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RIM--now rebranded as simply "BlackBerry"--is riding on the coattails of what was once a very strong brand. But, those coattails will only take it so far, and the company is still going to struggle for market share and relevancy.
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I'm not counting them out yet. Forthcoming support for iOS & Android dual-persona side-by-side with, no actually integrated into, the same consoles that manage BB10 devices could make an attractive Enterprise option.
+Doug Silverberg -- I don't entirely disagree. BlackBerry Fusion already exists and delivers a cross-platform mobile device management platform.

I wrote back in April of 2012 that BlackBerry Fusion is probably RIM's (now BlackBerry's) best hope for the future:

But, being an MDM vendor isn't really what BlackBerry aspires to be, and the true value of BlackBerry Fusion at this point is that it gives businesses entrenched in the BlackBerry infrastructure an exit strategy to wean off of BlackBerry and move to iOS and Android by attrition.
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