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Tony Creech
Storytelling Executive, in Marketing, Film, and Web
Storytelling Executive, in Marketing, Film, and Web

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A leadership podcast I think you'd love, with my friend Scott Francis, PhD

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New Book Trailer I had Fun Making.
Fun book to read too, different than your typical zombie novel

google+ still happening?
or is it a photo-management system?

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people are stil using Google+


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I read the article in the NYT he is mentioning. Go there and read it. It shows the powerful value offer China is making and that America can't make (it not simply the cheap wages)
A great piece.
How manufacturing is changing

This article about how Apple has changed its manufacturing over the years is very interesting. Great journalism.

I visited China a few years ago and I totally agree. There's no way those jobs are coming back to America. The scale of the factories is totally stunning.

America still has manufacturing, but it's disappearing pretty quickly and this has deep impacts on our economy.

I'm very fortunate to live and work in one of the hot, job-producing sectors in the U.S.: technology. I wonder what my sons will do.

On the way to DLD a group of us discussed what we should tell our kids. One of the folks said everyone should learn to code. I through out that everyone should learn Chinese. "Learn to code and learn Chinese and you're set for life," I said to a small group that included mostly startup founders and a Techcrunch writer. No disagreements there.

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Dang, this is getting confusing..

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