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My new blog: - enjoy the resources ;-)
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The 1st #ConsultancyChat  (@ConsultancyChat) Twitter chat is coming soon! Which topics would you like to see covered? Complete this super-quick survey :)
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+Tony Dimmock Hope you will launch it soon! (Y)
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Thinking of hiring an SEO? Don't do anything until you've read +SEMrush's #SEMRushChat  No BS Guide. Featuring me, +Andrew Dennis, +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing, +Kristi Kellogg, +Mike Blazer, +Steve Masters & more

Includes an SEO Interview Questions check-list too :)
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+Paula Allen thank you! hope you join us this week as well! :) Topic: How to rock social media in 30 minutes a day! 
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BREAKING NEWS - +Max Minzer turns 100 next Thursday!

Well, not quite him - but his brilliant #MaxImpact  Digital Marketing Show does.

You don't get to be 100 every day & Max has been delivering these educational, fun shows & interviewing a variety of digital marketing guests since sliced bread (really!).

So join me, +Steve Webb, +Lauren Hall-Stigerts, +Steve Morgan & +Barrie Moran for "Somethin' a Little Different ;-)" with +Max Minzer to celebrate the 100th episode.

RSVP or add your own congrats message here: & join us for an unforgettable event!
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Tony Dimmock

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20+ SEO Pro's You Should Follow on Twitter

Thanks for including me +SEMrush
20+ SEO Experts That You Should Follow on Twitter
If you're an SEO marketer and an active Twitter user, you are probably following:
+Rand Fishkin (@randfish), +Eric Enge (@stonetemple), +David Amerland (@davidamerland), +Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick), +Neil Patel (@neilpatel) and other SEO masterminds. 

These guys are newsmakers and you follow them to track the latest trends and catch up on the news. We follow them, join their conversations and share their content; but, we also connect with SEO experts that live in a less crowded "neighbourhood" of mentions, retweets and favs. 

Find a list of people we like to converse with and who are as SEO-savvy as the big names we've mentioned above! 
If you're not following them, we suggest that you change that now!
(link to follow all the experts is below the list)

1. +Tony Dimmock @Tony_DWM-
2. +Brandon Seymour @Beymour
3. +Ashley Faulkes @madlemmingz
4. +Eli Fennell @Eli_Fennell
5. +Eli Schwartz @5le
6. +Andy Crestodina @crestodina
7. +Adam Dince @AdamDince
8. +Mike Blazer @MikeBlazerX
9. +Robbie Richards @RobbieRichMktg
10. +Andrew Isidoro @Andrew_Isidoro
11. +Stephen Kenwright @stekenwright
12. +Aaron Bradley @aaranged
13. +Heather Lutze @HeatherLutze
14. +Gael Breton @GaelBreton
15. +Dennis Seymour @denseymourr
16. +Tara Jacobsen @SearchyNerds
17. +Nick Cavarretta @nickcavarretta
18. +josh bachynski @joshbachynski
19. +Josh McCoy @JoshuaCMcCoy
20. +Marianne Sweeny @msweeny
21. +Chris Dyson @ChrisLDyson
22. +Amel Mehenaoui @amelm
23. #SEOpub <-- super cool Twitter chat!@SEOpub

Follow all the experts in 2 clicks! :) 

#twitter #seoexpert #twittertips  
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+Tony Dimmock how could we not include you?! :) 
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Tony Dimmock

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Here's a list of posts on the topic of "Selling SEO" that I promised +Patrick Coombe I'd curate. Enjoy & happy selling ;)

For those starting out as SEO Consultants, this is for you - How To Start Your Own SEO Business - h/t +Krystian Szastok 

How To Sell SEO & Inbound Marketing Campaigns; A No-Bull$#!+ Guide And An Interview (inc's great list of 'percentage' figures too): - h/t +Sean Smith 

Questions & Checklist for New or Potential Clients (Comprehensive list of must-knows): - h/t +Jon Cooper 

If I Was To Sell SEO Services Today (The key is to have a process): - h/t +Pawel Grabowski

Selling SEO Services Like a Boss (excellent fundamental topics covered): h/t +Donnie Strompf 

Best Practice Selling SEO to Businesses (Moz Q&A with excellent comments): - h/t +Moz

Why Companies Say "NO" To Your Digital Marketing Agency (Common objections & how to overcome them): - h/t +Conductor

How To Sell Your SEO Plan With 5 Slides in 5 Minutes (overcoming common objections from the CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO & Director of Marketing): - h/t +Eric Enge over on +Search Engine Watch

How To Win More Client Proposals (nice 23 minute video on how to stack the odds in your favour): - h/t +Brennan Dunn & interviewed by +nathan powell 

The Opportunity Cost of Choosing The Wrong Clients (3 types of clients to avoid): - h/t +Ross Hudgens

Pitching SEO in Person (an excellent resource, just released): - h/t +Patrick Coombe 

For Pre-Qualifying Clients (a few are mine):

Qualifying SEO Clients - Keeping Pareto at Bay (for the project, the client & yourself): - h/t +David Harry 

Pre-Qualifying Clients - What's The Big Deal? (don't make the same mistakes I made when starting out): - h/t +The Meld for having me :)

Pre-Qualifying & Winning New Clients - The Business Side of Web Marketing (my BrightonSEO April 2013 presentation): - h/t +Brighton SEO for having me too :)

How To Overcome 4 Tough SEO Business Building Challenges (from a survey I carried out here - I chose to explore four that this covers): - h/t +ISOOSI Research Engine & +Michelle Lowery

What are your favourite SEO or internet marketing selling posts? Add them to the comments & lets discuss :) 
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+Chad Harnish Yes. We (+Dimmock Web Marketing) have various resources that we use +Trello for. On the cloud, everything is accessible 100% of the time. We call it our 24/7 library!

We never stop learning :)
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Another golden-nugget Twitter chat run by +SEMrush.

Who else thinks these fab guys and girls have taken Twitter engagement, fun, personal touch and sharing up 10 levels?
How To Integrate SEO into The Marketing Mix
Recap of SEMrush Twitter chat

Last week we discussed how to inject SEO into your marketing DNA. Participants along with our special guest was +Mike Moran, author, international speaker and digital marketing expert, shared tons of useful advice and great thoughts! 

1. How is SEO in 2015 different from years past? 
2. What SEO benefits could community building and social media bring? 
3. What are some ways you can synch SEO with your company's PR activities?
4. SEO and PPC: how should they work together? 
5. What are the common problems and mistakes companies face when integrating SEO in the marketing mix? 
6. How will the marketing mix evolve in the future? What trends will we see in 2015?

Tips by: +Mike Moran +Unbounce +Adam Dince +Carrie Morgan +Tony Dimmock +Andrew Dennis +Danny Richman +Jenny F. +Brandon Seymour +Michael Stricker +Paul Shapiro +Thom Craver +Nicholas Chimonas +Tim Capper +Beth Kahlich +Kunle Campbell +Reva Minkoff +Anthony Randall +Boris Krumov +Donna Snow +Martin Kůra +Matthew Young +Samuel Scott and many others!  

Dive into a mix of SEO, great insights, high-level expertise and fun!

#semrushchat   #seotips   #marketingmix  
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+Annalisa Hilliard What really gets me is that +SEMrush go the extra mile in making people feel validated, listened to and part of a huge community, which we are of course, but they show it :) "Knowing" and "showing" are two very different things ;)
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Help web marketers better understand #startup  issues, needs & priorities by completing this 5 min survey  -> via +Profoundry. Col will be publishing the full results :)
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Thanks for sharing +SEMrush - again, tons of actionable tips..
Semantic Search Tips
How To Supercharge Your SEO With Semantic Markup!

Recap of our recent Twitter chat.
Topic: Semantic SEO
Special guest: +Brandon Seymour

1. How can a company benefit by applying semantic markup?
2. What are the essential steps SEO should take when applying semantic markup?
3. How should SEOs rethink keywords? 
4. How long would it take to apply semantic markup to my content?
5. What is the future of semantic search?

Mentions: +Search Engine Land +Mike Blazer +Vincent Velema +Alisa Scharf +Andrew Isidoro +Martin Kůra +Tony Dimmock +Martin Oxby +Rohan Ayyar +Hardik Oza +Nem Radenovic

and +Bill Slawski, great semantic search specialist, who appeared just in time to share awesome tips before the chat was over :)

Hope you enjoy the recap and please leave your feedback in the comments below! We'd love to know where we can improve! :)

#semanticsearch #semanticseo #seotips  
With the development of semantic search, users have a chance to "converse" with search engines. Want to learn more? Check out our latest Twitter chat recap.
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+Tony Dimmock thank you!) 
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YouTube, Google+ (yes, you read that right) & Linked-In Drive The Most Engaged "Post-Click" Referrals (H/T: +Simply Measured)

For those thinking that Google+ is dying, think again! Just behind YouTube, it provides the 2nd most engagement of all social platforms.

6 note-worthy findings from the +Shareaholic study:

YouTube is the undisputed champion
Google+ & Linked-In bring in some of the best visitors
A referral from Twitter is as good as a referral from Facebook
Pinterest is not the social media golden child
Reddit users are most fickle
StumbleUpon drives the least engaged referrals
We spend a ton of time using social media. But what is our behavior post-click, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially?
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Tony Dimmock

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Join us tomorrow on +SEMrush's   #SEMrushchat  at 4pm GMT / 11am EST. We're discussing 6 SEO Myths That Need Busting!

Business website owners, web marketers & SEO's all welcome - see you there :)
6 SEO Myths Busted!
Join our Twitter chat with +Tony Dimmock 

We are super excited to invite you to #SEMrushchat tomorrow at 4pm GMT/ 11am EST to unleash 6 common SEO myths together with other SEO experts! 

Search the tweets by ‪#‎SEMrushchat‬ hashtag!

#twitterchat #seomyths #seo  
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Tony Dimmock

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Wow! #ecommerce is 20 years old today!

Phil Brandenberger (of Philadelphia) bought Stings' "Ten Summoners' Tales" CD, the 1st EVER ecom sale, for $12.48! 
This +The New York Times post from 20 years ago chronicles the event >

The industry is now worth £100bn..
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Google Geek, Online Search Sanguine & Lover of Books
As owner of Dimmock Web Marketing I oversee all aspects of SEO, internet marketing, web usability and design projects including local SEO, website structuring and navigation to online promotion, PPC advertising, social media sharing and conversion strategy.

Previously, I spent most of my working life within sales account management, then completely changed direction to form my own internet marketing company.

By applying my knowledge and insight of business and corporate operations to online marketing, I understand the challenges and concerns most businesses face. 

What floats my boat? Helping businesses grow their brand online, generate leads, increase sales and improve company profit through website marketing.

You can also find out more about me on my blog :)
Bragging rights
Have 3 kids, run a successful business & support the best football team in the world - Liverpool
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Free Call &amp; SMS Scheduler

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CAD Design Engineering Services - 2D - 3D CAD Services

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SEO Training Courses &amp; Classes. Beginner &amp; Advanced Workshops Hi...

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How Storytelling Can Do Wonders in Blogging - Kumail Hemani

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The Essentials of Community Building by Mack Fogelson

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How Link Building Changed in 2013

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Web Psychology - Whiteboard Friday

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How Google Might Use the Context of Links to Identify Link Spam

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The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

Hashtags can be extremely powerful. When you optimize conversations, content, and updates with hashtags, they become more visible to others

Hummingbird Unleashed

There are many misconceptions about Google's Hummingbird update. What exactly did the update do, and how is it different from Penguin and Pa

Colin has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of lawn maintenance and weed control and we continue to appreciate his advice in all-things green - thanks for all your help!
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Went to lunch here during a nearby conference and the food, hospitality and service was excellent. Highly recommended Brighton-based Spanish restuarant :)
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We stayed at the Baytree Hotel & Bed and Breakfast in Torquay a short while ago. Only a short walk from the sea and harbour, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The owner gave helpful tips for sightseeing the local attractions incl Brixham and Paignton, plus the local theatre and nightlife. Family room was spacious, food was superb plus fast Wifi access :) If you're looking to stay in Torbay or the English Riviera, the Baytree Hotel is a must - highly recommended!
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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In very short notice, The White Box Cake Company (Hitchin, Hertfordshire) made a wonderful Nintendo DS birthday cake for our eldest boys 9th birthday. The attention to detail, colour and style was fantastic. And the taste was sensational... so much so that, by the evening, the cake had been fully eaten, with a few requests for seconds. We cannot recommend The White Box Cake Company highly enough. For service, creativity, cost and yummy taste, there's simply no better birthday cake, celebration cake or wedding cake company in Hitchin - well done and keep it up!
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14 reviews
We called out Advanced Heating & Plumbing (Watford) to investigate our gas boiler that had not been working properly. We were concerned that our family would not have adequate central heating throughout the cold winter months. A Corgi / Gas-Safe engineer visited (on time, uniformed and with ID) and thankfully resolved the problem with minimum fuss and disruption. Another local emergency plumber had told us that we needed a new boiler installation, but we didn't think this was the case. Thanks to the Advanced Heating & Plumbing engineer's honesty, hard work and professional approach, we now have a fully working boiler. We've also booked them in for a power flush to alleviate any further sludge problems. Highly recommended and very helpful :)
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Xi Software (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire) provide IT Systems Management solutions, open source Linux / UNIX software applications and support services. We've worked with them closely for a number of months now and we're highly impressed to say the least. Their IT knowledge, expertise and guidance is second to none and as a leader in the field of print management and batch job scheduling, they are real innovators. Having formed in 1986, they've stayed the test of time and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
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