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So, for those that are at home or have #GoogleTV at work...have you gotten the update for #TV&Movies yet? Tapping fingers waiting for it...I'm guessing it'll come this evening.
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+Micheál Walsh The first version was allowing to download any app, even paid ones. LOL but I guess the newer versions stopped doing it.
+Google TV Friends Yeah, that's what I kinda figured it would be going slowly tonight...prob be when I get home tonight.
I tried updating the Revue this morning with no luck.
The update will be available for the Logitech Revue, i don't think it has rolled out yet for any device
Last night after Google TV made a tweet about Sony getting the update i emailed +Kevin Lau and he confirmed that the Logitech will be getting the update, up to this point i don't think anyone has received the update because there has not been one post about it.
Well this aught to be interesting. Wonder how they are going to do the update to Revue when it hasn't gotten the 3.2 update yet? That would be two different update to have to roll out. It's like GTV is starting to get fragmented.
I think it will be very interesting, imagine the back-lash if they don't update TV & Movies for the Revue, i think i would throw in the towel finally.
yep I agree. I can't wait to see the new set top boxes that come out later this year. I will be the first in line to buy. That's for sure!! Not to say the Revue is useless. My Revue will go to my bed room where it will still have a use :)
As of this morning, no update for TV&Movies...
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