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Fix your #whitespace problem with the #newgoogleplus

install a small extension for #chrome called #stylish , follow the link to the edit and add the fix.

link to #stylish :

not sure who created edit, but very handy - many thanks +William Gunn
How Google+ is supposed to look. #newgoogleplus

Go here: and edit the userstyle where I've bolded it:
.ncGWdc {
width: 100% !important;

.ncGWdc .lzqA1d, .ncGWdc .Te, .ncGWdc .iH {
width: 90% !important;

Those values are originally set at 75% and 90%, editing as I have done makes the post area push the trending topics underneath the chat/hangout list, so it's effectively invisible. Some things are still a little janky, but not as janky as wasting a vertical third of a page on a widescreen monitor.
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I generally like the changes, but to me what is more troubling than the #whitespace is that they've missed a golden opportunity to introduce new users to one of the aspects of G+ that sets it apart from FB: the ability to use saved searches to find and interact with like-minded people and build interest networks. It would be very easy to add a tutorial to the Explore page that shows people how to do this, but this should be done NOW, when there is likely to be a lot of attention and new traffic to the site. If these potential new users expect all their FB friends to be here, they are going to be disappointed. They need to be given some guidance on how to find people with similar interests.
I suspect Google is playing the long game and not trying to create an avalanche of new users. Finding out stuff like the saved searches will come from word of mouth and will be all the attractive for it (I have just searched for 'how to save searches on G+' and yeah that's pretty cool - I'll be letting folks know about that!)
"I suspect Google is playing the long game and not trying to create an avalanche of new users."

They're certainly on the right track there.
I have the second setting at 93% instead of 100% - quite like the trending stuff