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Tony Catano

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Greetings and Happy Earth Day from our flower garden. Here's to nature's beauty. :)
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Thanks, ya'll!  Hope you're having a good one. :)
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Every Friday is a good Friday. Have a good one, ya'll :-)

(Friday graphic shamelessly stolen off
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<smooches!> Have a great weekend, ya'll! :-)
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Tony Catano

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It's late in the day, but I still want to wish +Brian Titus a happy birthday! Brian is one of the nicest and coolest guys I know here on The Plus. I hope you've had a great day, Brian! :D

(cute birthday drawing shamelessly pilfered off the interwebz)
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Tony Catano

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Spring Blooms! :-) Various flowers from around our house.
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Thanks, +Philo Yan.  :)  Spring is kicking in, but it's still a bit chilly this week.
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Tony Catano

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Starting the day with a tricked up bowl of cereal and a hot cup o joe. Good morning, peeps! Have a great day. :)
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For some reason, I suddenly want to go hear some Beethoven. There's something about this ad that's enticing me. I don't even know who this Beethoven guy is. Did he start out in a boy band?

#tonysdimbulb #tonyissogay #beethoven
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Tony Catano

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Movie Review Monday

Under the Skin (2014) - I'll start by saying this sci-fi flick is likely not for everyone. The minimal, slow-moving narrative and sparse dialogue are bound to drive some of the audience toward restlessness. Still, others will undoubtedly be mesmerized by the experiences of the young, beautiful, and otherworldly predator played superbly by Scarlett Johansson. Through her experiences, the film puts into focus quite well what it means to be human and how that might at times contrast with being humane. And the excellent sound and cinematography enhance the eerie and unsettling mood of the entire film. I'll admit, there were some moments at the beginning that felt a bit slow. But in hindsight, I can see how those seemingly meandering scenes serve to emphasize the mundane existence of the lead character. Overall, it is the type of movie that some people will enjoy for the way it lends itself to interpretation. And it is a story whose dismal nature lingers uncomfortably after having watched it. This one will get under your skin if you let it. ;-) I'd give it an 8 out of 10.
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Yeah, ScarJo and I go way back. ;)

So they're saying Noah violates Islamic law. Interesting. That's okay. Malaysia is not missing much. ;)  +Philo Yan 
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Shameless recently wrapped up another excellent season on Showtime. Love this show. :-)

Here's my lingering musing about this season. How is it that the cutest Mickey Milkovich has ever looked is when he's covered in sweat and blood? ;-)

#shameless #teammickey
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Damn you, Mickey. I was supposed to keep on despising you. Now you've gone and started tugging at my heartstrings. :-/

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Tony Catano

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Movie Review Monday

Warm Bodies (2013) - An off-beat rom-com in a post-zombie apocalypse setting. Nicholas Hoult is quite charming as a young zombie who finds he doesn't quite fit in with his zombie brethren. The film keeps a nice pace and has some pretty cool and scary elements to it. I found the plot overall to be a cute, quirky twist on both the rom-com and zombie genres. The film does suffer a bit early on from some badly timed acting cues, and there are some definite cheesy elements to it. But ultimately, it's a sweet and entertaining tale that reinforces the notion that love truly can save the human race. ;-) I'd give it a 7 out of 10.
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Social security office 
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Tony Catano

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I know it's late in the day, but I had to give a quick Happy Birthday to +Sabrina Benton! I hope you've had a day filled with celebration, Sabrina! And cake! :)

(photo of cute plush puppy shamelessly pilfered off the interwebz)
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Thanks Tony!
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