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Hello world

Looking for some help creating an app for our employees. Basically it's just a simple (?) customizable contact grouping app that works with EAS.

The idea is to similar to contact groups, but without going through the dialer/contacts app or showing all contacts/existing groups. This would be standalone while still pulling from the existing contacts on the device individually.

Each group (page) would start blank. Create a group name and add contacts individually which are interacted with in the same fashion as a traditional contact shortcut (click to expand contact info with buttons to call/sms/email). Swipe/tab/navigate to another group and do the same with different contacts. Obviously the app would save info and could continue to have additional groups and contacts added. Key factor is that the contacts would be coming from a synchronized Exchange account (not sure if that changes things).

Would this work? Could someone help me with creating it? I have Android Studio/SDK/Java all ready to go, and a powerful machine to work with so no issues there. I'm happy to create this but don't know where to start!

Thank you!

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Love this icon pack. Clean and consistent yet still colorful and creative. Very nice!
Note 7 / Action Launcher / AMOLED Black theme
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Just got 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates for my #Note5 on Verizon and #Zenwatch 1st gen in the same day. It's like Christmas. 

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THIS is why I got the Gear VR!! Can't wait to play!

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Loving this app so far, great job. Initial thoughts...
- Map does not follow when moving, have to press icon to zoom back to location...Map should scroll with movement
- Dialer screen should have large contact icons like lollipop stock dialer
- Text message screen that you can click recent messages to read out loud, with a large mic icon to send hands free messages.
Overall great work, really enjoying the app. Plan on going on premium for sure.

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Right on #Cheerios #HowToDad 
Cheerios' brilliant new #HowToDad meme subverts crappy stereotypes about incompetent dads.

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