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We're a few years into the tablet / PC debate. With Windows 8, the line is blurred further and the distinction between "tablet" and "PC" begins to disappear.

One thing I've noticed all along, though, is that those with the strongest opinions about what you can't accomplish with a tablet, and how it's just a toy/fad generally haven't really used one--beyond possibly swiping and tapping one at Best Buy for 10 minutes--and really don't know what they're talking about.

They seem like the people still running Windows XP--or maybe even Windows 98 (Microsoft can't "force" them to upgrade dammit!) on a Pentium desktop PC, and using 56K dial-up.

There are pros and cons, and it's a nuanced discussion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I've seen valid, rational arguments made in both directions. I'm not talking about everybody--just noting that those who are most adamant also seem to be most clueless and just come off sounding like "You kids get off my lawn!" curmudgeons.
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My problem with tablets - the screens are too tiny.  Even with the second largest monitor you can buy at the big box stores, and the font in bold, and increased 160%, only a few lines of a Word document are available.  On a tablet - I doubt two lines would be available at that size, and even then, there would be scrolling left and right constantly to read them.

I can't read the names of the people calling me on my phone.  How could I possibly see well enough to try to read or work on a screen not much bigger than my hand?
+April Brown -- There are definitely pros and cons, and individual scenarios (like yours) that come into play.

It seems like your issue is not just with tablets, though. My 11-inch MacBook Air display isn't much bigger than my iPad, and my previous laptop--a 13" Dell XPS--wasn't much bigger than the MacBook Air. It sounds like you'd have an issue with just about any mobile computing device because of the display size.
I wouldn't have bought an iPad for myself at first.  My company bought one for me (we have to support it for our web services), and I love having it now.  I'll eventually get a newer one when the iPad 2 starts feeling too slow.  So far it's doing just fine.

I'm also rather interested in the Surface Pro.  The early look I read sounded promising, other than the too-short battery life for a tablet.
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