tony Layher

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About sums it up nicely
Features and Things

CM is a constantly evolving organism, powered by sleep deprivation and the blood of developers. We're constantly changing to improve not only the code, but also the experience.

When a new version of Android is released, we have to do an enormous integration that affects the entire codebase and every single device. After doing this so many times, we realized that this is the right time to do reevaluation of existing features, code refactors, and other major changes since we might as well just get all the breakage done up front. Because of this, when you make the jump from a well-established version to a zero-day development version there is precisely zero chance that much of anything is finalized or complete!

If you're running a nightly build of 10.2, there are major improvements happening. Device Parts was a big one- we've talked about extending the Android HAL to support the special features that are device specific and shared between several models. Arcee took the leap into it and it's coming along nicely. 

When we look at features we want to keep, drop, or change, there are a number of factors that come into play.. Did Google do this for us in the new version?  Do people actually use this? How many people use this, and if it's just a few is there someone around who is going to port it forward?  We want to have a solid feature set, but we do have to weigh the cost of maintaining it vs. other factors. 

CM has traditionally spent the majority of our time on just getting devices working properly- I personally spend vast amounts of time on this.  This is something that will never change, but the team has grown substantially over the years, giving us more capability to polish the user experience and build things that you won't find elsewhere. I want something that I can not only hack on, but something that is awesome to use every day and I think we are finally starting to get there. 
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Tony Layher

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It seems military members always have a different opinion. I have to agree.
Ok I added a picture and I doubt this will grab more traction than those who think we as Americans violated the shit out of a treasonous terrorist's rights. I also noticed a post went "Hot on Google Plus" status that mentioned Boston Police Department went all 'Martial Law' on the citizens of Boston.


I will go ahead and layout some facts:

I. We did not read his Miranda rights to him.
II. Boston PD/Local area PD's/FBI locked the city of Boston and Watertown down to a halt of activity. Did the authorities act as if Martial Law had been authorized?
III. Treason is punishable by death.
IV. A terrorist act is an act of war. Or is it? It's circumstantial.
V. Conspiracy.

Miranda rights:

From what we were informed by the media/FBI, they had more than suspicion to believe it was the two brothers who had started this chaos/fear campaign. Either A.: you let him go silent, wait for a lawyer/public defender or B: interrogate him and possibly prevent more attacks or find out if they are part of a cell, maybe they have planted more, or even find out the main target. I go with B, we don't need what I witnessed in Iraq, people constantly in fear or getting blown up in festive areas, just for some out of context portion of the almighty peace teaching Quran.

Some people referred to me as a Nazi for my opinion. Some people say its a pre cursor for our rights to get trampled on and slowly lose our basic human and civil rights. I won't go further into that here, see part 5. Conspiracy.

Martial Law. 

When I imagine Martial Law I imagine military going after civilians for curfew violations and being ordered to non-consented vehicle checks and what not, I mean, we already allow the POTUS to survey the skies with drones. 

A little further to enlighten and educate you, the military would deal with a little issue called defection. There is too much information out there to keep people oblivious to understanding why and how they are serving. 

Secondly, a lot of you who scream for justice for this 19 year old survivor of the Bomber Duo, screaming he deserves rights when he was firing an assault rifle with ammunition capable of up to 3,000+ FPS. Wow! Do we need civilians out and about? Are we fighting a uniformed group? Are we all outside hunting and armed with the authorities? No. It's simple. 

In Fallujah, Iraq November 2004 we utilized the same method to capture/kill/neutralize insurgents. This is not the case from this week, this week, we actually needed people to go inside and stay out of sight. Some people think we should have continued our daily lives and went out and about. That could have led to a bigger tragedy. With the pattern the brothers portrayed, they had no intention of stopping their spree of hate and discontent. 

I was a Combat Engineer in the military. I specifically dealt with explosives and urban breaching. From the looks of the bombing they used too much accelerant/or didn't pack the explosives correctly. The explosions could have been on a much bigger scale. If the bombers were so dedicated to fighting an unknown cause, it could have led to another bombing but on a more catastrophic level.

This wasn't martial law, this was the authorities probably scared shitless, not knowing a better way to avoid anymore collateral/unnecessary violence.

Treason is punishable by death.

Since stepping on the yellow footsteps in MCRD San Diego, I was taught, TREASON IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. So do we give a terrorist rights and take them away after we capture/kill him/her? I am pretty sure they do not care after they are dead/captured. This isn't just murder. Is James Holmes a terrorist? Quite possibly, but he more so falls into a mass murderer. We do not exactly know what the bombers intention of gain was, but due to the nature and repetitive acts of violence in a sequential manner, it sure as hell seems to be a terrorist act. James Holmes walked in a theater, killed a bunch of people and got caught. The brothers went on an escapade, avoiding capture. Also the fact that at one point they were not US Citizens.

Nobody was punished after capture. Nobody was convicted yet. Someone was interrogated for their violent and disgusting actions.

When he is found guilty, treason should be on that list of charges, he should then be executed for his actions. 

Do terrorist actions fall under acts of war?

This is all circumstantial. If anything like the crappy movie Olympus Has Fallen happened, that would definitely fall in that category. Since it didn't happen like that, it happened in a 'guerrilla' fashion, no uniforms, no preface, just a random group of people were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since the results showed nature and intended results of a terrorist action, I believe it was a terrorist act which was against American people, which is in turn an 'act of war' on behalf of the two. Can we go to war with two people? i don't know, I am not a defense expert, I was just a pawn/rook on the battle field. An act of war is all in the eye of the beholder. 


1. Some people say this is a stepping stone for the government to sidestep our rights and slowly evolve to martial law. I don't think that was the case. I find that to be conspiracy.

2. "This is all a conspiracy." I doubt it. We have a face to correlate with the explosives and murders. He will eventually have to answer. We also have him alive. It would laughably seem more realistic if both were killed then we said "Got 'em! 'Merica", then walked off into the sunset.

3. This is not a conspiracy, there is actually very hateful people out there. They also happen to hate Americans. 


This is hopefully going to help some people consider other things rather than  jumping on other bandwagons and screaming tyranny. Please keep comments to an adult level. Any trolling or name calling will be deleted/blocked.

This is all opinionated and produced from my perspective. I have the right to  my own opinion and to disagree with others. You also have the right to disagree with me, if you do, in a mature fashion please explain your opinion, if you choose to explain at all.

Bless the victims of the senseless acts of hate from this week.

Also please share if you agree.
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I'm not military and I agree with Steve . They did this just as any city or town would to capture a terrorist and protect its citizens
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