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Google Geek, Online Search Sanguine & Lover of Books
Google Geek, Online Search Sanguine & Lover of Books


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The +Tony Dimmock Annotated SEO List of People to Follow
+Ammon Johns wanted a list of not just people to follow, but the reason why.
This is a Twitter list but it doesn't take much more than typing a name to find them on Google+.

People To Follow on Twitter

@Bill_Slawski– Semantic SEO, Machine Learning & Google Patents

@aaranged– Semantic SEO & Machine Learning

@dawnieando– Semantic SEO, Taxonomy, Ontology & Bot Crawl Optimisation

There are more resources from Tony at:
@DavidAmerland- Semantic SEO

@AlanBleiweiss– Forensic SEO Audits

@gfiorelli1– International SEO & Semantic SEO

@aleyda- International SEO & Keyword Research

@ZephSnapp- International SEO

@SEO_Copy- International SEO

@MaxMinzer– Local SEO & Google+ Community

@MikeRamsey- Business Building, Local SEO & Legal Marketing

@MBlumenthal– Local SEO

@CyrusShepard- Internet Marketing & SEO

@DocSheldon- Internet Marketing & SEO

@RandFish- Internet Marketing & SEO

@Ammon_Johns- Internet Marketing & SEO

@nick_eubanks- Internet Marketing, SEO & Keyword Research

@ajkohn- Crawl Optimisation, Internet Marketing & SEO

@dohertyjf- Business Leadership, Internet Marketing & SEO

@theamitsinghal- All-things Google

@RonellSmith– Content Strategy

@KaneJamison- Content Strategy

@matthewbarby- Content Strategy, Social Media & Blogging

@Hallstigerts- Marketing Nous & Social Media

@JulieJoyce– Link Acquisition

@Marie_Haynes– Link Penalties & Recovery

@ShahMenz– Link Penalties & Recovery

@WilReynolds– Business Building & RCS ("Real Company Stuff")

These peeps all post super-useful tweets, so if you're not already following them do so, because they know their onions :)

UPDATE Search Engine Watch's Graham Charlton recently published this monster Twitter list of SEO's and key industry people to follow.

As my professional and personal journey continues within the industry, I'll continue to add more resources that I find useful over time. Watch this space!
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How to Run a World Class Agency by +Anastasia Sidko on +SEMrush's #SEOCafe .

Tips by +Bill Slawski, +David Jenyns (including audio), +Express Writers, +James Norquay, +Peter Mead, myself (including my "Pre-qualifying & winning SEO clients" presentation) & others
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Join me, +Dawn Anderson​, +Ammon Johns​, +Jan-Willem Bobbink​ & +Rohan Ayyar​ for a special +SEMrush​ roundtable webinar on 5th May.

Topics to be covered: click-bait, publisher responsibilities, editorial vetting & the proliferation of misinformation.

We're all fed up with it, so what can publishers do about it? It's time for discussion..
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If you hadn't read about the original reasonable surfer, it may cause you to think differently about PageRank; which could be good for you. What features might be looked at in deciding how much PageRank a link might pass along?
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Lovely to see this resurface. Excellent recap by +Bruce Clay, Inc.​ of our chat (from 2014)
Making the SEO Services Agency–Client Relationship a Success

This in-depth article has advice for both the agency seeking clients and the business looking to hire a consultant who will be the right fit. Our senior technical writer +Paula Allen compiled this from a conversation with experienced marketers +Ammon Johns, +Tony Dimmock, +Bill Slawski, +Barrie Moran, and Carlos Fernandez of +ISOOSI Research Engine  — voices that continue to inspire and instruct. What you read here may save you and your business a lot of frustration and wasted money/time by helping you AVOID pairing up with the wrong client/consultant for your needs.

Businesses looking for the right SEO will learn:
   • 7 tips for choosing the right SEO services company
   • How to make the consulting relationship pay off

Agencies/Consultants will find out:
   • 7 tips for choosing the right clients (P.S.: It's OK to say no.)
   • How to make your client relationships successful

Read the full article:

#SEO   #SEOservices   #consulting
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Did you miss #BrightonSEO

See video from the MORNING sessions held at the Dome Conference Hall by +Authoritas (H/T +Kelvin Newman)
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Excellent insights here from +Omi Sido (based on my comment on Friday's +Moz blog about SEO's working with small businesses). 

I've added further thoughts below - hope this helps SEO's Learn to say "NO!" 
How to learn to say no

This comment by +Tony Dimmock is so good that I cannot stop myself from sharing it here for you #SEO folks out there fighting small business owners on a daily basis. 

Not a long time ago a client compared the price of my services with the price of a WordPress theme. Seriously? I think your wife pays more when she goes to the hairdresser and whatever the length of her hair is she will have to go there again in a month's time.

By optimising your web pages, by teaching you how to create #content or how to identify your competitors I am giving you something that gonna last a lot longer than the contract between you and me. In a way, I will be making money for you long after you stop paying for my services.

Another way of looking at it will be that people don’t just become SEOs. Like any other professional career we have to study, we have to spend a lot of time keeping ourselves updated (the constant changes from +Google, new devices, new software - really big subject that deserves a separate article). 

Why do people think that being an SEO is an easy job?!

Even if you do not know anything about #SEO just try to imagine that we have to be proficient and constantly up-to-date in more than one subject - technical (solid HTML, understanding of back-end codes and frameworks etc.), social media including content creation, PR skills, illustration and diagramming skills, good math. And this is just the beginning of the list…

It is very clear to me that in this digital era SEO should be the heart of every company. And not because we gonna fix your meta tags descriptions or URL structure, but because we are your connection to the future.

How to Make the SEO Case to Small Businesses

+Tony Dimmock 
A very important topic by +Rand Fishkin  (thanks for sharing your 5 step process buddy).

+Gianluca Fiorelli's top comment ended with “How to learn to say no”, so I thought I’d share my experiences with clients and help you ladies and gents out a bit.

First a bit of background: when I started my company several years ago, I used various account management and pre-qualifying skills, that I’d developed from my previous career as an IT sales guy. However, when I started out in sales, my pre-qualification mindset sucked ( Big time.

Part of my challenge was that, in the early days, I often spoke gobbledygook and would jargon the hell out of prospects. As most of them weren’t SEO-minded, they'd give me the Jim Carrey treatment ( and rightly so.

Over the course of time, I learned that pre-qualifying in (and out) clients was specifically a mindset ( that I needed to develop – and you do too.

Two of the biggest challenges we face?

- Investing our time and energy with potential clients ( that are best-fits
- Weeding out potential bad-fits ( that will cost you (lots of) time and money

The problem is, we hate saying “No!” (I did). But why?

- We’re SEO’s dammit! We see all the possibilities, but why can’t they?!
- We connect so well with a client contact during the pre-qualifying stage, but the deal falls through on financial grounds
- We need the order to pay for [insert rent, mortgage, car, kids education, you name it]
- We just hate the thought of being rejected (

We’ve all been there right? Yours truly more times than I’ve probably had roast meals :(
Here’s why you need to get good at using that wonderful word “No!”:

- Long after the deal is done, you’ll hate yourself if you didn’t follow your gut instinct that yelled “No! They’ll make you go INSANE!”

-If working with them is time intensive, you’ll probably end up working way more hours than you're billing them for ( – and this creates resentment (a toxic disease of the human mind that screws with your creativity and productivity – I’ve been there)

-There’s a sh?t ton of best-fit clients that desperately need your expertise, your experience, your heart and your soul to help them thrive (or survive) as a business – don’t waste all your energy on vampires or energy-stealers

-Worst-fit clients often don’t pay on time. Are you willing to have your cash-flow messed up because of them? Think real hard about this..

Here’s a few more resources to help you on your way:

- Overcoming SEO business-building challenges (from my blog -

- How to deal with challenging clients (via +Moz -

- The account managers guide to effective communication and client retention (via BuiltVisible -

- Thoughts on great SEO Supplier and client relationships (another by BuiltVisible -

Bottom line? Get damn good at asking open and closed questions (Paul Cherry book: Amazon UK /Amazon US and upping your soft-skills game ( 

Yes, you can great at using the word “No!” ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Watch the video and read all comments here:

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Excellent WBF today by +Rand Fishkin: How to Make the SEO Case to Small Businesses

I've added a rather large comment that I hope helps you ladies & gents to a) pre-qualify better and b) learn to love saying the word "No!"
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Google's Entity Database Future of the Web?

A Google patent shows how Google might make it easy for people to select entities on Web pages, and assign those task, which could be acted upon; this would involve a huge entity database filled with actions associated with those entities.
SEO by the Sea
SEO by the Sea
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