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Was just linked to this by +Ansel Santosa . Great article by The Verge about the current patent system.
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Glad you had time to read it. That article is why I love reading +Nilay Patel's stuff. Sure it took 4k words but he has helped me understand the reality of IP law in the US like no other journalist could have. Whenever there is a new patent filing or giant lawsuit in tech I always wait for his article and read it first.
Haha I am actually not quite done yet. I clicked the plus one button and it asked me to share it.
Ah well close enough. You know the sharing isn't mandatory right? :-)
Yeah it's not mandatory, regardless this is a great article. I agree patents are important however 20 years is better for a pharmaceutical or a turbine that it is hardware or software. I guess it's the fact that we double hardware capabilities in less than 7 years and by the time a patent is up for something like processor technology, that CPU will be 256 times slower than current technology. That's a little ridiculous. I mean c'mon the patent for the Super Nintendo still isn't up. I think we need to go through a patent reform.
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