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This is my new USB thumb drive graveyard jar. It currently holds 16 different USB thumb drives totaling 104GB of storage. I also have a 16GB USB thumb drive that I carry in my laptop bag still.

Do you still use USB thumb drives on a regular basis? Do you have piles of unused devices, or do you (gasp!) throw them away?
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I have one hooked up to my Xbox now, used to my primary when I was in school but before Dropbox. I had another one but at one point it broke somehow in my bag and I gave my third away. That's all of I've ever had.
I carry one constantly.  I most often use it to save things to PDF on my laptop and then put it into a computer that I can print it from when I am at client sites and not network connected.  Occasionally I will move large chunks of data around that I don't want to send via internet (more due to bandwidth than security).  I am actually sitting here with a dead 4GB one right now, wondering if there are security implications to tossing it out, and I have a second one next to it that is a somewhat older and weighs in at a svelte 128MB.  Several more are in my desk and my laptop bag.

Is the bucketful just for fun, or are you hesitant to throw them away because they might have sensitive data on them?
+Richard Merren -- More for fun. I do use a USB thumb drive on occasion, but I don't really have a need for this many. They're all functional, though, and it seems a shame to throw them away, so I decided to collect them all in a jar on a shelf in my office.
+Jace Daniels -- I agree with you completely on CDs / DVDs. In fact, I don't even have a CD / DVD drive in my office. When I accidentally get a CD or DVD I have to take it to my wife's PC and rip it so I can get it into a format I can actually use.

I just also rarely use USB thumb drives. I basically do everything streaming / online so the data is always digital. But, having a USB thumb drive does come in handy when you want to boot to it to install a new OS.
I would never have thought just a year ago, that I would be so in the clouds:-) 
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