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Updating your version of the Android operating system can cause more problems than it solves. Be careful what you wish for.

Written by my PCWorld peer +Jared Newman
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Gingerbread updates....something that's a year and a half old. The majority of these "Traps" are due to UI/Skin issues.
+Derek Ross Agreed. But, that doesn't change anything from the user perspective.

It actually makes the problem worse because you have Android itself, the UI/skin tweaks made by the vendor, and any tweaks or updates made by the wireless carrier--and when something goes wrong all three parties point their finger at the other two and wash their hands of the issue.
If Google wants updates to go more smoothly, it's up to Google to improve the testing suite to include simulations of users operating the device, and tests for battery drain and diverse aspects of performance. Google also needs to work with chip-makers to do pre-integration and testing of devices and drivers, so that porting and updating Android becomes less device-specific.

Otherwise OEMs will use this risk as an excuse not to issue upgrades, instead of looking to the risk their own, often useless, mods introduce.

If you look at API compatibility, where Android includes comprehensive tests in the open source code base, there are very few problems.
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