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Tony Eveling


Emsworth, Hampshire, England, UK

Another photo from the same area as the previous image.   This is low tide around the coastline around Emsworth.  These boats are just waiting for the water to come back!!

I loved the soft evening light.  The boats all lined themselves up just right...I wanted the big boat smack bang in the middle of the frame, surrounded by all the other boating paraphernalia...

#photography   #seascape   #coastline   #coast   #coastal   #boat   #hampshire  

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Great job! 
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Motion blur tram, Halle, Germany

This is an image of the center of Halle in Germany...not far from where I took the cathedral photos.  I'd almost forgotten about this photo, and then stumbled across it again.  I gave it a going over with HDR Efex Pro software to even up the exposure and add colour and contrast....

I liked the curves of the buildings as the street curved away from me, and in the middle of that was the tram tracks...So I stood on a traffic island and put my tripod up and waited for a tram to arrive and pass.

I love that combinaton of bright orange and yellow that contrasts with the blue dusky sky....

Although I didn't have my shutter open for long enough as the tram lights suddenly end not far in front of me.   That is definitely something to keep in mind when taking these longer exposure images...I should have asked myself  how long will the tram be in front of me...and that should dictate the shutter speed....

#photography   #hdr   #longexposure   #halle   #germany   #city   #cityscape   #night   #dusk  

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Beau travail +Tony Eveling
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Tony Eveling

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Canterbury, Kent, UK

If I turned around 180 degrees from my viewpoint in this image, I would be looking at Canterbury Cathedral. 

So, I am in the grounds of the Cathedral and I just thought the sky looked amazing....the clouds were moving fast and changing all the time, and the Sun was peeping over the rooftops blinding my camera...

So I took a few photos and ended up with this one which had the perfect amount of intense sun over rooftop, and just the right amount of mood and anguish in the clouds whizzing past...

I like the chimneys and aerials as well, set against the bruised sky.

This is a one image HDR 'conversion'.  I think it's what some people call a 'faux HDR', but I am not sure exactly what that means...I'm guessing it's not a compliment....but hey-ho...I like to go with the flow and create a look that suits the image as seen in my minds eye...and this is what I saw in my minds eye....How I get there is not so important...

#photography   #hdr   #canterbury   #kent   #cloud   #city   #mood   #atmosphere  

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Well done!!
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Lone figure on the beach..

Taken in Belgium along the coast at Ostend...It was very windy and everyone was battling against the wind...

I spotted this chap in the distance and tried to isolate him in the composition....

Just out of frame to the left is the promenade with its railings and other man made paraphernalia....So I removed that from the frame to emphasise the feeling of being alone on the beach.

#photography   #people   #beach   #seascape   #ostend   #belgium   #sky   #sand   #sea  

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Shameless self-promotion...!
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Excellent work all around. A big "wow" from a fellow Photographer.
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Dungeness, Kent, UK

This was taken within a minute of the previous one....

It's an irresistible sunset so I may as well post them!  I love the changing colours when there is the right mixture of cloud in the sky.  

I carefully positioned the Sun in between the houses just before it disappeared below the horizon.

It is just a simple composition with the houses providing a bit of context as well as scale.  One of the things about Dungeness is the overhead cables.....The area is a protected area due to the range of flora and fauna, so all cabling is overhead, which creates a layer of thin criss crossing lines, like a giant photographic cats cradle!!

#photography   #sun   #sunset   #orange   #dusk   #dungeness   #kent   #uk   #landscape   #atmospheric  

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Shameless self-promotion....!
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Complimenti, hai un bellissimo blog con magnifiche foto.
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Emsworth, Hampshire, England, UK

This is from the archives...I decided to re-process it and then thought I'd put it up here...

This was taken a few years ago......I haven't been there since, but I know that Emsworth was in the news recently because it suffered badly from winter floods, as it has done frequently over the last few years...

But when its flood free it's a lovely peaceful you can see...places like this make a photographers life very easy indeed!!

This was taken during the last hour or so of light for the's a photo that I've ignored for a while, so it's always a good thing not to delete anything (at least for a while)- and then you can at some time in the future skim over for a second or third time all the photos that you have taken over the recent weeks/months or in my case -years!!

I am into processing quite a lot of images using Nik Software's HDR software, even though this one here is a single image.

But I did use a graduated  neutral density filter which evened up the sky/landscape exposure....then putting it into HDR software created more precisely  the look that I wanted.

 I like and still use ND filters, but they do now seem such a blunt tool nowadays.  I use them for convenience because I can't be bothered bracketing shots!! Nik Software's HDR Efex, the 'tone compression' slider is so simple and so effective in getting the overall look so close to where I want it with 'golden/blue hour' compositions like this.

I use 'tone compression' as an alternative to the highlights/shadows sliders in Photoshop...I find that it's kind of a more sophisticated version of those sliders.  

Anyway, that's what prompted me to re-do this image....the last time I had a go at processing this, I wasn't using Nik Software...

Okay..I've rambled on enough..All I was going to do was put this picture up...and then I start rambling on about I'll stop now!

#photography   #dusk   #emsworth   #hampshire   #blue   #boat   #harbour   #harbor   #goldenhour   #bluehour  

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Thanks for the add. I am part English on me "Mums" side! -Cheers!
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Sculpture outside the cathedral in Halle, Germany

I loved some of the sculptures that I saw throughout Germany..I never knew the story behind any of them, but I liked looking at them...

This one is a set of dragon like creatures, and this one didn't like me taking a picture of it....

This is the Cathedral in Halle, taken about an hour after the one I published two photos ago...(I really should post these in order..!)

I used a flash just to brighten things up a bit as all the nooks and crannies were filled with darkness....

Then I applied HDR post processing to this single image, just to bring out the detail and even up the exposure between the angry dragon and the cathedral behind.....

#photography   #halle   #cathedral   #sculpture   #publicart   #germany   #dragon   #urban   #city  

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Wow scary mary....its a saying from scotland it means something frightening
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Tony Eveling

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Halle, Germany,

The spires of this building can be seen from all over Halle.

The strange angle of view was the only way I could fit it all in with the lens that I had!

Taken in the last of the days light, and processed in HDR software as a single image HDR, so that I could easily lighten some of the dark and darken some of the light...and I allowed the colours to intensify a little because I like the blue and yellow combination.

#church   #architecture   #night   #dusk   #blue   #yellow   #halle   #germany   #travel   #photography   #urban   #town   #city   #german  

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+Tony Eveling I know what you mean. I also hate the feeling of having missed a good opportunity. If you ever happen to be around this area again, feel free to contact me. Perhaps we can make a photowalk happen here in Halle :)
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Reflections on Bruges....

Bruge in Belgium.

It's great to take a wander around an old town or city....through all the narrow cobbled streets...and also, remember to look down as well as up!!

Not that this was a difficult photo to spot.  There are lots of puddles in the middle of winter so it's difficult not to notice them.

I like the subtle colour changes, the purple-ly grey cobbles, the blues sky and yellow sunlit makes a nice combination of colour and texture...

I processed this using HDR Efex pro to bring out all the details in the cobbles and well as to even up any unevenness in the original exposure.....

#photography   #bruges   #belgium   #reflection  

+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS  curated by  +Robert SKREINER #10000photographers

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I was there 10 days ago, loved Bruge.....l think l remember the spot.....
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Tony Eveling

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Dungeness, Kent, UK

I was just sorting through some photos that I wanted to add to my gallery section on my website, and I came across a few sunset images from Dungeness.

I've been to Dungeness a few times over the last few's a pretty unique place in the UK.

I've posted a few pictures before on G+.  With this photo I liked the sky...the warm colours as well as  the texture and patterns of the clouds, with Dungeness village on the horizon.

The village itself is a scattering of houses, many self built or rebuilt from converted railway carriages.  The houses are situated on a large shingle plain, with a nuclear power station on the same said shingle plain.

Anyway, it's quite an alien landscape for the UK.  When I am there it feels like I've been transported to a remote desert town in America or Australia.  

#photography   #dungeness   #sunset   #summer   #red   #orange   #dusk   #kent   #village  

#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky
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Gorgeous color and composition
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Travel/Landscape photographer
Self taught photographer travelling the world for even more photographs. I am used to being in new places for short periods of time and that is how my photography has grown.

I have a photoblog as well as a wordblog where I let rip my thoughts on photography and give explanations on photographic technique and how they relate to my photography and how they can relate to your photography. Hop on over there if you will, it's all good clean fun!!

Thanks to all the positive feedback I have on my personal blog, and in answer to some questions that I've been asked in the past, I have written a little eBook that contains 8 articles on photography that were important to me over the last 10 years or so.  Follow this link to read about, and then download the ebook
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