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Microsoft is not very subtle about its desire to move customers to the subscription model. It has significantly stacked the deck to make Office 365  a more appealing option than Office 2013. 
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Definitely. When I get around to upgrading from Office 2010 - nothing I see in Office 2013 makes me feel like I have to rush out to do so, by the way - opting for Office 365 is a no-Brainer, especially since Office 2013 only includes install rights for a single PC. I also find Office on Demand (part of Office 365) terribly intriguing. 
I'll be signing up for the Office 365 Home Premium subscription. It makes the most sense for my household. I have two Macs and one Windows 8 system (plus my Surface which gets it free).
Office 2008 on the Mac is a terrible experience, so it'll be great to finally have the same version on all my machines.
+Will Brown -- Two things. First, the Office apps come installed on Surface RT for free, but technically you aren't allowed to use them for actual business productivity without also having a licensed copy--so Office 365 makes your apps "legit". Second, Office 365 comes with the ability to download the suite for Mac OS X as well, but the most current Mac version is Office 2011 and it only has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It does the trick (I know because I use it every day), but it is not an exact mirror of Office 2013 on Windows, and is still an inferior experience to its Windows-based cousin. On the bright side--Office 365 comes with the latest versions of Office, whatever they may be, so if Microsoft comes out with a new and improved Office for Mac 2014 or something you'll be able to install it for free as a function of your Office 365 subscription.
+Tony Bradley The Surface RT Office caveat is probably only an issue for businesses who purchase the Surface RT for their users. It shouldn't really come into affect for home users.
Good info on the Mac versions. I wasn't aware of that! It's too bad that it is an inferior product. Well, at least now I'll be able to upgrade from 2008 now that I'll have the subscription.
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