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This should twist your mind around a little. Unless of course it's not really you doing the reading...

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Change your mind. It can change your future...?

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Changing Your Mind's Mind: How to Manage Unhelpful Emotions 

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TBTalks is delayed because...I've recorded a 10min video "How to Manage Unhelpful Emotions" however YouTube is on a go-slow. I'll publish as soon as the video is available online.
In the meantime...
If you haven't already subscribed, now's your chance smile emoticon

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Here's the latest issue of Perception. There are some excellent articles in it by some expert therapists. 
You might like to check out 'Facing Your Fears' in which I get a mention and 'No Time to be Kind?'my Random Acts of Kindess column.
...and please share it far and wide.…/index.html

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Should we manage or utilise stress? 
Modern research shows more and more that stress itself isn't harmful. Rather it's our negative pre-conceptions around stress that cause the negative effects usually associated with excessively stressful environments.

This month's edition of TBTalks looks at how to manage negative effects of misused stress and offers help in beginning to change your attitude to the stresses that we all face on a daily basis. 

Click here to read more: 


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"The Negative Power of Positive Thinking"
If you missed the latest issue of TBTalks, you can catch up here:

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Anxiety Quiz
Often, clients find it difficult to judge how anxious they're feeling and whether therapy might help.
I've created this simple Anxiety Quiz to help.
Give it a try:

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