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Tony Ciak
Or, What?
Or, What?

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Will pass it on !

Thanks, should be fun?

What does Google do for accessibility on the web and in computers?

They scan everything, lets see some results.

Spread the word.

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Sleepy #caturday

Did we miss Jude Cross 's Birthday ?
I guess it's always about PETER64

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Richard Stallman To Launch His Own Fashion Line

His new collection, titled RMS, is a luxury line of clothing specially designed for geeks and programmers. The launch follows on the success of GNU, a fragrance which he created and distributed for free.

Richard first decided to venture into the fashion world when he noticed the bad dressing sense of his fellow programmers. “A programmer should always be well-groomed, you see.” says the 59 year old activist. “Walking down the halls of MIT, I’d often see my colleagues dressed rather shabbily, and it was then that I decided to do something about it. I’m not an expert when it comes to fashion, but people have always loved my dressing style, and it’s about time I shared my expertise with everyone.”

No post from Door To Door?
He's From Baltimore.
The mega a millions was won near there.

So he must be going to Disney World.
Enjoy Door no joke.

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