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The WWF (World Wrestling Federation) used to maintain a facade of reality--as if it were a legitimate, competitive sport. Then, it was forced to admit in court that it's really staged entertainment in order to get permission to play in certain venues that didn't allow sporting events.

This move by News Corp. reminds me of that admission. In drawing a line between news and entertainment for its proposed split, entities like The Wall Street Journal fall on the News side of the fence, while Fox News not surprisingly is deemed Entertainment.

Call it a Freudian slip, or just blatant honesty. Either way the categorization seems accurate.
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If I had cable I would still prefer FoxNews over MSNBC. CNN is questionable since I haven't seen it lately. It was once the least bias then it was bias around GWB election until I got rid of cable ... The best way to get the facts is to read from multiple sources and decide from them what seems like the most reasonable "facts".
+Gregory McDaniel -- The main issue I have with CNN is that it goes too far in the opposite direction from Fox. Fox is fairly unapologetic about pushing GOP propaganda. CNN tries so hard to be the "fair and balanced" that Fox isn't that it presents both sides even when one side is clearly ludicrous. It gives an air of credibility to otherwise ridiculous points of view, and makes opposing viewpoints seem like they're equal. I don't mind the news explaining both sides, or letting each side represent itself, but in the end the organization should have the balls to call it like it is. Most of the time, I feel like Anderson Cooper and  Don Lemon do a good job of calling "bullshit" when it's warranted.
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